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2nd December 2003 - RS2 Bugs fixed today

Thanks for all your feedback, today we have fixed several RS2 bugs.

Fixed: A bug causing the server to crash and forget recent events
Fixed: Wrong message on gem mining
Fixed: A bug preventing the game from loading on some web-browsers
Fixed: Invisible blockages in Falador, that make it hard to walk around
Fixed: Taverly Dungeon said "invalid teleport" when you tried to enter
Fixed: Warhammers had wrong price
Fixed: A bug causing the client to sometimes lock up at random
Fixed: Pkers not getting skull on failed spell
Fixed: A bug causing the client to lose connection to the server at random.
Fixed: Top floor of Entrana ship missing barrier
Fixed: Incorrect ladder in windmill
Fixed: Posion retained even after death
Fixed: Route around back of draynor manor blocked
Fixed: Kill stealing with wind-strike in non-multiway combat zone
Obviously there is still a lot to work on. So we'll keep at it. This is a very complex game indeed, and we're expecting to fix/improve many more things yet.

2nd December 2003 - RuneScape 2 FAQ Updated

Hi - we've updated the RuneScape 2 Frequently Asked Questions page to answer some of the more common queries that players have been asking about the RS2 beta.
You can find the RS2 FAQ in the same place as before, in the 'F.A.Q.' section linked from our front page.

It's certainly worth having a look at this if you're not aware of some of the in-game text effects that RS2 offers!

All news taken from
The Runescape2 FAQ mentioned is found on the website.

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More i play Rs2 more i like it and more i hate it lol, today i tryed to mine and nice thing is that it require less clicking you clcick on rock and you go on until you dont get ore! But i dont suggest that you try to mine gold or mithril with bronze pickaxe as everyone passung by with better pick will get ore before you :P.

  • RS2 live NEWS Is updated with ton of things again, full explanation how runecrafting work, where to fish that lobsters, sharks, and much more..

    We are looking for some inteligent enough to figure this new monster experience formula and combat formula .. and who wish to send it to us so that i can make that calculator for all;-)

  • More Rs2 news !! » 

    Whow we are geting more and more info stil we miss a new combat level formula, new monster experience formula as now you are geting much more experience from higher level monsters.

  • RS2 live NEWS Updated with 14 chat commands to impress all around you, etc..

  • RS2 first impression » 

    Whow so after sooo long wait it is finally UP! Gratz to all Jagex team these guys really make formidable work to get it all up. What to say there is so many changes and still it is same in many ways, what will affect players most probably is a new skill runecrafting that will cause change in value of black market runes, combat have different feeling now look little bit more complicated but it can be only because it is so new, it was little bit hard for me to navigate at first but after I started to use more keyboard arrows to turn 3d view as it fit I was able to navigate quite fast.

    As there is too many changes and news are coming all time we decided to put all news on separate page so please to visit this link for more details and pics.

  • RS2 live NEWS here you can see Andrew with crown (party hat), new look of dragon shield, smiting chat tips, list of all new features as someone send to us.

  • Its here! » 

    RS2 is finally here.
    Check it out for yourself on the site. will be updating with regular RS2 info, etc. Check back soon!

    P.S. and of course dont forget to send us all changes, info you found, new exp values, map changes, comments what you like or what you dont like etc.

    Almost here... » 

    The release of RS2 beta is apon us. Many of us have been waiting since last year for this day. Remember, RS2 will be for members only and test accounts will be used, not our usual Runescape accounts. Once beta is over, these characters will be deleted and then our usual accounts will be transfered over.

    Check back to Tip.It regulary, because we will be updating the site regulary with new maps, guides, information and even pictures for those people who don't have a members account to test RS2.

    Jagex have worked so hard towards RS2, so remember to send them positive feedback on the official forums and through costumer support. Also, sending bug reports, etc will help them get through the Beta Process quicker. REMEMBER, be nice to Jagex and don't complain because they did RS2 for US, the Runescape playes.

    Have fun,
    - Swifty

    Will RS2 lag? » 

    For all those who have been asking the question, Will RS2 lag?, then read the quote below which was taken from the official Runescape forums.

    Posted by Andrew on 26 Nov 2003

    Everything runs at pretty much the same speed as it did before in all the tests we did.

    The only thing which is noticeably different is that the loading time when walking between areas is slightly longer, but this is only because the loading lines are now futher apart and so it has to load more map in one go.

    When you first visit an area or map that you have NEVER seen before for the very first time, it will seem quite slow to load (a few seconds), but after that the game remembers what it looks like, and as long as we don't change the square it will load more quickly next time you visit (even if you turn your computer off)

    It also no longer has to say 'loading please wait..' when you go up and down ladders in a building. Climbing upstairs to the top of building is now instant.

    RS2 combat system explained » 

    Jagex has released a rather large statement on the official Runescape website about the RS2 combat system. I would post it all here, but like I said, its large, and I can't link you directly to the page, so just visit and check out the news section.

    The statement has sparked alot of opinions, etc on our forums, so if your a registered member, why not voice your opinion/view? Just click here and post away.

    Oh, and the Library of Varrock has been updated too. The news about this can be found in the news section on also.

    Take it easy,
    - Swifty

    New highscore system. *UPDATED* » 

    21st November 2003 - Hiscores Reborn!

    We are pleased to announce that our new Hiscores system is now running, showing the top 250,000 players in each skill!
    You can still find the Hiscores tables from the same link on our main page, and although they may look the same, they are updating much more frequently.

    The Jagex Web Dev Team

    Taken from


    Ive received a few emails about the new Highscore System and I decided to post a few things about it.

    As soon as you log your character out of Runescape, your stats on the highscore list will automatically update instantly. This is alot quicker than the weeks when the highscores wouldn't update.
    Also, usernames are now capitalised on the list, not all lowercase.

    RS2 Frequently asked questions » 

    Incase you havn't already noticed the link on the Navigation bar on the left of the screen, we have uploaded a RS2/3D FAQ. To save you some time, you can read it by clicking here.

    Also, thanks to ALL the people submitting bug errors and site information. Sometimes we don't have time to reply to everyone, but trust me, we read it all. Without everyone submitting information, this site would be full of missing information and errors (still is at the moment lol).

    - Swifty

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