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Field Original Correction
Name Gluttonous behemoth
Race Animal
Levels 5 - 613 -
Req. Dung. Level 1
Attack type Magic, Melee and Ranged
Weakness None
Boss Monster Yes
Poisonous No
Members No
Frozen Abandoned I Furnished Abandoned II Occult Warped
Yes No No No No No
Examine He looks hungry!
Notes The gluttonous behemoth attacks with all three styles, and will trample you if you stand underneath it. Depending on your party's size, one or more bovimastyx carcasses can be found in the beast's room. When hurt, it will attempt to heal itself by eating from one of them. You can prevent this by standing between the carcasses and the beast. Note that the beast will focus its attacks on players blocking the path to its food.

Any attack style works well against this boss. Consider using melee, as metal armour will provide protection against most of its attacks. Pray against magic to shield yourself from its magic attacks. It is immune to poison and stuns.
Smuggler's Notes The gluttonous behemoth is a great beast with huge appetite. It will fight using powerful melee attacks, and it has some magical ability. When wounded, the behemoth will eat in an effort to heal itself. It always has a stockpile of food nearby, so you'll need to stop it from getting there. A warning to you: it will ferociously attack anyone blocking its path.

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