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Smithing Tips

  • First, many ask how to build up smithing levels quickly; the answer is, specialize. Buy your ore from some specialized miner. You never can mine enough to level up really quickly.
  • For starters, it is important to make and sell things you profit from the most. For example with one metal bar you can make an iron dagger or an iron short sword. An iron short sword will earn you twice as much!

How do you Mine?

Maps of all Surface Mining zones with ore locations

Mining experience Calculator

  • First you need to get a Pickaxe. You can find a free Bronze Pickaxe in the Barbarian Village, or Rimmington. You can also buy one at the axe shop in Lumbridge, or Pickaxe shop in Dwarven Mine.
  • Then you need to find mine fields (places with rocks) and LEFT click on any rock and you will start mining. But before clicking it is good to RIGHT click and PROSPECT rock to see what type it is and then you can check the below table to see if you can mine it.
  • You need to have pickaxe in your inventory to start mining and your chance of success to extract ore is based on your mining skill level.
  • Better material pickaxe will swing more times per click. For example, adamantite pickaxe swing 10 times for one click on rock. You can buy them in Dwarven mine pickaxe shop.

You need the same smithing level to smith a metal as you need mining skill to mine it, there is only exception, Mithril which needs 55 mining and only 50 smithing.

min. mining skill
Mining Exp. gained
Any Gem
Thanks Overridea..
Copper ore
Iron ore
Gem Rock
40 ??
There is 5 new gem rocks after you finish Shilo village quest
Gold nuggets
Mithril ore
Adamantite ore
Runite ore
Found in Wilderness (> lv 46) and on Dragon Isle.

Thanks (Lotta Might & Ezarc) for experience info


  • You can see if a rock has ore in it by its color, or by PROSPECTing it.
  • Rocks regenerate ore after some time, so to mine fastest go mine one rock, and when you get some ore go to another rock. Higher materials regenerate slower.
  • If more players swing at rock in same time as other players there is possibility that all get ore from same rock !!
  • It is rumored that respawn time depends on Number of players online
  • Look at the atlas for ore locations we know about.

How do you make Metal bars?

There are three furnaces in Free Runescape. One is located a little north of Lumbridge Castle near the 2nd bridge over river. Another one is in Al Kharid, a town located in the desert. The last one is in the town Falador.

Left click on ore in your inventory and then on a furnace to smelt ore in metal bars.

You need to have the following items in your inventory and smithing levels to be able to make bars:

Bar Type
Smithing Level
Ore Required
Success Rate
Selling Price+
Buying Price+
Bronze 1
1 tin,
1 copper
100%     click on either tin or copper ore to make it. Runescape automatically uses up the other one to make the bar
Iron 15
1 iron 50%    

sometimes you get 2 bars out of 20, sometimes 18. it's random.
Using spell SUPERHEAT you have 100% success.

Silver 20
1 Silver 100%      
Steel 30
2 coal,
1 iron
100% Bar: 40 gp Bar: 127 gp click on any ore. Runescape automatically uses up the others
Gold 40
1 gold nugget 100% Nugget: 60 gp
120 gp
  Used in crafting
Mithril 50
4 coal
1 mithril
100%     click on mithril ore. Runescape automatically uses up the others
Adamantite 70
6 coal
1 adamantite
100%     click on adamantite ore. Runescape automatically uses up the others
Runite 85
8 coal
1 runite
100%     click on runite ore. Runescape automatically uses up the others

Thanks to Luringrev, SSJ9Brolly, Seaden, R2Keen2, Lightning for exp info

+ At a general store, with zero or one item at the store.

How do you smith?

You need a hammer in your inventory. You can buy one in any general store, or mining shop in Dwarven Mine.

Go near anvil and LEFT CLICK on metal bar in your inventory and then on anvil. In the upper left of you playing screen you can select one of 3 possibilities (Armour, Weapon, Cancel). Drill down to the item you want. When you select the final item it will be made without asking for confirmation and it will use all necessary bars from your inventory. If your skill is not high enough you will get reply at what level you will be able to smith this item. If you wish to cancel, open your inventory again and click on bar again.

You need to have the necessary number of bars for the item you want to make in your inventory.


ALSO: The information presented in the smithing tables is compiled from research in shops and from stats screens. It's being continually revised for accuracy. The tables have recently had their prices revised to reflect Lanfear's and Visolela's work on cataloguing and interpolating prices from known data. You can see their predictions and discussion on the weapons and armor price prediction page.


Edited by Visolela/Hitman X/Silverion

Last update November 2003 

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