Dark Wizard

Dark Wizard
Race: Human Level: 25 Hitpoints: 24 Ratio: 0.96
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: Stonehenge - Stone circle south-east of Varrock gate. Top of wizards tower near caged demon.
Gold:   Min1 - Max29
Loot: bones, blood rune(1), 12-24 earth runes, 3 chaos runes, 7-12 body runes, law (3), 3 nature runes, 7-12 fire runes, 1 cosmic rune, 7-12 air runes, staff, black wizard hat,, black robe (the magic ones)
Notes: These Black bearded Wizards are much more dangerous than apprentice. At least, they will not pursue you far from stonehenge. they can drop 7 or 12 of any basic rune. If the rune is earth they can also drop 12 or 24, we're not sure if the they can drop the same high amount of the other runes, Rodrigo never got more than 12 of non-earth runes.
Credits: Rodrigo, Raichu200, battlefaster, Djkarate, Ronnie Ma, Soul of Fire, Duggie111, Jamie Barnes, Boraxx

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