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Field Original Correction
Name Chewed bones
Examine The bones of a barbarian warrior, slain by vile dragons.
Location Dropped at random by Mithril dragons (level 304).
Made by
Used in
Uses Construct a pyre ship on a pyre site at Otto's Grotto. You will need a tinderbox, logs, and a hatchet.
Notes When you construct a ship, the bone will automatically go into the vessel, which will then sink. It then gives you a message saying "The ancient barbarian is laid to rest. Your future prayer training is blessed, as his spirit ascends to a glorious afterlife. Spirits drops an object into your pack." This will give you items such as barbarian potions, runes or even a Dragon full helm if you are lucky!

Chewed and mangled bones look the same, so don't get mixed up with them. They can only be destroyed, not buried or dropped, but this is not recommended.

Also you will receive 300% for the next several bones you bury (depending on what type of log you used). It will give you a message saying, "You gained extra experience as the ancestral barbarians watch over you." This message indicates that you gain 300% experience for the bone you have buried instead of the normal prayer experience. This effect does NOT stack with ectofuntus or altar, or anything that boosts the experience given by a bone.
Links Pyre Ships - Firemaking
Tags Other
Unlocked by Quest No Members Yes
Tradeable No Stackable No
Alchable ? Weight 9.60
High alch price 0 General sells 0
Low alch price 0 Spec shop sells 0
Heals 0 GE Buy Limit 0
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Note: If you want to submit a monster that drops this particular item, please do so via our Bestiary database.

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