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Field Original Correction
Name Uncut diamond
Examine An uncut diamond.
Location Diamonds can be purchased at the gem stores, however, they are rarely found in stock because the stores only stock the gems that players sell to them. They can also be found while mining, thieving gem stalls, thieving the wall safe in Rogues Den, random events and monster drops.
Made by Transmuting 2 Sparkling energy and 3 Uncut ruby - requires level 42 Divination and gives 9.1 Divination xp.
Used in Diamond, Uncut dragonstone
Uses Can be used to make jewellery or bolt tips.
Notes To increase your chances of getting a gem while mining, wear a charged amulet of glory. Level 43 crafting required to cut.
Links Crafting Guide, Thieving Guide, Mining Guide, Random Event Guide
Tags Crafting, Raw material
Unlocked by Quest No Members No
Tradeable Yes Stackable No
Alchable Yes Weight 0.00
High alch price 120 General sells 254
Low alch price 80 Spec shop sells 200
Heals 0 GE Buy Limit 1000
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Note: If you want to submit a monster that drops this particular item, please do so via our Bestiary database.

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