Woodcutting Guide
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Although Non-Members can Woodcut, they can only chop Tree. Members can cut Tree, Oak, Willow, Yew and Magic trees. Some people seem to think that you can make a fire from any tree. This is not true as you can only make fire from the normal tree log. You can only get one log from a Tree but with every other tree you can get more than one log.

Level Requirements

Tree Woodcutting Level Required Exp Gained

Tree Level Exp/tree
Normal 1 25
Oak 15 37.5
Willow 30 62.5
Maple 45 100
Yew 60 175
Magic 75 250


As there are different types of Pickaxe's in mining, there are different types of hatchets for Woodcutting. You can buy them from Lumbridge axe shop and these are:

Hatchet Price

  • Bronze You get this from Tutorial Isle.
  • Iron 200 GP
  • Black (Uncommon to find) 20-50k GP
  • Steel 500 GP
  • Mithril 1.5k GP
  • Adamantite 3k GP
  • Runite 25k GP

The better the hatchet the more chance you have of getting a log. Both members and non-members can get every hatchet.

A hatchet is the only item you need to chop a tree, although it would be a good idea to take a sleeping bag because your fatigue can rise fast.

Where to Chop each Tree

Tree Place

  • Normal Anywhere. Draynor Forest is best
  • Oak Gnome Stronghold, Seers Village
  • Willow Just North-West of Seers Village bank
  • Maple Three spotted around Seers Village
  • Yew South-West of Seers Village bank
  • Magic Three trees South of Seers bank(quite far)

Pictures of Each Tree

Normal Tree 1st:
Normal Tree 2nd:

Both of these trees do the same thing but they just look different.

Oak Tree:
Willow Tree:
Maple Tree:
Yew Tree:
Magic Tree:

The Magic Tree looks exactly like the normal tree but you can see little sparkles and when you examine it it says "a magical tree"

Where to Chop at What Level

Level 1-25 - The Tree's at Draynor Village-Lumbridge forest. You will miss quite a lot to start with but as you level up it gets much easier.

Level 26-75 - Oak trees at Seers Village. This is where most people get confused. A lot of people say that at level 70 you should go onto Willow because you get more experience per log. When i was level 70 I did a little investigation by spending one hour on Oak and one hour on Willow. I very rarely missed on Oak and I missed quite often on Willow. Because of this I got more experience per hour on Oak than I did on Willow. At level 75 I started to get more experience from Willow than I did on Oak.
Note: At Level 84 I get 40,000 experience an hour.

Level 76-99 - Willow trees just North West of Seers Village bank. There are three trees here very close together. Although these don't give as much experience as Maple, Yew or Magic trees you will miss a lot less.

Note: At Level 84 I get 43,500 experience an hour while chopping with 1 or 2 people.

Last updated: December 6, 2003

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