Grand Exchange Centre

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Grand Exchange Stats

Today's Top 5 Gains By Coins
Third-age platebodyThird-age platebody+7,500,000gp
Noxious longbowNoxious longbow+755,600gp
Barrows - Dharok's setBarrows - Dharok's set+188,200gp
Ascension crossbowAscension crossbow+145,500gp
Armadyl godswordArmadyl godsword+140,300gp
Today's Top 5 Losses By Coins
Abomination capeAbomination cape+0gp
Akrisae's hoodAkrisae's hood+0gp
Akrisae's robe skirtAkrisae's robe skirt+0gp
Akrisae's robe skirt (broken)Akrisae's robe skirt (broken)+0gp
Akrisae's robe topAkrisae's robe top+0gp
Today's Top 5 Gains By Percent
Asgarnian seedAsgarnian seed+50.0%
Eye of newtEye of newt+12.5%
Opal bolt tipsOpal bolt tips+11.1%
Empty potEmpty pot+11.1%
Off-hand bronze battleaxeOff-hand bronze battleaxe+7.7%
Today's Top 5 Losses By Percent
Abomination capeAbomination cape+0.0%
Akrisae's hoodAkrisae's hood+0.0%
Akrisae's robe skirtAkrisae's robe skirt+0.0%
Akrisae's robe skirt (broken)Akrisae's robe skirt (broken)+0.0%
Akrisae's robe topAkrisae's robe top+0.0%

Other Stats

Most Expensive Items
Christmas crackerChristmas cracker2,100,000,000gp
Blue partyhatBlue partyhat2,100,000,000gp
Green partyhatGreen partyhat2,100,000,000gp
Purple partyhatPurple partyhat2,100,000,000gp
Red partyhatRed partyhat2,100,000,000gp
Least Expensive Items
Ground fishing baitGround fishing bait1gp
Wood dining tableWood dining table1gp
Wood kitchen tableWood kitchen table1gp
Dwellberry seedDwellberry seed1gp
Prickly pear seedPrickly pear seed1gp
Highest 30 Day Changes
 Chest of Seasons+302.0%
Cabbage seedCabbage seed+166.0%
 Bottoms of Seasons+138.0%
 Gloves of Seasons+138.0%
 Boots of Seasons+130.0%
Highest 90 Day Changes
 Chest of Seasons+622.0%
 Gem necklace token+377.0%
 Gem cape token+365.0%
Portent of restoration VIIIPortent of restoration VIII+328.0%
 Bottoms of Seasons+327.0%
Highest 180 Day Changes
Equipment siphonEquipment siphon+23,939.0%
Saradomin page 3Saradomin page 3+8,244.0%
Mithril clawMithril claw+7,621.0%
Saradomin page 2Saradomin page 2+7,139.0%
Saradomin page 4Saradomin page 4+6,014.0%

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