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Keldagrim is accessed through a troll infested cave directly east of Rellekka in the Fremennik Province. It is a major city with everything you would expect and more, including new ways of travel via mine carts and steam powered boats. Keldagrim is home to 6 mines, 2 minigames, 5 quests, 16 shops, and over 40 unique NPCs to talk with.

There are several mining spots interspersed throughout Keldagrim and surrounding caves. The smaller mines combined hold 1 gold, 14 coal, 4 iron, 5 tin and 2 copper. There is also a major gold mining spot, Arzinian Mines, just north of Dondakan that is available once you have completed the Between a Rock quest and a gold, adamant and runite mining area available after the Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest.

Other quests currently available in the Keldagrim area are The Giant Dwarf, Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf and King of the Dwarfs.

Key Tin Key Copper Key Iron Key Coal Key Gold Key Adamant Key Runite

Mountain Troll: Level 69

Special thanks to: Mindesto

Thanks to: Celebi, Georgelemmons, Guitar_man12, Xena Dragon

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