Haunted Mine quest guide » 

Hey all!

A little christmas present from all of us to all of you, the haunted mine quest guide! I hope you'll enjoy this quest if you haven't done it allready.

Also, don't forget to visit Santa in Runescape to get your very own playtoy! He can be found in Varrock, Falador, Ardougne, Catherby and Yanille.

Merry Christmas
Tip.it Staff

happy holidays » 

All the staff here at Tip.it would like to wish you all happy and safe holidays!

Happy Holidays

Tip.it Forums Downtime » 

Hi everyone.

I appologize for not posting this sooner.

You've probably noticed that our forums have not been loading.

We have had to take them down temporarily to perform a security upgrade. Hopefully, this won't take too much longer.

Again, my appologies for not posting this sooner.

2 latest quest guides online! » 

Hey folks!

I'm glad to announce that the two latest quest guides have been uploaded, I'm sorry that the Throne of Miscellania guide didn't come before now, but it's here, and that's what matters, right?

Also, the newest quest, Monkey Madness, has settled here at Rune Tips, which makes a total of 65 quest guides!

Enjoy, happy questing!
Tip.it Staff

Heads up! » 

Hey guys,
Just a warning..

I have been notified of a new batch of fake runescape and tip.it emails being sent to email addresses.

Jagex and the Tip.it staff will NEVER ask for your runescape username and/or password. DO NOT click on any links in the emails and DO NOT download any files which may be in the emails.

Dont be fooled, people can make email addresses look real.
For example,
[email protected] is my email. People can make hoax emails, which look exactly the same.

Also, beware of take Runescape websites.
Only enter your password on www.runescape.com - DONT BE FOOLED. Read it carefully.

Stay safe,

RS2 Monster Database RELEASED » 

Well, this update has been needed for a long time, but has been time consuming to complete.

But.. due to popular demand, we are releasing the RS2 Monsters Database!

Click here to visit the database!

Note: The database is currently lacking a search feature, but this will be released later.

HUGE thanks to all the tip.it crew members for their work on the database and also to misplacedme (tip.it moderator) for his hard work and all the time he has spent on this!

Errors/Submissions can be email to [email protected]


Horror in the deep! - New quest, new guide » 

Hey all!

Once again Jagex has added a new quest, including a new area, and even a prayer book! The horror in the deep quest takes place north of the barbarian outpost, if you want to read our guide, click here.

We currently don't have much information about the prayer book, but as we get more it will be posted in the bottom of the guide.

From Runescape.com

The Lighthouse protecting unwary ships from Kandarin's hazardous North-western coastline has recently ceased to function, and the Council have become very concerned about the potential hazard to shipping that may result from this.
The Council would therefore like any adventurers passing by the area to investigate the lighthouse and discover what has happened to the lighthouse keeper Jossik.
Local rumours of a mysterious Horror From The Deep can probably be ignored, as The Council would like to assure its citizens that there is no such thing as sea monsters.

Happy trails folks!
Tip.it staff

New quest and guide - The Fremennik Trials » 

Hey all

Earlier today Jagex released a new quest, and of cause we feel that you should have a chance at this, so we made a guide for all you questers out there! But first, here's what it said on Runescape.com

The council would like to inform our citizens that our recent restoration work on the footpath leading to the Barbarian town of Rellekka, North-west of Sinclair Mansion, has now been completed.
Those traders and adventurers who have been seeking access to this (slightly backwards) region of RuneScape may now do so using the provided footbridge.
The council would also like to make it's citizens aware that this large barbarian town has its own laws and customs, and those seeking fortune in these strange lands may be required to first prove their worth in The Fremennik Trials.

You can view the guide here.

Happy trails!
Tip.it staff

Treasure trails anyone? » 

So, anyone going treasure hunting this weekend? I know that I am! So I was thinking, with all these new clues, new co-ordinates etc, some of you might miss the Tip.it Treasure Locator. Long story short, if you're stuck on a clue, you should without a doubt stop by our newly updated treasure hunting guide, which also has the link to the new and improved version of the locator.

Happy hunting,
The Tip.it Staff

Where credit is due » 

I've updated users names to the new Mort Myre Quest guide who had submitted guides to me. I won't add any more, unless the guides were received before I posted this :)


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