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Field Original Correction
Name Ancient page
Examine This seems to have been torn from a book...
Location Ancient pages may be found by rummaging skeletons in the Ancient Cavern. They can also be dropped by various monsters.
Made by
Used in
Uses Use the "copy to log" right-click option to display a screen with some lore. When you close the screen, the ancient page disappears, and will be copied into the "my notes" book you received from Otto Godblessed.
Notes The pages logged into the "my notes" book can be read there as a compilation. There are a total of 26 pages, and these provide historical information which may be interesting to read. Note that the pages are only differentiated by their examines and the information they provide. Even after you've copied a particular page into your log, it is possible to receive additional copies of that same page. Any extra copies you obtain will not provide additional information.

Additional examines:
- "I wonder who dropped this." (about Zamorakian wine)
- "Written hastily." (regarding Otto)
- "Vital or useless?" (regarding Scabaras)
- "Was this once a shopping list?" (regarding mithril in the cavern)
- "The writer needed spelling lessons." (regarding Gnomish)
- "A tatty scrap of vellum." (regarding pie baking)
- "Lucky they used waterproof ink."
- "The paper glows with some odd mould."
- "Neatly noted."
- "It looks pretty old."
- "Damp and close to disintegration."
- "Tatty."
- "It may have had an important seal once."
- "Tiny writing."
- "Could a dragon have written this?"
- "An incomplete record."
- "Hastily scrawled."
- "Part of someone's homework?"
- "This seems to have been torn from a tome..."
- "Fragile parchment."
- "This seems to have been ripped from a diary..."
- "Has both sorts of watermark."
- "Some information."
- "Historic document or just junk?"
Links Ancient Cavern (map page)
Tags Other
Unlocked by Quest No Members Yes
Tradeable No Stackable No
Alchable ? Weight 0.00
High alch price 0 General sells 0
Low alch price 0 Spec shop sells 0
Heals 0 GE Buy Limit 0
Additional Comments
Note: If you want to submit a monster that drops this particular item, please do so via our Bestiary database.

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