New members servers online! » 

7th June 2004 - Two new members worlds online

We had a record number of concurrent players last weekend - over 30,000 people playing at once! And the percentage of members was higher than ever.
Thanks to everyone for supporting the game. To celebrate, and to prevent overcrowding we are pleased to put two new members worlds online. This now gives members a choice of eight different locations to connect to.

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The Freak Train » 

Posted on the behalf of ZidaneCT.

The Freak Train was originally created by Rsn Lead, and became a tradition. I've hosted these before, but this will be the first real Freak Train in RS2. A lot of you haven't attended one before, so let me explain what it is..

The Freak Train is an event where a bunch of people go to the Make Over Mage, and all change their appearance to all match each other. We then all line up in a train, and we go around Runescape, confusing and amazing people. It's fun to watch people's reaction to the train, and we have fun traveling around Runescape in the process. We end up at Edgeville, and we bank, then we head into the wild. This time will we all equip with bows and arrows and we'll range people in large numbers. Wooo! The wild trip section is always fun! It's a fun and interesting event.

Here's all the details you'll need:

Date: Sunday, June 6, 2004
Time: 5pm EST, 4pm CST, 2pm PST, 10pm GMT
Server: 15 (F2P)
Location: Make Over Mage (Near Crafting Guild)

Attire: Freak Train costume to be announced at event
What To Bring: 5k to change into costume/hair dresser/clothes bow/crossbow and arrows/bolts for wild
Notes: Read below

So, while the administration is working hard to get our board back up, let's all gather up as a site and a community and have some fun. We really need to have some spirit. I'll be hosting this, with a help from a few friends. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via “ElMateoCT” on AOL or ZidaneCT on Runescape. We'll be hosting more events while we wait, a KBD trip will probably also be soon.

Hope to see you all there.

Site updates » 

Just added a few more Runescape Quest Guides for you.
Them being:
Goblin Diplomacy
Prince Ali Rescue
Elemental Workshop site updates » 

Some new files uploaded for you, thanks to the Tipit Crew and Users.

New files are:
Fire Making Guide
Crafting Guide
Herblore Guide
Agility Guide
Cooking Guide
Magic Guide
Mining Maps

Also corrected I hope the
Smithing Tables thanks to Eeveon and Kurse and also uploaded a few more Quest guides. Please excuse any dead links on new files as we are still working on some files.

Regarding the downtime of Forums
Work is in progess on new forums and hope to have New Forums up soonish.
Thank you all for your patience in this matter.

updates » 

1st June 2004 - New game update system

Today we have replaced the update system that RuneScape uses to grab updates from the server.
The new system has 3 main advantages:

1) Whilst this update will take a while to load, It will make all future updates much faster to download, up to 10x faster. Before if we updated a model the game redownloaded the entire model pack, now it just grabs the changed ones. You won't really see this improvement until our next update though, because for this update your system has to get all the models in the new incremental format.

2) For non-essential files the game will now let you login and start playing even whilst they are still downloading! For instance you can login before all the models have arrived, and if the game needs one it will just quickly fetch it as necessary. This means new players coming into the game can get started much quicker. However if you prefer everything to be 100% ready before login, then just wait for the "extra files" counter on the title-screen to reach 100% before logging in.

3) The game now prefetches maps & music whilst you are playing, so when entering a new area for the first time there will be less of a delay for the map to load, and the music to start. Again you won't really see the benefit of this straight away because currently your computer will be missing quite a lot of files, but once you have fully downloaded the current update you should experience much shorter delays in the future

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Well that's all good, but what we really want is content updates." Don't worry we have a new quest just around the corner, which we will release as soon as we are confident the new update system is running smoothly for everyone. There's a lot of new code here, so we just want to be certain it's working properly first.


1st June 2004 - Friends List Hiscores

We have made some further improvements to the Hiscores system in addition to those made last week, with the introduction of a new way to see the hiscores.
Now when logging into the secure area of the site you can see a special set of hiscore tables with only you and your friends names in them, making it easier than ever to see how close you are to beating your friends in a skill.

You now have the perfect excuse to delete everyone on your friends list who is better than you and be the best in your circle of friends... unless everyone else you know does the same thing!


Boards are shut » 

Due to they have been comprised again and i'm tried of not having full access to sort this kind of problem out.

So the plan is currently that we are moving. I hope that we open boards up on server but for this to happen i need Silverion back online ;) and he is slightly unavailable at present but will be back with us soon. I will keep you informed as soon as we have discused what is going to happen.
I hope it will not be too long before boards are back online.

Sorry for any inconvince caused.

New rs2 quest and Scapeboard guides section » 

18th May 2004 - Big Chompy Bird Hunting

City life doesn't suit everyone, which is why Rantz and the rest of his ogre family have set up residence on the east coast in a cosy little cave with a nice view of the sea.
However, independence comes at a cost. There's no more easy meals for the family and they currently have a hankering for Chompy Bird, a favourite delicacy of ogres.
Rantz is keen to start the Chompy Bird hunting season, but can't get started. He's all fingers and thumbs when it comes to making ogre arrows for his huge ogre bow.
Is there someone kind and experienced enough with fletching to go help him and his starving family?

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We have introduced a guides forum to scapeboard, which the crew will post guides as soon as they get them, so if you are looking for a guide which isn't on yet, try looking there. Once the guides are uploaded to our site, they will be removed from that particular area.

This is part of our plan to get guides to the public quicker, and not having to wait for uploads, etc.

Any questions should be directed to myself, any scapeboard admins or another crew member.

Dueling update » 

Rangers now get arrows back from duels. Previously when a duel ended a ranger would be teleported out, leaving all the arrows they had fired on the ground.
Now they get the arrows put back in their inventory at the end instead.
New duel options

Flower power - Duelists must fight each other wielding flowers.
No Jewellery - Have a duel where you can't use amulets or rings.
This option was put in as these objects can still be used if you select no weapons and no armour.

People were commenting that the fire giants under the waterfall were getting overcrowded; they will be happy to know the giants have now increased in numbers there.


Planned Downtime » 

7th May 2004 - Planned downtime

On the morning of Monday 10th May, we will be updating our entire web architecture. This will mean a necessary period of downtime for all of our web systems.

This includes the main page, customer support and the game itself. The game and the main page should only be down for a few minutes, however customer support may be down for a little longer. Once our systems have been updated we will, as ever start answering your queries as soon as possible.

These updates should not effect most of you, however if on monday morning you do notice that the game is down please do not send us any queries as we are aware that there are updates in progress.

The above information was taken from the Costumer Support section.

More Bank Space! » 

Bigger bank space
As promised we have now increased the size of your bank accounts. We have increased the size of both free and members banks by 25%. So free users get another 12 slots and members get another 48.
Treasure trails
Today we have released treasure trails into RuneScape. Various npcs on members servers will now ocassionaly drop random clues.

Each clue points to the location of another random clue. Solve enough clues (and maybe face one or two other challenges) and you will eventually find treasure, which could be anything from food or weapons to various rare items which can only be found on treasure trails.

Stronger monsters will tend to drop harder clues which will tend to lead towards more valuable treasure. Be warned the hardest clues are very tricky indeed.

You can't be on more than one treasure trail at once. If you have a clue, npcs won't drop more clues until you solve the trail you are on, or you abandon the trail by dropping your current clue.

Treasure clue are a fairly rare drop. A similar sort of rarity to low level gems, although not necessarily on the same monsters. If you just keep playing normally you will get them as a pleasant suprise from time to time.

Good luck and happy treasure hunting!

Faster herblaw secondary ingredients respawns.
Various players have pointed out to us the spawn rate of certain herblaw ingredients had slowed down. So we have sped them up. You should be able to get your snape grass, white berries and jangerberries nice and quickly.

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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