Zombie with Axe

Zombie with Axe
Race: Undead Level: 32 Hitpoints: 31 Ratio: 0.97
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: Yes Quest monster: No
Habitat: Edgevile Dungeon, Wilderness graveyard, melzars maze,
Gold:   Min30 - Max65
Loot: Bones, Bronze Hatchet, Iron Hatchet, steel daggers(rare), steel long sword (rare), Iron Short Sword, Iron Scimitar, Bronze Chain Mail(rare), Bronze medium, iron medium helm, steel medium helms (rare), uncut gems, air runes(10), water runes(6), chaos rune(3), law runes(1)(rare),bronze bar, crossbow, fish bait(1)
Notes: If any of you do not know where the graveyard is, from varrock castle go north into the wilderness and follow the fence. Keep following the fence untill u reach the graveyard
Credits: mistmann2, maxidataxi, Azn Killah

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