Anyone for treasure hunt this weekend? » 

WHOW I'm proud to announce that Ks Jeppe and her team have worked some weeks to get you this wonderfull guide and that with help from Sir Beachy, Kossu & Tomiz she not only prepared, collected and write a guide but she also write a tool to help you find where are pointing this misterious coordinates, so dont waste no more time but jump to see what I'm talking obout ;)

  • Treasure Hunt Guide

  • Calculators Updated to Rs2 » 

    Whow this was a BIG job but finally thanks to Eeeeediot for writing all corrections and GreatSilverWyrm who made icons you can help yourself with our RS2 calculators !!

    We added 2 new calculators for: Runecrafting and Agility
    rewrite all from scratches for: Magic, Firemaking
    updated info for Herblaw

    and on all calculators added new icons, instructions and changed slightly look!

    From now on RS1 and RS2 calc are separated and you can acces all new ones from this link

  • RS2 Exp. calculators

    or from our left menu.

  • New Quest » 

    29th June 2004 - Priest In Peril Quest

    Priest In Peril Quest
    King Roald of Varrock has recently found communications with the Temple guarding the Eastern border of Misthalin have been abruptly cut off.
    Anxious that something may have happened to his close friend Drezel, he is seeking volunteers to go forth and discover what the problem may be.

    Those in search of adventure should make their way to see King Roald in Varrock palace immediately, to set forth on the Priest In Peril quest!
    Start point: Varrock Palace
    Speak to: King Roald
    Mission length: Short
    Minimum requirements: Be able to defeat a level 30 enemy
    Members only: Yes

    29th June 2004 - Easier to rearrange bank

    We've added a couple of new options to make it easier to keep the contents of your bank arranged. (if you want to.)
    1) At the bottom of the bank screen you will see 2 new buttons marked 'insert' and 'swap'.

    'Swap' mode is the mode you are used to, whereby when an item is dragged to a new slot it swaps places with the item already there. This works exactly the same way as before.

    'Insert' mode is a new option. In this mode dragging an item to a new position causes it to be inserted at that point, and everything else is moved up one space to make room. This is useful for instance if you get a new rune, and you want to place it next to your existing runes without having to manually move everything else.

    2) It is now easier to move items a long way across your bank. Now if you drag an item to the top or bottom of the bank window, the window will automatically scroll up or down for you. This makes it much easier to move items several rows at a time. (note: this particular feature has actually been online for about a week now, but wasn't mentioned before so is here for completeness.)

    New worlds » 

    25th June 2004 - 3 more game worlds online!

    The number of people playing RuneScape is still increasingly rapidly with a record 36,000 simultaneous players last night.
    To help cope with all these new players we've added another 3 game worlds. Due to popular demand we've put some of the new ones in the UK this time.

    The new servers are as follows:
    World-23: UK - free
    World-24: UK - members
    World-25: US - free


    Taken from

    Alternative Runescape Client » 

    The following was added today on

    Today we have released an updated version of our RuneScape Windows client.
    Use of this alternative client is entirely optional, and it doesn't add any extra features compared to playing through your web-browser at our website like normal. It does however allow you to play without all that browser clutter, which is particularly useful for low-memory or low-resolution machines.

    The client can be found in the new Extra Files section on the front page. Unofficial downloads from other sites may contain malware, so to keep your account safe we recommend you only get the client from

    Also Warrior and Skeleton Wallpaper is now available.
    A very detailed wallpaper featuring the RuneScape Warrior and Skeleton.

    tweaks, updates and saradomin » 

    The following were added to Runescape:

    The stone border around the edge of the game window is now narrower. This is to make the game fit better for people running at 800x600. The actual 3d view area is still the same size however. There is just less wasted space now.
    The chat scroll is now slightly brighter, to make chat easier to read.
    When you click to use an item, it now has a white outline to show that it is selected.
    Fixed several cases where using 2 objects together only worked one way around. (the order objects were clicked in made difference)
    Fixed a bug which meant the Iban-staff could be wielded at level 49, despite stating a requirement of 50.
    Fixed a couple of digsite bugs where it sometimes didn't recognise you had the required items.
    Fixed a bug with the treasure trail puzzle-box where it occasionally didn't recognise you had completed it.
    Lots of other minor changes and fixes.

    Also, Saradomin has added a new letter to the letters page, found on

    FORUM is back better then ever !!!! » 

    Finally some good news! We now have the forum working and rocking again, and this time it is on our own server so there are no more possibilities of losing valuable information because of greed that some people have.

    I wish to thank RaenonD who got the board ready and full of new tools, all the administrators, moderators and crew members who worked hard to retrieve all info and rebuild board, and will now help to get us a new and better community on new forums.

    Before we give you the link with info to the board, we wish to ask if any of you have some saved posts from the old board (mostly stories, guides and so on). If so, post it in the appropriate forum or send by private message to a forum moderator.

    Also if you have time, please send an email to [email protected] asking them to return the database with all posts and private information that they wish to destroy so that they can sell domain without remorse after thousands of hours all the users of scapeboard invested to create that content, and that we on tip worked hard to preserve.

    Thanks and now we are glad to announce that we are officially open

    You can always get to the the Forum by clicking the link right at the top of the page and in the menu at right side of this page.

    Have fun, make friends and let's show those guys at Servage that we are the soul of community and that this domain name is nothing without the people who created it!

    Your Staff

    Warning - fake emails » 

    17th June 2004 - Warning - fake emails

    It has come to our attention that a number of our players are receiving fake emails claiming to be from Jagex, offering players the chance to apply to be player moderators.
    Remember, Jagex does NOT send out emails to players EVER! If we want to send you a message we instead send it to your message-centre here on this website, and then notify you about it next time you login to the game.

    We have our own message centre system and so have no reason to use email to contact you! Email is fundamentally insecure and easy to forge which is why we never ever use it to contact players.

    If you are a player and you receive any email from us, it doesn't matter how genuine it looks, or what it says, you should always assume it is a fake!

    Please do NOT under any circumstances reply to these emails, just delete them immediately, they are not from Jagex and are an attempt to steal account passwords.

    Taken from

    14th June Updates » 

    New In-Game Player Moderators

    We are very pleased to announce today the launch of In-Game Player Moderators!
    These moderators are trusted RuneScape players who have been hand-picked by Jagex Staff to help keep the game a fun and safe environment for everyone else. As well as being normal players, they also have the privilege of sending in priority abuse reports, and can also mute players who are breaking our chat rules.

    Special Attacks

    Special Attacks
    Today we have introduced some special attacks to a variety of members only weapons.
    The dragon weapons, excalibur, rune throwing axes and magic bows now all have different special attacks. There are many types of special attacks, from temporary boosts in stats, to strikes dealing extra damage. For full details see this page.

    In the combat interfaces of these weapons you will now notice a new special attack bar. If you click on the bar, then your character will initiate a special attack and use up some of your special attack power.
    Different special attacks use up different amounts of power. If you do not have enough power for a special attack, then you can't do it. Your special attack power will slowly restore over time.

    Expect more types of special attacks on future weapons.

    Mining and thieving from stalls

    In Runescape Classic, if two people managed to get ore from a rock at exactly the same time, or steal something at the exact same time from a stall then they would both get it. This previously didn't happen in Runescape, making it much harder to gain resources in competitive situations. We have now changed it so both people will get the resources.

    Treasure trail clues

    Two more npc types now drop treasure trail clues; happy hunting!

    Strange fruit

    Strange fruit now heals more run energy than it did previously.

    New Bug Reporting System

    We have changed the way we are handling player reported bugs in order to more swiftly investigate and fix them.
    The correct way to report RuneScape bugs now is to use the 'Bug reporting' section of the Customer Support menu (accessible via the Secure Menu). Here you can select the type of bug you are reporting and complete a form which will give our testers all the information they need to investigate the problem.

    Within the Bug reporting section you will also be able to view the list of currently known bugs and their current status. You should check this list before sending in a bug report to make sure it's not an issue we are already aware of.

    We have removed the bug forums on the RuneScape Forums and the bug categories within the Feedback section of Customer Support, as these are no longer needed.

    Hopefully you won't need to use this section of the website very often! If you do come across a bug though, please give as much detail as possible. The more information you provide, the quicker we can track down and fix the problems.

    All news taken from

    agility improved and bug fixes » 

    8th June 2004 - Agility improved and bug fixes

    Today we updated agility to be twice as effective at helping you restore your run energy. The previous effect wasn't very noticable so it's been improved. It now decreases the restore time by approximately 50% more than it did previously, so should hopefully be a bit more worthwhile now.
    We also fixed the following bugs:

    Fixed a bug with fishing, where the animation didn't always run in the right place, and where large crowds in one place made the fish vanish.
    Made random-event npcs appear on top of other players in crowded situations so you don't accidently miss them.
    Fixed a bug with the chat/friendlist sometimes failing to work reliably if you tried to use them and smith at the same time.
    Fixed a bug which caused the client to ocassionally lock up.
    Fixed a bug with the welcome screen sometimes displaying the wrong message.
    Fixed a bug with the cinematic camera scenes sometimes pointing at the wrong height
    Lots of other minor fixes


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