Mail server back up! » 

Hey all!

Some of you are already aware, but our mail server has been down the last few days, thanks to our great server admins it is now back up and running. If you have tried to send us an email in the last few days, and got a message back saying that it couldn't be delivered, please send us it again! More information can be found here.

Also, I'd like to send a big thank you to all the people who have voted for Runescape at We have a good and solid lead right now, and if you all just remember to vote once a day, it shouldn't be a problem to beat the other games! YAY!

Thanks for your time, and votes! staff

Let's make Runescape rule again! » 

Hey all!

We would like to ask all runescapers out there to go to and vote for your favourite game Runescape!. We did this one year ago to get RS to the top and it’s now that time again to show the other people out there which is the best game ever.

You can vote once a day at, so if you all go there and vote & get all your friends to vote once a day. We can climb that list in no time to the top spot. This is something that will bring even more people to Runescape, which means more updates, and more worlds for us to play on, could it be any better?!

For more information, visit this thread on our forums.

Thanks for your time, and votes! staff

Legends' Quest quest guide » 

Hey all!

The last guide is (as promised) up, check out the great Legends' Quest quest guide here! We are still tweaking it a bit, but it should be generally good.

Happy questing! staff

Troll Stronghold quest guide is out. » 

Hey all!

The Troll Stronghold quest was added to Runescape a few hours ago, and guess what? We have a guide ready for you ;) Click here to view it.


The Imperial Guard's attack on Death Plateau was overrun by trolls coming from the Stronghold to the North! Dunstan's son Godric was captured and taken to the Stronghold.

If you feel brave enough, talk to Denulth and travel through Trollheim to go rescue Godric. Players with a low combat level beware, you will have to defeat some high-level trolls to complete this quest.

Happy questing! staff

Lightning resigning from tipit/runescape » 

Hiya guys

sorry to say that i have to move on. I'm not sure who be taking over after me that be Silvreion to decide. Still keep your emails coming there is a crew to deal with them and they are good :)

Love Lightning

New quest guides! » 

Hey all!

Just a quick little note to tell you that the Underground Pass quest guide is up, and also the Watch Tower quest guide! Only one more to go :)

A big thank you to Honest1 who have been so kind to assist me in the making of the Underground Pass guide, and also a big thanks to The Pure12 who made the awesome Watch Tower guide. You guys rock!

Happy questing! staff Freak Train -- ( Event) -- [Saturday] » 

After the great success and fun we had on the last Freak Train, ZidaneCT is organising another freak train for users this Saturday. If you interested in joining other members from the boards, please look on General forum for all information on what time time/location etc or here.

New quest! » 

Hey all!

Just a quick note to tell you that the new Death Plateau quest guide is up and running! If you are having trouble solving this semi-easy quest, go have a look ;) Thanks goes to Honest1, Tapdawg and Eeveon for the great guide.

However! I must warn you all that the quest guides are only if you are in need of help, it's much more fun if you try the quest yourself first.


Trolls have come down from the north and are camped on Death Plateau, they are using this base to launch attacks on the principality of Burthorpe! The Imperial Guard is taking heavy losses, they need your help!
If you are in search of adventure speak to Denulth, the leader of the Imperial Guard, in the Burthorpe training camp north of the Hero's Guild and accept the Death Plateau quest! While this is a quest completable at any level, players with a low combat level should be very cautious or they could come to a sudden and sticky end at the hands of trolls.

This update introduces the town of Burthorpe and a troll area, which is an area that we have plans to expand in future updates with some quests classed in the experienced quests bracket.

We have made some adjustments to the agility arena. More than one person can now go over the low wall at once and it doesn't take as long to use the handholds.

Some colourblind people were struggling with the new strange boxes due to them being fairly transparent, therefore they are now no longer transparent.

Happy questing! staff party » 

Hey all!
Recently, the staff of hosted a clan drop party. I couldn't get to the party, but I heard that it was great fun, and a great success.

Some pics:

For more images and information, Visit: This topic on our forums.

Thanks to all the staff who hosted the party, and the people who attended, making it wonderful!

New random events added to runescape! » 

2nd August 2004 - New Random Events!

Players may be thrilled to witness the addition of new random events today. The events you may come across in your usual routine of playing are as follows;

You might get teleported into a magical maze by some mysterious old man, but don't worry. Find the centre and you'll be released, along with a reward. The quicker you manage it, the bigger your reward! You will then be put back where you came from.

Strange Box
If you're given a Strange Box by a mysterious old man, open it and answer the easy question to receive a reward. Be warned though; if you spend too long without opening a box, or get a question wrong, they will start replicating in your inventory, so you will have more boxes to solve. You will only get a reward when you have cleared your inventory of boxes. The only way to remove a box from your inventory is to answer the question.

There's a mystical theatre hidden away which you may get teleported to. (Coincidentally enough, by an old and mysterious man). All you have to do is follow the Mime's performance by repeating his actions and you'll be released back to where you were previously along with a reward.

Note: If any mysterious old men teleport you to the maze or the mime they will do it immediately. If they instead stand there shouting your name, you should respond like normal. Ignoring old men in the hopes they will teleport you to a maze will not work.

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