HAPPY NEW 2003 » 

Whow Happy New 2003 to all you our friends. I wish you that this is start of one year full of happines and love and that is only start of many even better years. Forget one enemy and make one friend that is always best thing to do at start of new Year ;-).

From all TIP CREW

Agility Skill now in on members. » 

The long awaited agility skill is finally available. You can practice on two different training courses, or try the agility dungeon.
They also added a new quest which uses the agility skill - called the "Grand tree quest". This is set in an enormous new area called the Gnome stronghold which also includes loads more besides the quest. Even more agility quests will of course be added in future updates.

Agility is only available to RuneScape members
Agility is a skill that can be used to get over, up and through various obstacles, often as a short cut, or to get into new areas. Typical examples of where you use your agility skill are to squeeze through a pipe, swing on a rope over a hole, or use some handholds to climb up a wall. Just click on the obstacle you wish to get past, and if you have the appropriate agility skill level you will attempt it.
You will never fail some obstacles once you reach the appropriate agility level. On other obstacles it is possible to fall off, which will cause you to lose hitpoints.

A good way to advance your agility skill is to use the obstacle courses. By going round the obstacle course in the correct order you can get an agility experience bonus from the course. This is in addition to the normal agility skill experience you get from attempting single obstacles.
Players with low-levels of ability might want to use the obstacle course in the tree gnome stronghold.
At level 35 you can also enter the obstacle course at the barbarian outpost. Agility is a fatigue skill, which means that as you use it your character will slowly tire and eventually need to find a bed to rest on. Eating food will also reduce your character's fatigue slightly.

Regarding Runescape Windows client crashing » 

Jagex recently had a few queries from RuneScape users who say the RuneScape Windows client is crashing. (Even though it worked fine previously). They haven't changed the windows client recently, and from what they have been told it seems it's actually a recent windows update which is causing this problem.
Jagex believe this problem has now been fixed in another windows update. Therefore if you are having problems with the RuneScape client failing Jagex recommend you visit windowsupdate.com here to get the latest patches. This should fix it.

To The Runescape Creator, Andrew.
Happy Birthday from Tip.It staff and board users.

Fatigue reduced » 

From Runescape.com

Due to popular demand, it is now possible to mine and fish for longer without getting tired!

There are now two sort of rocks you can mine:

Soft rocks - These rocks spawn quite slowly, but they are easy to mine so you get very little fatigue from them. Mining these rocks is much like mining was originally before we changed it. You can easily get a full load of ore before you become too tired to mine.

Hard rocks - These use our new mining system for less repeat clicking. You can get the ore out of the rocks very quickly, and you can see it spawn so you aren't clicking blindly. However you will need to rest quite often when mining these rocks. For people who don't like clicking the same spot on the screen over and over you may find this way more fun.

We've also adjusted the fishing system. We considered introducing deep and shallow fish, but it doesn't work too well so instead we've just made the fish give a lot less fatigue than before, and spawn close to the original rate. This was what most players indicated they wanted.

One final note: We are aware that the numbers of soft and hard rocks may need balancing slightly. We will be keeping a close eye on this to make sure there are enough rocks of each type available. Depending on which rock type is most popular we may need to adjust the numbers slightly, so there is no need to ask us about this.

Cooking, Fishing, Herblaw updated. » 

Lightning was working hard this days and I finally found in my endless emails her updated guides for

  • Herblaw Guide all new icons all herb ID experience so we are missing only exp for ranged potion !!
  • Cooking Guide I think she only added pinaple members pizza.
  • Fishing Guide added all missing icons fixed some wrong exp info but there is still something you can help ?? on any place mean we dont have this info or it is not confirmed, so if you wish to help that is great mode to send us missing info.

  • Guild and Money contests and more » 

    Thanks all for over 180 submission to our money contest and over 65 to guild contest, your great response make me really happy but unfortunately, I will not be able to add all and I will rule with that who send first have a point more. I'm now reading and deciding which ones to add to site and at last for money contest there is so many very good articles that I will try to make a separate section with some of the best ones.

    NOTE: Sleeping bag is HOAX they don't exist and I really don't think they will ever exist as with one of them autominer player will basically add sleeping to his command list and here we go again... mining to no end.

    - Diamond ammy fixed (it add +6 armour too) and some other little spelling mistakes all over the site

    Fatigue V3 ... comming soon » 

    Fatigue created a deep split in our community POLL results, over 50% of players like it but still similar part of players hate it and even 15% of people are thinking to leave a game because of this. Thrown in front of such strong opposition Andrew (Runescape game creator, programmer and much more) decided to give everyone its own system. Very soon we will have two or even more types of rocks so everyone will be able to chose a mode of mining he prefer. One thing is sure this change created strongest opposition and deepest split in history of Runescape.

    After all this I hope that Andrew will see advantage of one OPEN test server where all players will be able to test new updates. BEFORE they are published on live servers.

    You can read more in official news:

    Planned update please read this - 16th November 2002
    Well most players now seem to like the new mining system. However there is still quite a lot of people who still say they actually preferred the older one. I'm quite suprised by this, but if thats what you want then thats what I'll provide.

    Therefore we're going to bring back the old mining and fishing systems BUT we're also going to keep the new system!! In other words to make sure everybody is happy you will be able to choose how you mine and fish!!

    This will work by having two sorts of rocks so you can choose, one sort uses the old system, the other sort uses the new system, e.g.

    Soft rocks - work very similar to the old pre-fatigue system for the people who preferred it before, (slow spawns, lots of missing, and clicking, but very very very low fatigue so you can easily get a full load of ore)

    Hard rocks - work like our new system for all the people who think the new way is better. (You tire out faster, but you can get the ore very quickly and you can see it spawn so you aren't clicking blindly)
    And we'll do something similar for the fish so the old system is available again for that too, as well as an alternative new system to give you the CHOICE. This should make everyone happy, since you can just choose the way you like best.

    This not only makes sure everyone has a mining method they enjoy, but it also adds more variety to the game since if you find mining is getting dull you can try out the other method for a bit, and get a nice change :-) Perhaps we will even add more types of mining in the future and increase the variety even further (for instance using tools other than a pickaxe)

    Hope everyone likes this idea

    Speeping Map updated, high trafic on server » 

    Thanks again to Adrenalina from Romanian RS tips site, she send us updated Misthalin and Asgarnia map new beds she found.

  • Sleeping places Map

    I also updated crafting as there was min lv 4 needed to make pie dish.

    BTW. This last updates created really a heavy load on our server as many people are visiting this web site to find a information about new update, BUT also this new people don’t like to visit sponsor banners.
    Please, help us to keep this site up and when you are visiting TIP.IT take a look if any of this Banners look interesting to you. In end if you don’t visit sponsors and I keep updating site creating more traffic in this way. I’m getting in danger to ruin myself financially as I will not be able to pay server!
    Today I get a warning from advertisers that LESS then 0.08% (read this 8 people of 10.000 pages visited) visitors clicked on banners. I’m trying to find new solutions but it is not easy.

  • Interview with Paul ! » 

    I get little interview with Paul (Jagex staff) this morning and here is some info i got, it is not word for word transcription but more my interpretation as we talked in Runescape chat and its not possible to save history.

    Q: People are upset as they say that now gaining levels on high lv ores is harder?
    A: It is not true, it is actually faster, High lv ores was rarely used for leveling, whoever was power leveling on this ores was going much slower then people who have mining lower lv ores, as this rocks was fey and was spawning much slower.

    Q: What is advantage of mining gild and heroes guild after patch?
    A: Mining guild have many, many coal rocks near bed and there is also bank in middle of run too

    And as for heroes guild it is only place to find runite rock out of wilderness !

    Q: Why you removed Mithril and Adamite rocks?
    A: As you can get them much faster now we needed to make them spawn slower or to move them farther away. Changing spawn rate was harder to do and as we needed a fix fast we decided to move them.

    Q: Do you plan to add more modes to remove fatigue? Like prayer, foods or potions?
    A: Andrew wish to keep cooking and herblaw distinct and fatigue is going under cooking so no potions. As for prayer, it is possible, but as this is not so simple and require changing of code, we have to plan and add it to “To Do” shedule what is not so easy. As for food Best Pie now can heal 8% and Anchovies pizza heal a same amount I think.

    Q: some people liked first patch more then this second one why you changed it so fast in place to fix a first version?
    A: First version was totally unbalanced and you was been able to get ores 5 times faster then before. That in long run was able to destroy not only economy but also skill balance and hard work some people invested in levelling this skills.

    Q: I see people are still unhappy even if I think it is because they don’t understand how new system is working do you plan any more changes ?
    A: Yes! I’m still running checks and we are looking to other solutions to make people understand that this was necessary change that will help all in long run.

    Q: This is not question but more suggestion as I think people need some Shark “Paul” pizza to remove fatigue on field.
    A: Lol, we try to promote less used foods with fatigue and fishes already have its role in game

    Ok that is more or less all I hope I don’t forget something important and that I don’t inverted meaning of something with my bad English. BTW I also get in touch with Andrew later and he looked quite interested to add some more “miners” food in game!!

    Poll updated !! » 

    I removed poll about old fatique and i wish to thanks all 3700+ people who gived its vote that helped in our battle to make this game better and more fun for all players.

    As all can see from results Fatigue system 1 was flawed in too many points and over 50% of players don't liked it. In reallity it was even too fast as some players used it to get a level or two.

    Also I added a new poll so you can express your opinion about updated fatique system.
    Don't forget to test changes before giving your opinion ;-), get food, find nearest bed (i'm sorry we still dont have updated map) and look at expereince.

    Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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