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Field Original Correction
Name Kal'Ger the Warmonger
Race Demon
Levels 168 - 658 -
Req. Dung. Level 113
Attack type Magic, Melee and Ranged
Weakness None
Boss Monster Yes
Poisonous No
Members Yes
Frozen Abandoned I Furnished Abandoned II Occult Warped
No No No No No Yes
Examine The leader and namesake of the Kal'Ger.
Notes Kal'ger attacks using all three styles, though he only seems to use one at a time. Throughout the fight, he will switch weapons a number of times, causing his combat style to change accordingly. His magic and ranged attacks hit all players at once. Protection prayers do not fully protect you against his attacks. If you stand underneath the boss, it will perform a stomp attack, knocking all nearby players away.

The room is split in half by a lava flow. Kal'Ger, being a winged demon, has little trouble with flying across. If you want to cross the lava flow, run into the warped sphere to be teleported to the other side. Note that if Kal'Ger is currently using a melee weapon, he will magically pull you into the lava if you are on opposite sides of the flow.

Kal'Ger's weakness changes multiple times throughout the fight. When he is engaging you in melee, crush attacks work best against him. When he switches to magic, use ranged attacks. When he switches to ranged, use slash attacks. Kal'ger is immune to stuns.
Smuggler's Notes Kal'Ger the Warmonger possesses knowledge of how to forge great primal weaponry. He can fly around the room, changing weapons and attack styles; so, keep this in mind and change to new styles to defeat him quickly. If you use protect prayers too often he might enrage, so be careful how you use them. As weapons are his strength, wearing armour might be yours...

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