Clue scroll (medium)

Clue scroll (medium) Examine: Varies, see notes. Weight: 0.00 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: 0 gp Low alchemy: 0 gp
Location: Obtained by killing various monsters or as reward from the Trouble Brewing Minigame (at the price of 5000 Pieces of Eight).
Made by:
Uses: Leads you on a treasure hunt!
Notes: Clue scrolls come in four difficulties: easy, medium, hard and elite. Lower level monsters typically drop easier clue scrolls. Clue scrolls bought at Trouble Brewing are of medium difficulty. You can only possess ONE clue scroll at a time.

The examine information changes, depending on what type of clue scroll it is.
  • Coordinate - "Perhaps someone at the observatory can teach me to navigate?"
  • Map - "A part of the world map, but where?"
  • Normal - "A clue!" or "A set of instructions to be followed."
  • Uri Emote - "A set of instructions to be followed."
  • NPC location - "It points to great treasure!"
Dropped by:
Black Heather, Earth warrior, Gnome guard, Goblin, Guard, Ice Warrior, Jogre, Paladin, Rogue, Tribesman, Donny the Lad, Speedy Keith, Sir Carl, Sir Jerro, Sir Harry, Guard -2-, Werewolf, Guard -4-, Vampyre, Vampyre -2-, Afflicted, Afflicted -2-, Afflicted -3-, Afflicted -4-, Warrior -2-, Borrokar, Market Guard -2-, Fortress Guard, Skeletal Miner, Dagannoth, Dagannoth -2-, Cockatrice, Pyrefiend, Basilisk, Kurask, Wall beast, Giant skeleton -2-, Mummy -3-, Black Guard, Black Guard Berserker, Abyssal walker, Abyssal leech, Abyssal guardian, Dagannoth -3-, Dagannoth -4-, Giant Rock Crab, Wallasalki, Rock lobster, Spinolyp, Skeletal Wyvern, Lanzig, Harpie Bug Swarm, Chaos Elemental, Rusty, Cuffs, Guard -Central Falador-, Vampyre Juvenile, Vampyre Juvinate -3-, Barbarian -3-, Juvinate -Temple Trekking -3--, Guard -West Falador-, Giant Sea Snake, Sea Snake Hatchling, Sea Snake Young, Cyclops -1-, Cyclops -3-, Catablepon, Ankou -1-, Ankou -3-, Jungle Horror, Ankou -2-, Catablepon -2-, Catablepon -3-, Giant Skeleton, Skeleton -28-, Enraged barbarian spirit, Berserk barbarian spirit, Angry barbarian spirit, Lost barbarian, Skeleton brute, Skeleton heavy, Skeleton thug, Skeleton warlord, Skeleton hero, Ferocious barbarian spirit, Vampyre -God Wars-, Gorak -God Wars-, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Jogre -God Wars Dungeon-, Cyclops -God Wars Dungeon-, Spiritual Mage -Bandos-, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Grimspike, Sergeant Strongstack, General Graardor, Spiritual Mage -Armadyl-, Flight Kilisa, Flockleader Geerin, Commander Zilyana, Icefiend -God Wars-, Pyrefiend -God Wars-, Aviansie -12-, Aviansie -4-, Aviansie -13-, Giant Ant Worker, Giant Ant Soldier, Giant Wasp, Skeleton -17-, Revenant knight, Mummy -4-, Skeleton -20-, Scabaras Lancer, Scabaras Ranger, Dried zombie -1-, Bork, Cockroach soldier, Corporeal Beast, Undead Troll -2-, Elite Khazard Guard, Elite Black Knight, Elite Dark Mage, Elite Dark Ranger, Elite Dark Warrior, Giant Wasp, Juvinate -Temple Trekking -2--, Nikolai, Imre, Alexis, Ksenia, Boris, Yeti, Gnoeals, Georgy, Bandit Looter, Black Guard berserker, Black Guard crossbowdwarf, Trade floor guard, Dagannoth guardian, Ivory Gromblod (cursed), Ivory Shredflesh (cursed), Cyclossus, Blood reaver, Mummy -2-, Grotworm, Guard -Edgeville-, Pyrefiend -3-, Exiled kalphite guardian, Dagannoth -5-, Automaton Generator, Thug - 2 -, Guard -Falador North Entrance-, Guard -Falador North Entrance-, Guard -Central Falador-, Guard -Central Falador-, Guard -Central Falador-
Links: Treasure Trails, Evil Tree
Tags: Minigame
Credits: fireball9050, Ibcrootbeer, Jaffy1, lbcrootbeer, misplacedme, Nabbagad, Peyton1288, Rien Adelric, Salleh, wizarthas460, xiaopengyou
Last updated: 06-Feb-2014
RuneScape 2007
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