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Field Original Correction
Name Bonus XP star (huge)
Examine This star can be drained of energy to give you bonus XP.
Location This is received after lasting 15 rounds of The Drop during the 15th Anniversary Party.
Made by
Used in
Uses Rub to gain bonus experience in a skill of your choice.
Notes The solution for the Drop questions are:
Question Answer
In 2015, Raids were launched. What is the maximum number of players in a Raids team? 10
In 2014, a new way to play was introduced to RuneScape. What was that mode called? IronMan
In 2013, Divination launched. Which of these is NOT a type of energy? Fancy
In 2012, Player Owner Ports allowed the player to travel to the Eastern Lands. How else is the Eastern lands known? Wushanko Isles
In 2011, a grandmaster quest was released. Its name was Ritual of the... Mahjarrat
In 2010, we launched Dungeoneering. What are the final floors called? Warped
In 2009, the 150th quest was launched. Which quest was it? The Chosen Commander
In 2008, the Circus was launched. Which skill is NOT represented in the Big Top? Strength
In 2007, the first task set was launched. What were task sets originally called? Achievement Diaries
In 2006, we quietly announced Construction by mentioning that players could sit on what item? Chairs
In 2005, the first vampyre quest was launched. It's name was 'In WHAT? of the Myreque'. Search
In 2004, Morytania opened up. Which of these does NOT take place in Morytania? A Soul's Bane
In 2003, the Fishing Trawler arrived. What fish can be gained from the Trawler? Manta ray
In 2002, Agility was added into the game as a support skill. How many OTHER skills are classified as support skills? 3
How many Gower brothers are there? 3
Tags Holiday Event
Unlocked by Quest No Members No
Tradeable No Stackable No
Alchable No Weight 0.00
High alch price 0 General sells 0
Low alch price 0 Spec shop sells 0
Heals 0 GE Buy Limit 0
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Note: If you want to submit a monster that drops this particular item, please do so via our Bestiary database.

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