Scapeboard problems.. » 

Last day we have had problems with board database, unfortunatly database was so corrupted that dk3 (maintainers of forum) rolled back to last backup that was week ago, many great posts are lost. We are sorry about that and even as we know they are trying to recover data im very dubios that they will have success, in any case probably is best to repost if you have saved info. We hope that this don't affect you as our team that have ALL info posted on crew part of board and now ton of good work is lost ...

Thanks ...

New maps ... » 

Hmm we are in process of remaping all RS2 as you was able to see, and here is first 2 labeled maps for you to check and submit comments or simply say thanks to GreatSilverWyrm for making them.

  • Black Knight castle

  • Blurite / Ice giant cave

  • RS2 servers trimmed » 

    8th December 2003 - RuneScape2 Servers Trimmed

    As expected the number of players on our RuneScape2 Beta worlds has now calmed down a little, so we have reduced the number of servers back down to a number more suited to the number of people playing.
    What we really need to do is test how the game behaves with slightly more crowded worlds. Since it's important to keep the testing conditions realistic - compared to how they will be for the final release.

    It's also obviously also not so much fun if the world you are on is almost totally empty and there is nobody to interact with. So this change should help both us and you.


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    Pop advert problem fixed » 

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    7th December 2003 - Pop up advert problem (fixed)

    It has come to our attention that one of the advertising agencies that supplies adverts for our website has been careless and was running an advert which causes multiple pop-up windows and/or virus false-alerts.
    We are obviously extremely annoyed at the advert-agency for allowing this to happen. We know how annoying pop-up adverts are, and explicity told them they must not run them. We have now fixed this problem by disabling ALL adverts from this advert agency. All their adverts and code have been removed from our site in response, so the problem should no longer occur. If you are still seeing pop-up windows at then try rebooting your computer. If the problem still persists then let us know, remembering to tell us the name of the advert causing the problem.

    Also I'd like to reassure players that if they saw a warrning about a virus called "JS/NoClose" they do not need to worry too much. This is not a real virus, but rather a way of opening many pop-up windows. It does not cause any other damage or problems, and I believe all you have to do to erase it is reboot your computer. So if you are seeing these warnings, please reboot your machine. If the problem persists after reboot then let us know.

    I sincerely apologise for this. Like I say I'm severely disappointed with the advert-agency for doing this. I'll do what I can to make it doesn't happen again.


    Updates araound... » 

    Here we go today i was checking forums and i found long forgoten Firemaking guide !!!

  • Firemaking Ultimate Guide

  • Also we added a lubmridge, swamp and desert part of the new map to RS2 news page and yesterday we added maps to all altares on runecrafting guide. Maps are based on old runescape map but as maping team reach them i will ad then to map! It is confirmed that new runes are at lv 44 too.

  • RS2 live NEWS

  • There is some other minor fixes in guides we added that tree quest give magic experience too. Experience gained is not fixed amount but we still dont know how it is calculated.

    Did i mentioned new Key list on Items page.. hmm in any case probably i forget something we are working too much ;P

    Links added » 

    If you look on the menu on the left, you will notice that we added links to the Dueling Guide, the new Woodcutting Guide , Runecrafing and more. Check em all out.

  • RS2 live NEWS Is updated with link RS2 combat level calculator still experimental but 99% accurate, studded & dragon leatherworking, runecrafting guide added new altars and monsters who drop talismans.

    Well I gotta go, Im sooo close to reaching 80 hits in Runescape and im busy talking to a guy called D O D G E14.

    Take it easy,
    - Swifty

  • RS2 bugfixes - part 3 » 

    Jagex was hard on fix work ... here go last batch of bugfixes.

    5th December 2003 - RS2 bugfixes - part 3

    Today's RS2 fixes and changes:

  • fixed: Sheep attacking you when you sheared them
  • fixed: Sometimes you didn't go through the Al Kharid gate after paying
  • fixed: High level cooks couldn't burn meat for the witch's potion quest
  • fixed: Monsters less than half your level were still attacking
  • fixed: The crumble undead spell didn't work
  • fixed: Players never got skulls for attacking other players with skulls
  • fixed: There were no woodcutting level requirements
  • fixed: The amulet of accuracy had no stats
  • fixed: Some fishing level requirements were wrong
  • fixed: You could walk off Falador castle and walk around in mid air
  • fixed: You could not get off ships in low detail mode
  • fixed: Wormbrain couldn't be killed with magic
  • fixed: You couldn't telegrab the items in the museum
  • fixed: Silverlight didn't have bonuses against demons
  • fixed: The highwayman told you to stand and deliver when already dead
  • fixed: Black axes were unwieldable
  • fixed: Druids respawned far too slowly

  • We also fixed a number of typos and small graphical issues which are not worth listing.

    Also by popular request - the following monsters shouldn't block your way any more: hobgoblins, all types of spider, white wolves and greater demons.
    Many monsters will still block. I may be making more monster types none blocking over the next week as well.

    RS2 Bugs fixed - part 2 » 

    3rd December 2003 - RS2 bugfixes - part 2

    Well we said we were going to be fixing more bugs in RuneScape2, so here is the second batch.
    Fixed: A bug which allowed you to drop cats out of your bank account duplicating the cat.
    Fixed: Various robes making the chests of female characters go invisible
    Fixed: Water vials dropped by chaos druids vanishing when picked up
    Fixed: Various objects such as bones were infinitely useable while in your bank account
    Fixed: Achetties appeared to have a beard when you talked to her
    Fixed: You could make cannonballs without a cannonball mould
    Fixed: You could not range over various tables
    Fixed: Casting the bind spell on players did not give a skull
    Fixed: Fighting with a staff always gave you attack xp whatever combat mode you were in
    Fixed: You could not pray at the dolmen in the druids stone circle
    Fixed: Gertrude's cat quest was not giving quest points
    Fixed: Super human strength incorrectly described as giving a boost to defence
    Fixed: Karamja fishing spots were giving sharks instead of tuna and swordfish
    Fixed: Scorpions and poison scorpions both had the same name
    Also by popular demand we have added some flax to Taverley so people can try out ranging and fletching properly.

    As we said yesterday, thankyou to the many players who have been giving us constructive feedback - you can expect continued fixes and changes.

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    Watch tower quest » 

    We finally linked last of missing quests:

  • Watch tower quest

    Also updated Thieving page with info about rock cake stall.
    Some other minor updates all over site as well.

  • RS2 beta updates... » 

  • NEW POLL What you think about RS2 beta? lets see what is your opinion on beta after this first 3 days, you can see results and vote from menu on right side. As for old poll it look like some 50% of people get its no-trade death wepon ;-) and rest of us will have to be content with normal dragon axes.

  • RS2 live NEWS Is updated with normal leatherworking, with new pic of mod Simon in full rune, with dragon shield, medium helmet and axe and much more

  • Further to our research to find a new RS2 Combat level formula we recived (att+str+def+hp/3.5 + pray/6) in fey submission don't cover many cases it look like it is good only for some pure.
  • As for exp gained from monsters there was many strange things reported by our Monster man Mage_burner experience gained varied for same monster but in end it look like experience is now directly related to monster hits and as you recive exp after EVERY hit Mage thinks it is becouse monster reqenerated some hits from start of combat.
    Silver1nl send us this:
    I think the xp u gain is 5.33 xp per 1 hit you do on you opponent. 4 of it goes to the attack defence or strength depending on what strategy you are using. and 1.33 to hitpoins.

    So if you hit somebody for 10 with attack strategy, you will get 40 attack xp and 13.33 hitpoint xp.
    That is all for now and please do not forget to visit some of our sponsors that look interesting or we will really have big problems after such great number of visits like last fey days to pay server trafic bills.

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