Pure / impure & variants (ex classes) by Silverion

Note: It is questionable if it is worth to make Pure now. With new combat system that is coming in 3D (RS2), levels will probably be calculated in different way, losing the advantage in PvP wilderness fights they have now.

The arrival of Tutorial Island for new players finally removed the old distinction of classes. But in meantime the game mechanics created new advanced classes that many players are not familiar with. Mainly as you wander a little bit around Runescape you will hear words PURE / IMPURE related to character development and when you are starting it is very important to know more about this to not ruin your character. So I decided to write this little basic guide explaining the difference.

These classes are created because in Player Killing or PvP game in wilderness you can get attacked based on your level difference. This gives a high advantage to people who keep their level low and their attack/damage power high. If you look at the formula that calculates player level, you see that some stats influence it more then others. So if you get experience only in certain stats you will advance slowly in level and VERY fast at damage delivered.

Little math...

Level = ((Attack + strength) + defense + hits)/4) + ((prayer + magic) /8)

IF Ranged is higher then 1,5*(Attack + strength) it will go in place of (Attack + strength) but /3

Now that we know the formula we have to find a way to make combat level as low as possible while keeping our attack power up.

Stats analysis:

Hits are 1/4 exp or att,str,def and we NEED hits.

Ranged: Exp doesn't go in hits so you can build levels high with extremely small level IF you go Pure ranger. Otherwise keep it just under your att+str *1.5 and it will not influence your level.

Strength - most important YOU wish to hit HARD...

Aim - very important you wish to HIT and not see 0,0,0,0,20

Defense least important of combat stats... If you are hitting him 20 and he is hitting you 7 there is not too much discussion who will win.

Magic - combat pure keep it as close to 1 level as possible, magic pure try to max it. Basically in close combat you cannot use both. You can keep it to 1 and still do full damage with your weapons.

Prayer - medium importance but VERY useful skill so most people add some.

Now if you use our calculator you will see some possibilities:

  • Standard Player with ALL stats 20 is level 25. Now let's play a bit with this stats.
  • Pure with 40 att 1 def 40 STR 53 ranged 20 hits 1 magic and 1 prayer is ALSO level 25 !!!!
  • Mage pure with 1 attack 40 defense 1 strength 20 hits 80 magic !!! 1 prayer is ALSO level 25 !!!!
  • Half pure.. Prayer Beasts: They are mostly strength but not low in attack but usually have about 5 defense. Their stats would be
    around 20 attack, 5 defense, 35 strength, 27 hits, 1 ranged, 31 prayer, 1 magic. And still only 25 combat! by Neo kirby

Now let imagine this 3 player's fight in wilderness? Average player that gets ALL stats up will be EATEN by pure that has double his attack and strength will hit more often for much more damage.

PURE will be eaten by mage. Mage defense will block his attacks, and in same time he can use 80 level magic to tear him apart magic even when he is approaching or running.

Okay, after all these advantages there are disadvantages

... this tactic is good against low/middle levels. When you get to higher combat levels this becomes a disadvantage, but it is fast to cover enough to train in other mode. You will not be able to do some quests or because they require magic or because they give as reward exp in a stat you don't wish to add.

As pure Mage and ranged pures getting up Defence is a PAIN as to get exp you need to kill something. Except for chickens, how long will it be until you kill/hit something with 1 attack??

Good example of this is so called PL8 PURE or Plate pures. They are people who got rune plate and their skills were reset to 1 by Jagex after some bug. This required them to have already finished Dragon quest, or were at the point in time when the map piece you need to telegrab with magic was tradable so they could simply buy it. As now it is not possible in any mode to get missing map piece and finish the last F2P quest as a pure.


Now as for leveling a pure you need to train ONLY in mode to give experience to skill you wish to advance in NEVER train in standard mode!!!

Magic pure is hard to get up as it requires a ton of money and defence is very very slow to go up. It was good for 2nd character for some of the rich people as you get runes and cast them and levels come in no time at all. If you wish to be pure mage with first character and without friends to tip some millions into your account then ... good luck ;-)

I hope this gave you good introduction to PURES and the art of becoming one in this remaining month or two. :P



In this game starting stats are not so important, since you will advance in the skills you use the most. For now, magic is important only to high level players. Earlier players will likely die or go bankrupt trying to get runes to cast even simple spells. From July 2002, classes don't exist any more and everyone starts with "Adventurer".with all stats at 1 except as noted in the table.

Attribute Bonus


Attack /Strength /Defense start at 2


Bronze Axe

Tinderbox and a
Piece of Cooked meat

Thanks: Psi Tron

Here is information on how it was when Runescape started. When you created your character you were asked to choose your class, and on that basis you'd get certain things. At the start there was not a mining class, it was added later.

Best starting classes look to be Warrior and Ranger. We suggest the Warrior, because you get the most important stats starting out higher and more hit points. Later when you have some more gold you can start practicing all the other skills. Of course there is also the IDEAL mining mule called Miner that will make a ton of money mining around.

Attribute Bonus


Attack /Strength /Defense +3


Bronze Short Sword

Wooden Shield (+4 Armour)


Magic +7



Staff (+6 Magic, Aim 7, Power 3)

Blue Wizard Hat (+4 Magic)


Attack /Strength /Defense +2
Ranged +2
Magic +2


Bronze Axe

Tinderbox, Jug, Pot


Mining +7



Pick Axe


Ranged Attack +6



10 arrows

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