RuneScape Classic Bestiary

The RuneScape Classic Bestiary (originally 'BEAST TIP') is a database of information about every monster in RSC.

Runescape Classic Bestiary Database
Level Monster Name Race Quest
9 Local Gnome Gnome No
8 Giant spider Aracnid No
8 Wyson Human No
8 Cow Domestic No
8 Giant Rat Animal No
7 Goblin Goblin No
7 Wormbrain Goblin Yes
6 Firebird Animal Yes
5 Imp Demon Yes
3 Chicken Domestic No
3 Hans Human No
3 Local Gnome Gnome No
3 Gnome Troop Gnome No
3 Kalron Gnome No
3 Gnome Child Gnome No
2 Rat Animal No
2 Spider Aracnid No
0 Camel Domestic No
0 Sheep Domestic No

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