Race: Human Level: 16 Hitpoints: 14 Ratio: 0.88
Aggressive: No Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: Barbarian Village
Gold:   Min5 - Max27
Loot: 1 law rune, gems, fur, iron maces, ring mould, staff, 1 Chaos-Rune, 1 Earth-Rune, Beer, Bronze Axe, 15 Arrowstin ore flier, 5 fire runes, Bronze helmet.
Notes: Barbarians live around the barbarian village and are difficult opponents. Their chief is Gunthor the brave (lv37). He is very dangerous as he looks like all other barbarians and many unwary players attack him by mistake. Many don't live to run from combat.popular for practiceing magic and archery when you trap them in Inn.
Credits: dragon time, DARK_MINER02,

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