Guard Town

Guard Town
Race: Human Level: 28 Hitpoints: 22 Ratio: 0.79
Aggressive: No Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: They are found mostly at Gates, Banks in Varrock, Falador, Edgeville. Some guard entrance to Black Knights Fortress too.
Gold:   Min1 - Max25
Loot: bones, frequently medium bronze helmets, rare arrows, iron dagger, iron ore, fire rune(1), Air (4), Blood (1)
Notes: Common all around the Runescape world guarding entrances, banks markets and offten used for low lv training.
Credits: Grndmstrfunk, Jaguar85, KaoticKilla X, Robdog2000, Dark_Miner02, Afkaserious, Xernon, Warcraft82, Dandestroy, Andreas F. (1st Pic)

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