This guide is to help the other pyros out there! I am going to share with the people of runescape my secret to 99 firemaking! How to train, where to train, what to carry, how to manage.. The answers are all going to be revealed ! icon_smile.gif

by god of end

Basic information about firemaking
So how do we start the wonderful art of firemaking?
First you need a log and a tinderbox! drop the log onto the floor and click on the tinderbox, then click the log and you have built a fire!
Starting at lv 1-10 you fail a lot. At lv 30-50 you begin to hardly fail. At lv 50-60 you should stop failing making fires.

Where do I train?
Well, 70% of the people of Runescape know that the best place to train is Draynor forest. If you are going to go for a high firemaking lv this is where it all starts and where it ends.

It's an easy skill! 99 in no time!
No! NO! and NO!! Firemaking really does seem very simple and easy exp but later on when you move up (lv70-80) you will realize how difficult the skill is: "Boring - Tiring". But don't let this get your hopes down! icon_wink.gif. Below this guide I will teach the secrets of how NOT TO get bored and tired.

What do I carry on my inventory?
From my experience I suggest that your inventory is filled with logs. + 3 main items: Hatchet, Tinderbox, Sleeping bag. So that you don't get all messed up looking for your tinderbox in your inventory, keep your FIRST ROW in this kind of position:

What part of the forest do I burn?
This is what slows you down at firemaking! The forest. You must know what area you should burn down and what not. This map picture should explain it all icon_cool.gif

Keep doing this same method for fast exp.

What will slow me down?
Now this is something that is kind of hard to let go.. chatting. When you chat with your friends as you train firemaking.. you lose exp and time. I suggest that when you train firemaking, try not to chat so much and concentrate on the firemaking.

Exp Amount gained from each firemaking lv

formula = 25 + (level * 1.75)

Firemaking Level?

What woodcutting lv will I be once I get 99 firemaking?

2x Speed firemaking
Well, this is a very good way to get you double the amount of exp you get every hour! The only bad part is that you need a friend to help you out. So how does this work? where do I start? how do we start?
First, you must find a friend/somebody who is willing to help you for long/short time. To begin, your friend must have the inventory suggest above. Next, he starts chopping trees. "What trees do I chop?" If you are wondering, these are the trees your friend should chop to do the 2x speed method:

Now, as soon as you see the first log appear, you go light it as quickly as possible! It is very important that you stay up to speed, or else the logs will disappear and you lose exp. + Really try to avoid chatting when doing the 2x method! And finally, this is a example of how not to do the 2x method:

As you can see, My char is very delayed on lighting the logs. icon_lol.gif icon_wink.gif

Long lasting fires
Well, I still do not have the answer to this, I believe the period of how long fire stays on is random. I made some tests with a friend of mine "gizzern"
And we ended up with these results:
First Fire, lasted for 1,32 Minutes.
Second Fire, lasted for 1,22 Minutes.
Third Fire, lasted for 1,15 Minutes.
Fourth Fire, lasted for 1,50 Minutes.
So we still think there is a reason for how long they last..

History Of The Pyro's NEW UPDATE
Ever wonder who was the first 99 firemaker? who was the second, third, fourth? who was the fastest to 99 firemaking? who gained the most a day? Well the answers are all going to be told below.

o Who was the first to 99 firemaking?
Our king is cowchicken. Even though not all of the 99 firemakers know him, we must all still pay our respect to the king. Second to 99 firemaking was dragoon 787, who got it the same day as cowchicken. Third to 99 firemaking was jamie2002. Fourth came moridin.

o Who was the fastest to 99 firemaking?
Well, I have been doing research on all "old" 99 firemakers and it seems to me that Mendark 9 was the fastest to 99 firemaking. This is not yet 100 percent sure. Mendark first began with 500k exp which I believe he got very quick. He later on got 12.5million exp in 28 days, as he told me through pm message.

o Who has gained the most exp in one day?
My research shows that empror1 holds the record of an amazing 2.3million exp in one day. Second or third would probably be jamie2002 or John2496 or Mendark 9.

o Most lv's gained in one day was?
God of end - that's me. icon_cool.gif I hold the record of 74 levels in one day with my experimental characters. icon_biggrin.gif If I remember right I did it with my second char: Mercenar, lv 82 firemaking. icon_wink.gif

If people have more questions about the firemaking history, ask away and if I have the ansewrs I will add them. icon_smile.gif

What made some of the pyromasters go for 99? NEW UPDATE
First skill I got high lv in, first skill I got on hiscore list. Decided to set myself a goal.

God of end
First skill I got high lv in, and planned to go for 99.

Mad easy skill, fast exp.

Wanted a high rank in the hiscore list.

He logged out before i had a chance to ask icon_biggrin.gif

And finaly a little special addition to this section. icon_wink.gif

Starting From the left to right: Philipj, Zotherax, God of End, Jamie2002, John2496.

So what is your secret!! tell me!
Allright, allright icon_cool.gif.. Every 99 firemaker has their own secret way of training fast and without getting bored. So, I shall reveal to you my secret on how NOT to get bored.
-Get some rest, then start the firemaking.
-Make a playlist "MP3 LIST" for the exact time you plan on firemaking, and listen until it's over.
-Never give up hope.
-And think what you are going to become when you achieve the ultimate goal of..


that's all for now icon_cool.gif Greatest firemaking guide, evah! icon_wink.gif
~ Goe.

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