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  • Enter your name and hit "Get stats!", or enter your current XP in the textbox and then enter the amount of times you wish to use each method/item. Hit Tip Me to find out the amount of XP you will finish on and the level for that amount of XP.


  • 'Number' is where you enter the amount of an item. 'Name' is the name of the method/item. 'Lvl' is the minimum level you need to use a certain method/item. 'XP' is experience gained for using that method/item.


  • Green shows what you can access up to that level.
  • Red marks things out of reach for now.


  • Portable Wells are tradeable items won from Treasure Hunter that functions as a free water source and gives 10% more experience for all potions made using it. There is also a 5% chance of making an extra potion out of thin air. For combination potions, this last effect does not occur.

Last Updated: 02-Aug-2015

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