Skeleton with shield

Skeleton with shield
Race: Undead Level: 31 Hitpoints: 29 Ratio: 0.94
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: They are found guarding the underground mine in the Ghost Town dungeon, before spider web in Varrock Sewers. Lvl. 25 Wilderness in the far east.
Gold:   Min5 - Max25
Loot: bones (alwas), uncut gems(very rare), Half Of Key(very rare), Bronze Bar, Iron Bar, medium iron helmets, bronze chain mail, iron scimitar, iron short sword, iron axe, iron medium helmet, Herbs, Water Runes(6), Air Runes(10), Cosmic Rune(1), Law Rune(1), Chaos Runes(3)
Credits: Dandestroy, Attony, kpac, The Baconer, Ronnie Ma, Soul of Fire, waynecroft

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