Ancient Prison

This area has been rated as EXTREMELY HIGH-RISK and is considered by many as the MOST DANGEROUS location in RuneScape. You should never attempt to fight Nex with items you are not willing to risk losing, and while there, you should expect your death as a possibility at all times.



Nex is one of Zaros' most powerful weapons of war and until recently lay frozen in the ancient prison behind the frozen door of the God Wars dungeon. To reach Nex players will need to collect the pieces of the frozen key which are dropped by the followers in each of the Gods' stronghods. Once the key has been recreated it will allow access to the Frozen Door and the Ancient Prison where Nex awaits. Nex is considered the most dangerous monster in RuneScape having a variety of special attacks and a maximum hit of over 850. Alongside Nex are her four servants, the ancient mages Fumus, Umbra, Cruor and Glacies. Each of these mages channels power to Nex, and in the course of battle you must defeat each one in turn before you can finally kill Nex. Those who can brave the danger and reach Nex however will find a variety of valuable rewards that cannot be found anywhere else in the game.

Please refer to the general God Wars guide for the basic mechanics of God Wars Dungeon.

Nex Basic Facts (Bestiary Profile)
Combat Level: 1001 Nex Lifepoints: 30000 Maximum Hit: 369* Attack Style(s): Melee, Magic, Range, and Special
Recommended Levels
  • 99 Ranged
  • 99 Attack
  • 99 Strength
  • 99 Defence
  • 99 Constitution
  • 99 Magic
  • 95 Prayer
  • 96 Summoning
  • 92-96 Herblore (Overloads)
  • Chaotic crossbow and Rigour from Dungeoneering
Drops Summary
Nex and her followers have several unique drops that cannot be obtained by any other means. These include the Torva, Pernix, and Virtus Armour which provide a boost to the life points of the wearer, the Ancient Ceremonial Robes, and the Zaryte Bow.
Special Notes
Nex uses all three combat styles along with a variety of special attacks coming to a total of 16 different attacks. Nex is currently the most intelligent and dangerous boss in RuneScape.

*Note: This only applies to Nex's standard attacks; Nex also has many special attacks which can hit over 850 damage!

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Nex's Combat Mechanics

Nex is a highly intelligent monster, possessing a vast repertoire of special attacks. She also sports unique combat mechanics far above the capacity of other inferior creatures. Learning Nex's mechanics is vital to efficiently killing her and ensuring your own survival.

Nex's aggression operates on several variables, which are the effective Magic defence of a player, comprising Magic level, Defence level, Magic Defence equipment bonus, and any defence bonuses from active prayers, and the player's distance from Nex. Nex identifies her primary target based on a combination of both of these elements; she first seeks out the player at the furthest distance from her, or if all players are at the same distance (usually melee reach), she will then target the player with the lowest effective Magic defence.

Nex also has the ability to jump around the room, covering large distances in almost no time. If Nex is unable to attack her target for a duration of time, she will either jump towards or away from the target - either to the centre of the chamber, the corners in front of each ancient mage, or the end of each of the lanes in the chamber. You can make use of this mechanic throughout the various phases, forcing Nex into more desirable locations.

The battle with Nex is conducted in five phases, each one triggered by Nex losing one-fifth of her lifepoints and one of the ancient mages being killed. During the battle Nex will use her standard melee, magic, and ranged attacks in addition to several phase specific attacks.

Nex's attacks follow a pattern of relative predictability. A general rule is that she will use one of her special attacks, followed by four standard attacks, before then using her other special attack. This allows you to roughly anticipate and avoid several of her deadlier special attacks, which is crucial to being able to efficiently kill Nex. The tables below describe her standard and special attacks for each phase in detail; select a phase to display its attacks.

Smoke Phase | Shadow Phase | Blood Phase | Ice Phase | Zaros Phase
Smoke Phase
Nex's Smoke Phase is often considered to be her most dangerous, as she possesses powerful attacks capable of dealing extremely large amounts of damage.
Standard Attacks
Melee: Nex attacks a single player with a Melee attack, which can hit upwards of 300 damage. Using Protect from Melee can reduce this damage to below 60.

Magic: Nex attacks all players within range with a Magic attack, which can hit upwards of 200 damage. Using Protect from Magic can reduce this damage slightly. This attack also has a chance of inflicting poison on players, starting at 88 damage.

Stomp: Any players standing underneath Nex for an extended period of time can be hit by her stomp attack, which drains combat stats, reduces overload timers, and can hit up to 100 damage.
Special Attacks
Nex Smoke Virus Let the virus flow through you: Nex creates a toxic cloud on one player, which can be observed by smoke around that player and coughing. This cloud can spread between players 1 space away from the affected player. While affected, all combat stats (except Constitution and Prayer) are reduced by 2 every few seconds, with prayer points being reduced by 20. The smoke cloud dissipates after some time, though it is possible to be re-infected.
Nex Smoke Ne There is no escape!: Nex announces "There is...", and about 1.8 seconds later teleports to the end of one of the four lanes in the chamber. She then flies through this lane towards the centre, striking down any players in her way for up to 700 damage. You can improve your chance of surviving this attack by immediately moving out of the centre (if you are standing there) and topping up your lifepoints above 800.
Nex Smoke Drag Magical Drag: This attack occurs alongside Nex's standard Magic attack. A random number of players are dragged in from wherever they are and land next to Nex. This attack stuns those players and prevents them from using protection prayers for a short period of time. This special attack can occur multiple times in a row, dealing incredible amounts of damage due to prayer being disabled.
Shadow Phase
Nex's Shadow Phase also possesses great damaging potential, and includes attacks that drain your prayer.
Standard Attacks
Melee: Nex attacks a single player with a Melee attack, which can hit upwards of 300 damage and drain prayer points. Using Protect from Melee can reduce this damage to below 60.

Ranged: Nex attacks all players within range with a Ranged attack, which deals damage based on the player's distance from Nex. Standing next to her when this attack hits can cause over 300 damage; standing at the maximum distance of a crossbow's range causes hits of up to 20 damage. Using Protect from Ranged can reduce this damage slightly. This attack also drains prayer points.

Stomp: Any players standing underneath Nex for an extended period of time can be hit by her stomp attack, which drains combat stats, reduces overload timers, and can hit up to 100 damage.
Special Attacks
Nex Shadow Embrace Embrace darkness!: The first time this special attack is announced, the room will darken. This darkness intensifies as you get closer to Nex, until standing next to her causes the darkness to engulf you, which rapidly hits you for small amounts of damage. You can prevent this by staying at a distance from Nex when she is not targetting you. This special attack is always immediately followed by Nex using her other special attack, Fear the shadow!.
Nex Shadow Mine Fear the shadow!: Nex lays shadowy circles underneath all players within her range, which will erupt in 1.8 seconds. If you do not manage to move off them in time, you can be hit for up to 700 damage.
Blood Phase
Nex's Blood Phase features several regeneration abilities, including one that converts incoming damage into healing. While she no longer has the same punishing potential as previous phases, if not overcome quickly, this phase can burn through your supplies.
Standard Attacks
Melee: Nex attacks a single player with a Melee attack, which can hit upwards of 300 damage. Using Protect from Melee can reduce this damage, though this is not recommended for this phase.

Magic: Nex attacks a single player within range with a Magic attack, which can hit upwards of 250 damage. Additionally, all players standing next to the targetted player when this attack is launched are also hit by this attack. Using Protect from Magic can reduce this damage slightly.

Stomp: Any players standing underneath Nex for an extended period of time can be hit by her stomp attack, which drains combat stats, reduces overload timers, and can hit up to 100 damage.
Special Attacks
Nex Blood Siph A siphon will solve this!: Nex creates an absorptive shield and summons up to two Blood reavers into the chamber. Any reavers already in the chamber when this attack is announced are sacrificed and their remaining lifepoints are used to heal Nex. Additionally, while her shield is active (approximately 3.6 seconds), any attacks used on Nex that would damage her instead are converted into lifepoints for Nex.
Nex Blood Bs I demand a blood sacrifice!: Nex marks any player within range for a blood sacrifice, denoted by that player being coloured red. If that player does not get out of Nex's range within 3 seconds, she fires a punishing attack, which halves the remaining prayer points of all players within range and deals some Magic damage.
Ice Phase
Nex's Ice Phase returns some of her powerful damage capabilities, though they are much more preventable than those in previous phases. Additionally, her attacks in this phase drain prayer points and can freeze you, making for a tedious battle.
Standard Attacks
Melee: Nex attacks a single player with a Melee attack, which can hit upwards of 300 damage. Using Protect from Melee can reduce this damage, though this should not be used for this phase.

Magic: Nex attacks all players within range with a Magic attack, which can hit upwards of 250 damage and freeze players. Additionally, it drains some of your remaining prayer points. Using Protect from Magic can reduce this damage significantly and prevent the freezing effect from occuring.

Stomp: Any players standing underneath Nex for an extended period of time can be hit by her stomp attack, which drains combat stats, reduces overload timers, and can hit up to 100 damage.
Special Attacks
Nex Ice Con Contain this!: Nex slams the ground, and in 2.4 seconds stalagmites erupt in a 5 by 5 square around her. Any players caught in this attack are stunned, have their protection prayers disabled, and can be hit for upwards of 400 damage. This attack can be avoided by moving out of Nex's melee distance.
Nex Ice Pris Die now, in a prison of ice!: Nex targets a single player, and fires a slew of ice at them. This player is then stunned, has his protection prayers disabled, and is surrounded by a prison of stalagmites. Other players must attack and destroy the stalagmites to free this player, who will then be automatically unfrozen and able to move out of the prison. If a player is still on the same spot 3.6 seconds later, he can be hit for upwards of 700 damage.
Zaros Phase
Nex's final phase, the Zaros Phase, begins with her regenerating 6000 lifepoints. She then alternates between several sets of curses instead of special attacks for the remaining duration of this phase.
Standard Attacks
Melee: Nex attacks a single player with a Melee attack, which can hit upwards of 300 damage. Using Protect from Melee can reduce this damage slightly.

Magic: Nex attacks all players within range with a Magic attack, which can hit upwards of 250 damage. Using Protect from Magic can reduce this damage slightly.

Stomp: Any players standing underneath Nex for an extended period of time can be hit by her stomp attack, which drains combat stats, reduces overload timers, and can hit up to 100 damage.
Ancient Curses
Nex Zaros Leech Leeches: Nex's standard attacks made while she has no overhead curse active will reduce combat stats by 2 if they hit.
Nex Zaros Ss Soul Split: Nex's standard attacks will heal her and drain your prayer points based on the damage dealt.
Nex Zaros Dm Deflect Melee: A large portion of the damage dealt by Melee attacks made against Nex will be deflected back to the user.
Nex Zaros Wrath Taste my wrath!: In a final strike of retribution, Nex releases the Wrath curse over a 7 by 7 square around her upon death. If you do not run out of the attack immediately, you can be hit for upwards of 250 damage.
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The Frozen Key

To reach Nex, players must first locate the four pieces of the Frozen Key and re-assemble it. Each key fragment is dropped by the members of each Gods' army in their stronghold. Therefore the following skills are required to assemble the key.

Once you have collected all four of the key fragments they can be assembled into the complete key which can then be used to open the Frozen Door. The key will only have 5 charges, which are consumed each time you open the Frozen Door. A key with 0-4 charges can be recharged for a fee of (99 - [Smithing level]) * 400 + 10,000gp per charge by Bob in Lumbridge or in a POH with a workshop. It is recommended that you recharge the key when it reaches 2 charges so that in the event that you need to return to your grave you have a charge left to do so.

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Reaching Nex

Once you have entered the God Wars Dungeon proceed south from the entrance until you reach the Frozen Door. Use the frozen key to open the door and use your rope on the hole to climb down (this only needs to be done once). If you do not have a rope, you can search the frozen skeleton in the room for one. At this point it is strongly recommended that you bank your frozen key. In the event that you die while in the killcount room it is very unlikely that you will be able to return to personally loot your grave, as if you die with the key you will need to go through the full process to obtain it again. You can bank the key using the Pack Yak familiar's Winter Storage scroll or an imp box (71 Hunter required).

Wearing a full set of Ancient Ceremonial Robes allows you to simply walk through the door into the bank next to Nex's boss room. Be aware that the robes do NOT provide any defensive bonuses and you are very likely to take a large amount of damage from the monsters in the killcount room as you run through. For this reason, you should bring armour with you, and only switch to your Ancient Ceremonial robes when at the door. Regardless of what armour you wear to the door, you should always pray magic. The mages in the room will always be aggressive, and can temporarily freeze you with ice spells.

If you do not own a set of robes, you will have to kill 40 of Zaros' followers to be able to walk through the door. This is strongly discouraged, as the affordability of the Ceremonial Robes and the amount of time saved in skipping the killcount requisite means that no serious player should be without a set of them.

Once you proceed through the door, you will encounter the nature spirit Ashuelot Reis, who will allow you to access your bank. Here you can gear up and prepare for the battle with Nex.

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Ranged is strongly recommended when fighting Nex, due to her propensity to move quickly around the chamber. You can use melee, but you will take much more damage and spend far more time running around than you would with ranged.

Nex Set-up
Nex Pernix Setup
Armadyl / Pernix                Void
Weapon: Chaotic crossbow
Ammo: Ruby bolts (e) and Diamond bolts (e)
Helmet: Pernix cowl > Armadyl helmet
Amulet: Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory
Body: Pernix body > Armadyl chestplate
Legs: Pernix chaps > Armadyl chainskirt
Shield: Divine spirit shield > Elysian spirit shield > Eagle-eye kiteshield
Cape: Completionist cape > Ava's alerter > Ava's accumulator
Boots: Glaiven boots > Ranger boots
Gloves: Goliath gloves > Culinaromancer's gloves 10
Ring: Onyx ring (i) > Dragonstone ring (i) > TokKul-Zo (Charged)
Aura: Penance > Reverence (or higher) > Vampyrism > Sharpshooter (or higher)

Armadyl and Pernix setups are the most common approach to Nex, providing very high ranged attack bonuses and lifepoint boosts in the case of Pernix. Though Pernix has maintenance costs, it more than makes up for this by increasing ranged attack, magic defence, and maximum lifepoints, which means faster kills and less supplies used. You will make use of ruby bolts for most of the battle, except sometimes when attacking her minions or in the Zaros phase.

Recover special potions are included to allow you to use the Dragon Claws' special attack at critical points in the battle. Carrying additional melee switches (explained below) into battle also improve this special attack's damage output sizeably.

Antipoison++ is used to provide a cure and immunity to Nex's poison in the Smoke Phase. When used, the duration of the immunity provided usually persists through at least two Smoke Phases, making one potion sufficient per trip.

A Pack Yak should be summoned and filled with Saradomin Brews and Super Restores. An additional yak pouch is used to renew your summoned Pack Yak's timer midway into the trip. When you exhaust your Pack Yak's inventory, you should dismiss it and summon a Unicorn Stallion and prioritise its healing over your brews.

If you have a Spirit cape, considering bringing one in as a switch for using the Unicorn's special move scrolls. This significantly increases your Unicorn's healing ability, reducing your brew consumption. This effect can also be added to your Completionist Cape, should you possess one.

Brews and Restores

A roughly recommended Brew:Restore ratio for your inventories is 3:2. This ratio is a rough guide and is dependent on several factors - your gear, your amount of experience, team size, and so on. The best way to determine the optimal ratio of brews to restores is to experiment yourself - mileage will vary based on user.


Switches are used to optimise your Dragon Claws' special attack, giving them a chance of dealing as much damage as possible during their brief periods of use. These generally counter the melee penalties of your ranged armour, improving your slash accuracy and/or strength when worn. Possible switches are shown in the table below, including the total increase in slash accuracy and strength; carrying at least one into battle is advised.

HelmVoid Melee HelmVoid melee helm*Warrior HelmWarrior helm (+10 to 11)Fighter HatFighter hat (+10 to 11)Torva Full HelmTorva full helm (+8 to 9)
Cape (if using Ava's equipment)Fire CapeFire cape (+5)Max CapeMax cape (+9)TokHaar-KalTokHaar-Kal (+11)
BodyElite Void Knight Top -Guardian-Elite void knight top*Torva PlatebodyTorva platebody (+11 to 12)
LegsTorva PlatelegsTorva platelegs (+8)
BootsSteadfast BootsSteadfast boots (+6)

* Required switches for Void setups

When using switches with your claw special attacks, ensure that the Piety prayer is active.

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The Battle

Pre-battle Preparation
Before entering Nex's chamber, ensure that everyone on your team is ready. You may wish to light and fuel a bonfire in the bank area - this increases your maximum lifepoints and thus your healing from brews. Set your quick prayers to Protect Item, Protect from Magic and Piety. Drink a dose of prayer renewal and overload and activate your aura, if any. Consume some food to top up your lifepoints after the overload, then climb down the rubble and into the battle. If at any point during the battle the effects of your overload wear off, immediately reconsume a dose of overload and prayer renewal.

Phase 1: Smoke
As your team enters the room, Nex appears and begins summoning her retinue. This takes a while, giving you time to make preparations for the battle. Proceed into the centre and position yourself at melee distance from Nex. Ensure that your team is spread out around her, with at least one space between each member. Equip your claws and any switches you brought (drop a potion if necessary to make space for your claw switch), and activate your quick prayers. Once Nex announces "Fill my soul with smoke!", unleash both of your claw special attacks on her. Immediately switch back to your standard gear and activate Rigour, then continue to attack Nex.

Nex Smoke Claws
Unleash your claw specials as the battle begins

During this portion of the phase, always stay within melee distance of Nex. Nex opens with a Virus attack - stay away from the player afflicted by this, or if you are afflicted, do not stand next to other players. If Nex targets you, switch your overhead prayer to Protect from Melee - though this leaves you exposed to her Magic attack, it significantly reduces her Melee attack damage. When Nex prepares her No Escape attack, ensure that you are not standing in the centre of the chamber - move to the edge of the centre where you first stood before the battle began, and top up your lifepoints above 800. If you get caught in her magical drag, be sure to reactivate your protection prayer and move away from any players you were thrown next to.

Once Nex loses one-fifth of her lifepoints, she will call upon Fumus. Leave the centre of the room and head to the north-west rim of the chamber, where Fumus stands. Drink a dose of recover special. Stand in the space shown, and attack him with your ruby bolts, switching to diamond bolts when he falls below roughly 40% of his total lifepoints. During this portion of the phase, Nex should no longer be able to attack you unless she jumps over to this point. When Fumus dies, switch back to your ruby bolts and attack Nex once (known as "tagging") to proceed to the Shadow Phase.

Nex Fumus
Stand at this point and take down Fumus

Phase 2: Shadow
After being tagged, Nex announces "Darken my shadow!". Switch to either Protect from Ranged or Melee (though this is not absolutely necessary) and continue attacking Nex, having your team spread out along the north-western rim of the chamber. Avoid running onto the bridge to battle Nex - this constrains your team and slows down kills as Nex jumps around often in this phase, meaning that you will have to constantly move if you fight on the bridge.

Nex Shadow Fight
Stay away from Nex

During this portion of the phase, stay as far away from Nex as possible. Nex's first special attack will be "Fear the shadow!", which will occur immediately after she says "Darken my shadow!". Anticipate this and move off the shadow trap set underneath you immediately, then proceed to attack Nex. When she announces "Embrace darkness!", her next move will always be "Fear the shadow!", so you can anticipate this attack and avoid the shadow trap accordingly. Avoid running away randomly, as your teammates' shadow traps can also hurt you if you step onto them - instead carefully move one step away from your own trap. "Fear the shadow!" is also used after Nex makes four of her standard attacks, allowing you ample time to prepare to step off a trap.

Nex Shadow Trap
Anticipate and avoid the shadow traps

If Nex rushes in to attack you with Melee, do not panic and run - switch to Protect from Melee and sit out her attacks. Drink brews to counter the damage dealt by her darkness and melee attacks. Once Nex switches targets, immediately run away to avoid her ranged attacks.

Once Nex loses another fifth of her lifepoints, she will call for Umbra. Drink a dose of recover special. Run towards to the north-eastern corner of the room and activate your Protect from Magic prayer. Keep yourself focused on Nex - if she is currently targetting you (i.e. facing your character), do NOT run to Umbra with your team - instead run down the north or west lane to the centre, luring Nex away from your team. When Nex jumps into the centre to attack you, run to the south-western rim of the chamber to keep her distracted, avoiding her shadow traps as per usual. If she jumps into the south-western rim to attack you, run back to the west or south lanes - this will cause her to jump back into the centre, allowing you to repeat your distraction.

Nex Shadow Lure
Lure Nex away from your team, keeping her at a distance

In the event that Nex leaves you alone, run up to Umbra and kill him in the same manner as you did with Fumus. If Nex manages to at this point break away from your teammate's distraction, move away from Umbra to the north and east sections of the chamber, hugging the walls. Identify the player that Nex is targetting, and have him perform the lure on Nex. Once Nex returns to being distracted, continue killing Umbra. When Umbra dies, inform your teammate and have everyone move back to the chamber's entrance at the west side. Tag Nex to begin the Blood Phase.

Nex Umbra
Stand here and take down Umbra

Phase 3: Blood
After Nex is tagged, she will announce "Flood my lungs with blood!", and proceed towards the entrance where your team is waiting. Have Protect from Magic active, and maintain melee distance around Nex in this phase, with your team spaced out to avoid having her magic attack damage multiple players. Nex usually begins this phase with her Siphon special attack, so be sure not to attack her immediately. Instead, take the time while her shield is up to attack any of the reavers that spawn once, if possible using diamond bolts. Once Nex lowers her Siphon, equip your claws and melee switches, switch to Piety, and use both your claw special attacks. Switch back to Rigour and your standard gear once you are done using your special attacks.

Nex Blood Fight
Space out within melee distance to lessen her magic attack

If Nex does not proceed to the entrance, instead move towards her and maintain melee distance around her. When she is about to use her next special attack (usually Blood Sacrifice), the player she is targetting should run to the entrance, which will lure Nex towards the entrance with him. The team can then move back to the entrance and set up in melee distance around her again.

Vital to this phase is timing Nex's special attacks. The Blood Sacrifice attack, when performed, will be followed by four standard attacks before Nex activates her Siphon special attack. As you should never attack Nex when she is performing her Siphon, you should count these attacks carefully and stop attacking Nex after she performs her fourth standard attack. Additionally, since the Blood Sacrifice attack drains half of each player's remaining prayer points, you should keep your prayer as low as possible, topping up your prayer only when it is close to depletion. However, be careful to not let your prayer accidentally run out. Since you should be spending this portion of the phase in melee distance with Nex, it will not be possible to avoid her Blood Sacrifice at all.

Nex Blood Siphon
Don't fuel the siphon

Once you manage to damage Nex for another fifth of her lifepoints, she will call upon Cruor. Abandon melee distance and run towards the south-eastern rim of the chamber, and attack Cruor. Space out from each other to reduce the damage of Nex's magic attack. When Nex jumps over, avoid being caught underneath her. It is not important to maintain melee distance at this point - just remain within the area so that you can proceed to the next phase quickly. Additionally, Nex no longer summons Blood reavers during her Siphon. Kill Cruor in the same manner as the mages before, then tag Nex to start the Ice Phase, being sure to switch back to ruby bolts.

Nex Cruor
Spread out and take Cruor out

Phase 4: Ice
Once tagged, Nex will announce "Infuse me with the power of ice!". Immediately assume melee distance around her. Nex opens this phase with either "Contain this!" or "Die now, in a prison of ice!". If Nex announces "Contain this!", take a step backwards away from Nex to avoid her stalagmite attack, then continue attacking her. When the stalagmites recede, step back into melee distance immediately. If Nex announces "Die now, in a prison of ice!", identify the player she is targetting. When stalagmites form around that player, attempt to destroy at least one so that that player can escape. If you are being targetted, top up your lifepoints above 800 in the event that your teammates are unable to free you. Note that if you get hit by either of these special attacks, your protection prayers will be temporarily disabled - reactivate these immediately to avoid being frozen by Nex, which can last for over 15 seconds.

Nex Ice Contain
Take a step back to get out of melee distance of Nex

Nex Ice Prison
Destroy a stalagmite to free your frozen teammate

Because Nex's attacks in this phase drain a portion of your remaining prayer points, it is advisable to keep your prayer as low as possible for the duration of the phase. However, you should never let your prayer points run out, as not having Protect from Magic active will leave you exposed to her freezing effects.

If Nex jumps to the center of the chamber, do not pursue her. Instead hug the south wall, towards the section where Cruor was. If the whole team does this, Nex will jump to Cruor's position, and walk over to your team, getting her back into melee distance quickly.

Once Nex loses another fifth of her lifepoints she will summon Glacies. Run over to the south-eastern rim of the map and attack Glacies. Note that unlike Nex, Glacies' magic attack has the potential to stun you - however, if you have Protect from Magic active, it will last for less than 5 seconds, allowing you to move and attack again. Continue to be aware of Nex's special attacks, breaking stalagmites in ice prisons or avoiding her container attack. Dispatch Glacies as you did with the other mages, and tag Nex one last time to start the Zaros Phase.

Nex Glacies
Deathdot when killing Glacies

Phase 5: Zaros
Nex announces "NOW, THE POWER OF ZAROS!" after being tagged, and recovers to two-fifths of her total lifepoints. Immediately move into melee distance around Nex. This phase is straightforward - attack Nex until she dies. Make use of diamond bolts on this phase as the ruby bolts' special attack will only hit up to 300 damage. Throughout this phase, Nex cycles through the following curses in order: Leeches, Soul Split and Deflect Melee, making three standard attacks with each curse. If Nex targets you, use Protect from Melee instead of Protect from Magic. If you want to use some claw special attacks on this phase, make sure that Nex is not using Deflect Melee. When you finally manage to kill Nex, she will unleash her Wrath curse. Move at least two steps away from her to avoid being hit by this attack.

Nex Zaros Fight
Keep melee distance and pray as necessary

Preparing for the Next Round
Once you receive your drop, fill any empty spaces with more brews or restores from your Pack Yak. If you feel that you do not have enough supplies left for another kill, teleport out or ask your teammates for some, otherwise head back to the centre of the chamber. Once Nex spawns, repeat the battle procedure from the Smoke Phase.

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Battle Summary

Battle Summary
Phase SummaryActive Prayers
  • Fuel a bonfire
  • Drink overload and prayer renewal
  • Top up lifepoints and potions
Set quick prayers:
Protect Item OnProtect from Magic OnPiety On
Smoke Phase
  • Melee distance pre-Fumus
  • Space out from other players
  • 2 Claw special attacks
  • Stay out of the centre
  • Deathdot when killing Fumus
  • Drink a dose of recover special
Protect Item OnRigour OnProtect from Magic OnProtect from Melee On (when tanking)
Shadow Phase
  • Maintain distance from Nex
  • Don't fight on the bridge
  • Avoid shadow traps
  • Do not run if Nex engages in Melee pre-Umbra
  • Lure Nex away from Umbra
  • Deathdot when killing Umbra
  • Drink a dose of recover special
Protect Item OnRigour OnProtect from Missiles OnProtect from Melee On (when tanking)
Blood Phase
  • Position Nex at the entrance
  • Melee distance pre-Cruor
  • Space out from other players
  • Hit reavers when Nex siphons
  • 2 Claw special attacks
  • Keep prayer low for Blood Sacrifice
  • Space out when killing Cruor
Protect Item OnRigour OnProtect from Magic On
Ice Phase
  • Melee distance pre-Glacies
  • Step back after "Contain this!"
  • Free players from ice prisons
  • Keep prayer low against ice attacks
  • Always have Protect from Magic active
  • Deathdot when killing Glacies
Protect Item OnRigour OnProtect from Magic On
Zaros Phase
  • Melee distance at all times
  • Do not use melee attacks when Deflect Melee is active
  • Take 2 steps back after Nex dies
Protect Item OnRigour OnProtect from Magic OnProtect from Melee On (when tanking)
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Death - Memento Mori

While fighting Nex, you should be prepared to die and know what procedures to follow if this occurs. While harsh, you will almost certainly be able to retrieve all your lost items (except those in your familiar) after a death. Having the best possible gravestone helps, though in most cases your team would have blessed your gravestone, offering you an hour to retrieve your items.

Be sure to withdraw your Ancient Ceremonial Robes, Frozen key, armour and some food (preferably 2000LP or more) before returning to the dungeon. The last thing you want is to return to the dungeon and realise you cannot open the Frozen Door or killcount door. Re-enter the chamber with Ashuelot Reis following the instructions listed in the previous section.

If you plan on rejoining your team on a trip after your death, you should know which items are destroyed upon death, and which items should still be under your gravestone. Keep multiple copies of these items in your bank as replacements after a death, or choose to keep them instead when you die.

Common Items Destroyed on Death
Tokkul-Zo (charged) Ava\'s Accumulator Ava\'s Alerter Goliath Gloves Animated Max Cape Completionist Cape

Restock a Pack Yak with brews and restores. Re-equip any remnants of gear you still have and any replacement items. Wait until your team has defeated Nex, then re-enter the chamber and proceed to loot your grave.

If your team is unable to defeat Nex and has not blessed your grave, do not panic. You will still have ample time to loot your grave and at least reclaim more important items, like Chaotics. Bring in teleportation tablets. When you enter the chamber, Nex will have to spawn and spend time summoning her mages, allowing you a fair amount of time to loot your grave. If you cannot loot your grave completely, teleport out and do another looting trip - with practice (though you hopefully will have as little of this as possible), it should be possible to get to the Ancient Prison in less than three minutes.

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Most of Nex's drops are rather valuable, ranging from expensive resources such as Runite and Torstol seeds to supplies such as Saradomin Brews and Super Restores. Additionally, Nex's drops can be distributed throughout a team via LootShare - drops such as 375 Onyx bolts (e) are split up into five sets of 75 and then distributed by the system.

The Ancient ceremonial robes are aesthetic robes that provide no combat bonuses. However, when the full set is worn, they can be used to perform a special emote, and of course allow you to enter the bank next to Nex's chamber without having to get killcount. The robes are dropped by both Ancient mages in the killcount room and the four mages in Nex's room.

The Torva, Pernix, and Virtus amours boost life points when worn and are only dropped by Nex. The helm boosts life points above their maximum by 66, the body boosts by 200, and the legs boost by 134. Wearing a full set results in a total life point boost of 400.

All three sets degrade when used in combat and will eventually need to be repaired similar to barrows items. The items can be repaired by Bob in Lumbridge or using the armour stand in a player owned house for a discount. The cost reduction of using a POH is dependent on your smithing level, up to a 50% discount at 100 smithing (99 with a skillcape boost). The repair costs for Bob are as follows.

  • Helms - 500,000 gp
  • Bodies - 2,000,000 gp
  • Legs - 1,000,000 gp
Torva Armour
Pic Name Attack/Defence Stats Absorption Other
  Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning Melee absorption Magic absorption Ranged absorption Strength Prayer
Torva Full Helm Torva full helm Attack bonuses +0 +0 +0 -7 -3 - +3% +0% +6% +3 +1
Defence bonuses +68 +73 +65 -2 +74 +17
Torva Platebody Torva platebody Attack bonuses +0 +0 +0 -31 -11 - +6% +0% +12% +4 +1
Defence bonuses +156 +140 +120 -10 +160 +65
Torva Platelegs Torva platelegs Attack bonuses +0 +0 +0 -21 -8 - +4% +0% +8% +2 +1
Defence bonuses +112 +100 +95 -5 +125 +32
Pernix Armour
Pic Name Attack/Defence Stats Absorption Other
  Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning Melee absorption Magic absorption Ranged absorption Strength Prayer
Pernix Cowl Pernix cowl Attack bonuses -6 -6 -6 -10 +14 - +0% +6% +3% +0 +1
Defence bonuses +10 +10 +15 +9 +13 +17
Pernix Body Pernix body Attack bonuses -8 -8 -8 -13 +38 - +0% +16% +6% +0 +1
Defence bonuses +65 +50 +68 +70 +60 +65
Pernix Chaps Pernix chaps Attack bonuses -6 -6 -6 -15 +25 - +0% +8% +4% +0 +1
Defence bonuses +38 +27 +40 +47 +38 +32
Virtus Armour
Pic Name Attack/Defence Stats Absorption Other
  Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning Melee absorption Magic absorption Ranged absorption Strength Prayer
Virtus Mask Virtus mask Attack bonuses +0 +0 +0 +9 -3 - +6% +3% +0% +0 +1
Defence bonuses +20 +18 +20 +9 -1 +17
Virtus Robe Top Virtus robe top Attack bonuses +0 +0 +0 +36 -11 - +12% +6% +0% +0 +1
Defence bonuses +63 +50 +70 +36 +0 +65
Virtus Robe Legs Virtus robe legs Attack bonuses +0 +0 +0 +26 -8 - +8% +4% +0% +0 +1
Defence bonuses +38 +40 +40 +26 +0 +32

Nex also drops the Zaryte bow which provides one of the best ranged bonuses in the game and does not require ammunition.

Zaryte Bow
Pic Name Attack/Defence Stats Absorption Other
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning Melee absorption Magic absorption Ranged absorption Ranged strength Prayer
Zaryte Bow Zaryte bow Attack bonuses +0 +0 +0 +0 +120 - +0% +0% +0% +115 +0
Defence bonuses +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0
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Fighting Nex requires top-tier equipment and a good understanding of her combat mechanics to efficiently defeat her. While she poses a much greater challenge than most other feats of monster hunting, her generous droprate and expensive drops make a great reward for the sharpest of monster hunters. With good equipment, great skill and lots of experience, Nex becomes one of the most engaging and satisfying challenges that monster hunting has to offer. Good luck!

Nex Conclusion
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Original Guide by: TecMaster532

Rewritten by: Saradomin_Mage

Special thanks to: Nexologist & Soma2035

Thanks to: A Final Name, All Bogs, Ambler, DeEliteOne, DyingSilent, Flammo, Grimy Bunyip, Jaffy1, Pernixx, Quyneax, Rocked, Seer, Speedyshel, TheAncient, Warriormonkx

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