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We can pray to the Gods of Runescape and this will give us certain advantages for short time.
To select prayer to use, go to Magic book icon and select prayer. The prayers are color coded. Those written in white can be used, but those in black mean that you are not devoted to gods enough (your prayer level is not high enough to use them.
Each of the prayers can be turned on or off individually. When you use a prayer, you are given an advantage depending on the prayer you choose to use. To use a prayer, you left click on it and the name of the prayer will turn green to tell you that prayer is active. To deactivate, you click on the prayer again.

When you use these prayers, your prayers points will slowly drain down to zero. If you select more than one prayer at one time, your prayers points will drain faster. When your prayer points reach zero, all the effects will be deactivated. You can not use any prayers until you visit a church and left click on an altar. Once you have done this, your prayer points will be full again. Then you can use prayers again.

The Prayer skill is very hard to raise. To increase it and gain points, you must bury bones from monsters by left clicking on bones in your inventory.

  • Bones will give you 3.75 experience
  • Big Bones from all giants and found in wilderness will give you 12.5 exp points (thanks to Hiana, TheWiseChan, Luringrev for exp info)

also in P2P you can get

  • Bat Bones from giant bats that are 4.5 exp
  • Dragon bones from all dragons that are 60 exp.

Useful info from:

  • blitz kreig: In monastery on Ice mountain, you have to be 31 prayer lvl to go up the new ladder.
    If you recharge your prayer at the monastery altar (upstairs) it will temporarily add 2 extra prayer points to your prayer lvl. Also upstairs you can get a monk's outfit. The complete robe gives 12 prayer points in armor. Also, Brother Jerrod will bless a stringed holy star made of silver (you can get silver at pit chasm) which is 8 prayer points in armor.
    You can read more about holy star in crafting guide. (thanks Stormguard)
  • Unholy Symbol of Zamorak. The mould is obtained from the ghost at the graveyard, near the Observatory. Ghost will also "bless" it. You need 50 crafting to make it.
    Stats: adds 1 to weapon power, weapon aim, armour and 6 to prayer.
    Also when worn, prayer is drained at a slower rate. % is still unknown.
Robe Name
Prayer Modifier
worn in place of
Obtained from
Priest Robe Black +3 Body Armour Clothes Shop Varrock
Priest Gown Black +3 Leg armour Clothes Shop Varrock
Druid Robe ** White +4 Body Armour Drop from Druid
Druid Robe ** White +4 Leg armour Drop from Druid
Robe of Zamorak ** Red +5 prayer and +3 magic ? Body Armour Drop From Iban Disciples, Necromancers
Robe of Zamorak ** Red +3 prayer and +5 magic ? Leg armour Drop From Iban Disciples, Necromancers
Monk Robe Brown +6 / slow prayer drain rate ? Body Armour Monastery / need paryer 31 to enter
Monk Robe Brown +6 / slow prayer drain rate Leg armour Monastery / need paryer 31 to enter
** member item
Thanks for help: Mage burner, Spiller1

The robes can be worn in place of armour. They offer no armour modifier but add to prayer and some also affect drain rate. Gloves, Boots, Shields, and Helmets can still be used with Robes so as to allow some armour modifier. All these items can be traded so you can get them this way on F2P server.

Other Items adding to prayer are Prayer potions.

Good places to raise prayer:

  • The fastest way to gain prayer lvls is to kill chickens at the chicken farm and bury their bones. Chickens only take 1 or 2 hits so you can get heaps of bones in a short amount of time. by Wing_Man
  • If you want to raise your prayer a lot, then go to ghost town (Edgeville) then go to the place where the 2 rats lv 16 come out. There are 4 bones that regenerate fast. It`s good to raise prayer level there. by jinkyu8
  • If you are strong enough to kill a giant lvl 31 head into the house outside Varrock on the way to falador. You will need a brass key to open door: go down the ladder, turn left and go through the gates.  There will be lots of giants in there.  Every time they die they drop big bones.  this is very handy if you need your prayer up quickly. by Gold fox
  • A great monster to fight is a Jogre, he drops Big bones and occasionally even more bones as loot!! So sometimes you will get up to 2 bones + 3 big bones in one kill. By Silverion
  • Wilderness Big Bone respawn place gives great prayer xp, but PKers and skeletons attack all the time.
  • On Khazard battlefield there are tons of bones lying around that respawn quickly.


Mini guide:

by -Elf4elf1 This guide will help all who need to raise their prayer.

  • When you start out find every bone on the ground and pick it up. Click it to bury it. Continue this until you are lvl 15 prayer.
  • Members this is easy for you because if you head to the Khazard battlefield there are tons of bones lying around that respawn quickly.
  • When you are lvl 15 your should head to Lumbridge and talk to the priest in the church. He will tell you about a ghost which has been wandering around a graveyard outside. You need to help him get rid of it. It's simple. (See quest quide for help "The Restless Ghost".) That should raise your prayer a few more levels.
  • After the quest you should get your three best armour pieces and go to the wild. Bring some food with you because you will be attacked. Go to lvl 30 wild west of the deadly red spiders. There you'll see a bunch of bones (you can't pick them up) but there are some big bones there, red on the mini map. These will raise your prayer 12.5 exp. for each bone. There should be 7 or 8 there. The respawn is decent. Try to can, stay there until you can get to lvl 25 prayer.
  • From there you should be able to fight giants in the cave requiring the bronze key. The best prayer most people believe is lvl 37 prayer, Paralyze Monster. When you activate this it makes it so no monster can do damage to you until you run of of prayer points or you turn it off.

Drain Rate

Most people already know about the drain rate, but this may help others who don't know about it...

The drain rate is how much each prayer costs.  When in combat, you'll notice that each attack has about a three second interval.  With a drain rate of 60, your prayer points will decrease by 1 every round/three seconds.  With a drain rate of 30, your prayer points will decrease by 1 every two rounds/six seconds.  With a drain rate of 15, your prayer points will decrease by 1 every four rounds/twelve seconds.  And, with a drain rate of 10, your prayer points will decrease by 1 every six rounds/eighteen seconds.  With two(or more) prayers on, it gets a bit difficult to understand... But, I think of it as a fraction.  With a drain rate of 60 and 15, it's a combined 75 each round/three seconds.  75/60 = 1.25 prayer points lost each round. (thanks Jethan33)

Drain Rate
Thick Skin Increases your defense by 5%
Burst of Strength Increases strength by 5%
Clarity of Thought Increases attack by 5%
Rock Skin Increases defense by 10%


Superhuman Strength Increases strength by 10%
Improved Reflexes Increases attack by 10%
Rapid Restore 2x restore rate for all stats except hits
Rapid Heal 2x restore rate for Hitpoint's stat
Protect Items Keep 1 extra item if you die
Steel Skin Increases your defense by 15%
Ultimate Strength increases strength by 15%
Incredible Reflexes Increases attack by 15%
Paralyze Monster Stops monster from fighting you (dont work on players)
Protect From Missiles 100% protection from ranged attack / PK magic too !!!

Thanks to: Lightning for sharing all this with us.

January 2002/ last update November 2003
Edited by Silverion, Lightning, Swifty Mcvae


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