Race: Human Level: 21 Hitpoints: 0 Ratio: 0
Aggressive: No Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: In lvl 54 (members) wilderness all way north-east by the lake
Gold:   Min1 - Max5
Loot: Bones, Medium Bronze Helmet, Copper Ore, Fishing Bait, Herbs, Chaos Runes(1), Mind Runes(6), Earth Runes(3), Lock Pick, cabbage's, Iron Plate Body.
Notes: You can Pickpocket them and get many items.You need to be lv. 35 pickpocket Thieving exp. = 35.5Pickpocket table =8 air runes (common), lockpick (for the locked house further west containing 3 chests and enough animated axes to make it nearly impossible to move) (rare), wine (uncommon), poisoned iron dagger (rare), coins(25gp or 40gp) (most of the time) Funny thing is that pickpocket table is different from loot if you kill them.
Credits: Mastermind, Jask14, killerfun, doubledemon, tanles, Trilogy (pic)

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