RuneScape Classic Bestiary

The RuneScape Classic Bestiary (originally 'BEAST TIP') is a database of information about every monster in RSC.

Runescape Classic Bestiary Database
Level Monster Name Race Quest
47 Jungle Spider Aracnid No
47 Monk of Zamorak 47 Human No
46 Animated Axe Animated No
46 Khazard Scorpion Aracnid Yes
46 Black Knight Human No
45 Ugthanki Animal No
45 Melzar the Mad Human Yes
44 Chaos Druid Warrior Human No
44 Shipyard Worker Human No
43 Count Draynor Human Yes
41 Khazard Commander Human No
41 White Wolf Animal No
39 Speedy Keith Human No
39 Tribesman Human No
39 Black Heather Human No
39 Donny the Lad Human No
37 Gunthor the Brave Human No
37 Giant Giant No
36 King Scorpion Aracnid No
36 Deadly Red Spider Aracnid No
35 Thief (Head) Human Yes
35 Blessed Spider Aracnid No
35 Pit Scorpion Aracnid No
34 Guard Jail Human No
34 Inrigar The Necromancer Human No
33 Yanille Watchman Human No
32 Giant Bat Animal No
32 Hobgoblin Goblin No
32 Zombie with Axe Undead No
32 Shantay Pass Guard Human No
31 White Wolf Sentry Animal No
31 Desert wolf Animal No
31 Gnome Guard Gnome No
31 Skeleton with shield Undead No
31 Black_Unicorn Animal No
31 Giant spider 31 Aracnid No
30 Pirate Human No
30 Delrith Demon No
29 Monk of Zamorak with mace Human No
29 Druid Human No
29 Bandit Human No
29 Suit of Armour Animated No
28 Soldier Human No
28 Carnillean Guard Human No
28 Mountain Dwarf Dwarf No
28 Khazard Troop Human No
28 Guard Town Human No
27 Gnome Guard Gnome No
27 Pirate Human No
27 Warrior Woman Human No

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