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Happy New year

From all Tipit Staff

Whow new year come and i wish all much happiness in this new year, forget bad things, take out that warm moments of pure laugh and happiness we all hide somwhere in us and get a new look on life like a tree that pup a new flowers as cold winds come removing the ice around our hearts and lets hope that people will learn to open its eyes to see the truth out of politic and religion all over the world ...

by Silverion as 1st 2002 morning add..

Mining Stuff » 

Well were here at Tip.it have been getting lots of Q's about minning and what levels well for all your Mining needs just click HERE

Cracker Updates » 

Well thanks to Kcfos for giving me a pic of the cracker plus a party hat i got some info on what they give they give a party,cake and plus some times a mith short you can see the items by clicking Here

*update* Well i got some updtes on the crackers so here it is
They allways give away party hats they can randomly give away items ranging from choc cake to mith short and some times rune square and i will try and find a new host for the cracker pic seeing as i cant update the site i cant host it on tip.it

New Items » 

i heard from a freind of mine that there aere now christmas hats that look like the kingas hat and crackers plus there is a new sweet split apron but i dont know were to get them well thats all;)

Update » 

Runescape has finnaly updated there player manual and world map which does not work for some people the updated player manual contains a link for Herblaw and Dueling for when they come out:)

"We have finally found the time to update the RuneScape online manual. The manual now contains instructions for all the main aspects of the game, as well as guides for individual skills such as smithing and crafting. I have also updated the world map to show the most recent additions to the world. The map is now in a seperate section to the rest of the manual, just use the link above to view it."

And if any one didnt like my last post just send me a email saying why and ill try to improve on my news reporting skills

UK server updates » 

It looks as if Andrew's US server hosts internet provider is DEAD! so there was a little down time on some of the servers but he is improving his UK server

"The US servers work 99% of the time, but I've decided that relying on just one hosting company is too risky, so I am currently in the process of setting up some additional RuneScape servers here in the UK. At the moment these can only be accessed via the windows client, and only if the US servers are also up. However I eventually intend to make them completely independant and available via runescape.co.uk."

Runescape UPDATED finally !!! » 

Eheheh It looks like i come back in time to cach on new wave of updates which are comming to runescape world ...

From Andrew ...

I've just put a big RuneScape update online. This update includes:

  • Draynor Market - Located in Draynor village is a market, where you can trade fish, ore and bars. The traders there will exchange these for reedemable certifcates which are easier to carry and trade with your friends.
  • New Black Weapons - The black armour range has been extended to include the full range of weapons
  • Level requirements - The armour/weapon level requirements which were voted in last week have now been added. You now need a certain minimum attack/defense to use the higher level weapons/armour respectively.
  • Dyeable capes - New cape colours are in! Green, Purple, Yellow, and Orange. To get these capes you must mix up dyes to recolour the existing ones :-)
  • Minor changes to varrock and falador - Some buildings have been increased in size, and there's a new bank in falador to reduce crowding at peak times.
  • Server limit back to 5000 Unfortunately I've had to put the player limit back to the original 5000. Despite upgrading my kernal, drivers, and improving the efficieny of my network code, the linux operating system still crashes if I try for more connections per box! I hate linux! :-) However I am hoping to get some additional servers to increase the capacity fairly soon.
  • YES im back !!! » 

    Whow finally thanks to incredibly "efficent" Italian Telecom i have ADSL at home after i asked transfer at end of MAY !!!!

    What this mean for you? I will be able to work more on site lol im looking at downloading this mountain of 31.641 emails i got in meantime and i dont promise i will read more then 1.000 or 2.000 in next week :-( im sorry but it is to much and if i read all i will not have time to update site .... lol ...

    So what is plans .... hmmm find some staff to help me working on site when im cut from internet like this days i dont wish to see happn what is happning this days when becocouse of my absence all looked to quite, message boards make a big BOOM geting half server (and news configuration files out of existence so i was unable to log in until i restored it from backup) im looking hard how to restore what i can ... Who need me can get to me in MSM and ICQ rarely until at last staff boards will be up ...

    New Board !! » 

    Whow, finally we make a great step and upgraded our messge boards to new software, it promise many advantages from speed, personal 80 x 80 pisc as Avatars, personal Polls, advanced private messaging with IN, OUT, SEND AND SAVE BOXES. Usergroups that offer Guild officers posibility to add people without need to contact board administrator and much more under the hod. After this we are already working on some changes to content part of site too..

  • Click on this link to check NEW Runescape Tip boards

    We will clean old message board from most flame and not important messages and it will be availible as archive.

  • TIP forums .. » 

    As there was serious problems with server overload caused by overgrown message boards database we will be forced to transfer on new boards before shedule... As many have seen this new boards offer many advantages, and we hope will be for you much more usable and fun.

    Please to get some patience before we get all working on new forums.

    Thanks !!

    Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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