Deadly Red Spider

Deadly Red Spider
Race: Aracnid Level: 36 Hitpoints: 30 Ratio: 0.83
Aggressive: No Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: Live deep in Volcano caves on Karamja Isle and also guard a treasure cave deep in the Varrock sewers,lv 40 - 42 wilderness,
Gold:   Min0 - Max
Loot: nothing
Notes: These deadly spiders can easy overwhelm a lone adventurer with his stats in the 30's. Fight them to get to red spider eggs spawn points they guard, which when taken with other ingredients to the Apothecary in Varrock can be used to make a 4-dose strength potion!Hey, I just wanted to tell you that red spiders have never gave me anything. I think this is because the room they are in is lined with money in different corners. It also has a iron hatchet and red spider eggs at one end. There is 4-5 different spots where you can find 10gp re-appearing every minute. (Could be 30 seconds). O ya, and the spiders can be found in the dungeon in varrock. (sewer) At the very end, right next to the moss giants. by MajorKwimby.spiders/scorpions are arthorpods not insects they do not drop bones becasuee they are exoskeletons.
Credits: The Baconer, Warflare

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