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We had a few problems over the last few months over copyright and some naughty users trying to sell our work :) They actually have printed a book and tryed to sell it on the net..
Because of these problems we are reviewing the way we copyright work both from users and staff here.

From now if you send information into us espcially guides/quests/maps/imgs they will automatically go under tip.it copyright. Now if a user plans to use his work on any other site, this isnt a problem providing you tell me in the email that it will be used elsewhere as well. It is mainly for the protection of some users work and our own as well and also to stop bad users making money from users hard work! as well as our own.

If you unsure about the copyright and want to send some work in etc, then please contact me and i will explain furthur.

To all users that want to copy work from this site, you will have to ask for permission first from myself or Silverion. We do keep a record of who has permission for what. Main reason for this is cause we have alot fake sites pop up sometimes and I have the awful job as well as my admins to chase them down and shut them down. This is mainly cause alot of fake sites do have unwanted material on them and aint safe to use. We wouldn't want our users to get caught out as they have done in the past.

It has come to my attention more than once to often recently that users from both this site and other sites have been sending in emails on guides/quests etc that in fact BELONG to another site! We do NOT copy any other sites work. If you repeatly send in copyed work from other sites then you will be facing a ban from this site.
Please make sure that your work is 100 percent your own before sending it in. Thank you.

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Hiya All

Sorry been away and busy and stuff. The Tip.it Crew are busy still updating files and I will add them as soon as they are done.

As you see the left hand Nav Bar has slightly changed. It now has Runescape (rs2) and Runescape Classic (rs1). This is a temproy fix for users until we have enough files done to work on a new layout.

Some files you may find link to old rs1, such as cals or tables, these will be updated as soon as possible as well.

Next we hope to have a few more skill files done for next update, also hopefully if i can do it :) new monster database for rs2 and Item data base, not forgeting also we still got to do Shops! lol.

Just like to take this moment to say Thanks to all those that sent in information and also to the Tip.It Crew for thier patience with me.

I am very sorry that I am still well behind on reading emails and replying to them. I will try to catch up with them soon.

Thanks to all of you for your patience in waiting for updates here and please do still keep sending information in.

Enchanting Rings » 

From Runescape.com

Members may now enchant your rings.
Just use the enchanting spells which you used on your amulets to give your rings the following exciting new abilitys.

lvl 7 - Enchanted Sapphire Ring - Ring of Recoil

Deals 10% of the damage inflicted on the wearer back at their attacker. (After 40 damage has been dealt in this way the Ring is destroyed.)
lvl 27 - Enchanted Emerald Ring - Ring of Dueling

When activated it teleports the wearer to the Duel Arena. (8 uses and then the Ring is destroyed, has the same restrictions as the teleport spells ie doesn't work past level 20 wilderness etc)
lvl 49 - Enchanted Ruby Ring - Ring of Forging

Increases the chance of succesfully smelting Iron Ore. (100% success rate, 140 uses.)
lvl 57 - Enchanted Diamond Ring - Ring of Life

When the wearer takes damage which causes their hits to falls below 10%, but which doesn't actually kill them, they are automatically teleported to Lumbridge and the ring is destroyed. (Has the same restrictions as the amulet of glory teleports ie doesn't work past level 30 wilderness, doesn't work in the duelling arena etc)
lvl 68 - Enchanted Dragonstone Ring - Ring of Wealth

The wearer has a greater chance of getting a rare item drop when they kill a monster.

Other changes
Many players commented that stringing bows gave less than half the xp that it did in Runescape classic. We have now changed this so stringing bows now gives the same xp that it used to.

We have also put in the warning to players when entering the widerness

The Underground Pass » 

From www.runescape.com
Today we have released the massive and extremely sinister Underground Pass quest.
For people not familiar with this quest, it is the 3rd quest in an ongoing storyline following the Plague City and Biohazard quests. Once you have completed the Biohazard quest speak to King Lathas of Ardougne to begin the adventure.

For people who have finished this quest, this update also opens up some popular combat training areas, and the ability to get and recharge the staff of Iban.

This is the final piece of content which needed to be converted from RuneScape Classic. This means that the rest of our development staff can now be assigned to writing brand new game content.

We are now able to begin working on part four of this storyline, which is amongst the many other features listed in our "Upcoming Runescape updates" which we posted on the 31st of March.

Today's update also includes a new filter option for public-chat. By pressing the 'public-chat' button at the bottom left of the game client a few times, you can now choose the new 'hide' mode. In this new mode public-chat will appear above nearby players heads, but will not appear in the bottom message box. This is particularly useful if you find your message box is getting flooded with nearby chat, but you don't want to block out what nearby people are saying entirely.

Worried about your secuirty and viruses? » 

Due to the increasing of viruses and secruity issues have numbered over the years. We have decided that we will be adding a new section for users, that will have free programs to use.

If you are worried at any time that you maybe infected by a virus/trojan or just simply want to check that your ports are closed, heres a few links that will help you to ease your minds :)

They are the orginal programs and fully checked out by myself and Admins here.

Check out the new Tip.it Security Centre

1. Free online "Housecall" virus scanner.
2. Current security updates by "SecurityNews.net."
3. Worldwide virus map by "TrendMicro."

As you will see it is not hosted under tip.it server but will be i hope next week when i update the site. It is currently being hosted by one of my Admins.

Item Mover » 

14th April 2004 - Moving items off RS-classic

A large number of players have told us they originally moved their items back to RS-classic, but have now changed their mind, and having tried the update a bit longer, have decided they now wish to play the new RuneScape after all.
Therefore we decided to give you one last chance to make your mind up about where you want your items, and have created a second mover that lets you move your items back to the main RuneScape game.

If you wish to do this then press the 'account management' button on our front web-page, then login, and finally choose 'RuneScape Item Transfers' at the bottom right, to move your items.

This feature is also temporary, and is just for the people who have changed their mind, and want to play the new game after all. This page will be removed in a few days time, since we do not want to leave the games linked. If you want to move your items, then do so now. This is the last chance to do so.

smithing & crafting info » 

Smithable objects guide
Written by Danesi

Lvl requirements are missing (marked with ???). (** stands for members object).


Bronze Bars;1;6.25
Bronze Dagger;1;12.5
Bronze Axe;1;12.5
Bronze Mace;2;12.5
Bronze medium Helm;3;12.5
Bronze Sword;4;12.5
** Bronze 10 Dart Tips;4;12.5
** Bronze Wire;4;12.5
Bronze Scimitar;5;25
** Bronze 15 Arrow Heads;5;12.5
Bronze Long Sword;6;25
Bronze Full Helm;7;25
** Bronze 5 Throwing Knives;7;12.5
Bronze Square Shield;8;25
Bronze Warhammer;9;37.5
Bronze Battle Axe;10;37.5
Bronze Chain Body;11;37.5
Bronze Kite Shield;12;37.5
Bronze 2 Handed Sword;14;37.5
Iron Bars;15;12.5
Iron Dagger;15;25
Bronze Plate Skirt;16;37.5
Bronze Plate Legs;16;37.5
Iron Axe;16;25
Iron Mace;17;25
Bronze Plate Body;18;62.5
Iron medium Helm;18;25
Iron Sword;19;25
** Iron 10 Dart Tips;19;25
Iron Scimitar;20;50
Silver Bars;20;13.5
** Iron 15 Arrow Heads;20;25
Iron Long Sword;21;50
Iron Full Helm;22;50
** Iron 5 Throwing Knives;22;25
Iron Square Shield;23;50
Iron Warhammer;24;75
Iron Battle Axe;25;75
Iron Chain Body;26;75
Iron Kite Shield;27;75
Iron 2 Handed Sword;29;75
Steel Bars;30;17.5
Steel Dagger;30;37.5
** Steel Cannonball;???;???
Iron Plate Skirt;31;75
Iron Plate Legs;31;75
Steel Axe;31;37.5
Steel Mace;32;37.5
Iron Plate Body;33;125
Steel medium Helm;33;37.5
Steel Sword;34;37.5
Steel 2 Steel Nails;34;37.5
** Steel 10 Dart Tips;34;37.5
Steel Scimitar;35;75
** Steel 15 Arrow Heads;35;37.5
Steel Long Sword;36;75
Steel Full Helm;37;75
** Steel 5 Throwing Knives;37;37.5
** Steel Studs;???;37.5
Steel Square Shield;38;75
Steel Warhammer;39;112.5
Steel Battle Axe;40;112.5
Steel Chain Body;41;112.5
Steel Kite Shield;42;112.5
Steel 2 Handed Sword;44;112.5
Steel Plate Skirt;46;112.5
Steel Plate Legs;46;112.5
Steel Plate Body;48;187.5
Gold Bars;40;22.5
** Gold Bowl;???;???
Mithril Bars;50;30
Mithril Dagger;50;50
Mithril Axe;51;50
Mithril Mace;52;50
Mithril medium Helm;53;50
Mithril Sword;54;50
** Mithril 10 Dart Tips;54;50
Mithril Scimitar;55;100
** Mithril 15 Arrow Heads;55;50
Mithril Long Sword;56;100
Mithril Full Helm;57;100
** Mithril 5 Throwing Knives;57;50
Mithril Square Shield;58;100
Mithril Warhammer;59;150
Mithril Battle Axe;60;150
Mithril Chain Body;61;150
Mithril Kite Shield;62;150
Mithril 2 Handed Sword;64;150
Mithril Plate Skirt;66;150
Mithril Plate Legs;66;150
Mithril Plate Body;68;250
Adam Bars;70;37.5
Adam Dagger;70;62.5
Adam Axe;71;62.5
Adam Mace;72;62.5
Adam medium Helm;73;62.5
Adam Sword;74;62.5
** Adam 10 Dart Tips;74;62.5
Adam Scimitar;75;125
** Adam 15 Arrow Heads;75;62.5
Adam Long Sword;76;125
Adam Full Helm;77;125
** Adam 5 Throwing Knives;77;62.5
Adam Square Shield;78;125
Adam Warhammer;79;187.5
Adam Battle Axe;80;187.5
Adam Chain Body;81;187.5
Adam Kite Shield;82;187.5
Adam 2 Handed Sword;84;187.5
Rune Bars;85;50
Rune Dagger;85;75
Adam Plate Skirt;86;187.5
Adam Plate Legs;86;187.5
Rune Axe;86;75
Rune Mace;87;75
Adam Plate Body;88;312.5
Rune medium Helm;88;75
Rune Sword;89;75
** Rune 10 Dart Tips;89;75
Rune Scimitar;90;150
** Rune 15 Arrow Heads;90;75
Rune Long Sword;91;150
Rune Square Shield;92;150
** Rune 5 Throwing Knives;92;75
Rune Full Helm;93;150
Rune Warhammer;???;225
Rune Battle Axe;95;225
Rune Chain Body;96;225
Rune Kite Shield;97;225
Rune 2 Handed Sword;99;225
Rune Plate Skirt;99;225
Rune Plate Legs;99;225
Rune Plate Body;99;375


Crafting exp update info:
Thanks to, i need equip

pie dish 15xp
pot 6xp
bowl 18xp

Update: I forgot to mention that the crafting changes are for soft clay.

Notes info » 

As you can see, these last couple of days, I've been posting little notes of information that may be useful or interesting to read, such as talisman drop info and Drop Lists. Anyways, If anyone wishes to make a droplist of anything I havnt posted here or wants to submit any results of trips (trawler trip for example), then Private Message me the information on Scapeboards, and I could post the info here, giving you credit, of course lol.

As far as emails are concerned,
Uhmm... I get hundreds of emails daily, in my Tip.it inbox, more than half of which, are Spam and Virus emails, so the best way to get your information to the tip.it crew, is to Private Message it to one of the Crew members on Scapeboards. Also, im going to be on Vacation for 2weeks, starting on Wednesday, so if you email me within that time, chances are I WONT see it.. since i'll probably go over my account limit.

Take it easy and happy runescaping,

More info » 

Heres some more info which i've found browing scapeboard, and talking to people in Runescape.

Shadow Warriors Drop List
By: Neo Mario
Written By: Neo Kirby

Bones (all the time)
Herbs (Kuarm, Marantil, Harrlander, Guam, Tarromin, Candatine, Dwarf Weed, Irit Leaf)
Coins (8-16)
1 Dragon Spear (rare)
Uncut Gems (All)
1 Left Half of Dragon Square (rare)
1 Chaos Talisman
45 Air Runes
2 Blood Runes
2 Death Runes
3 Cosmic Runes
1 Black Long Swords
1 Black Dagger (p)
Rune Javalins (5) (uncommon)
1 Adaminite Spear
1 Mithril Bar
1 Black Knife
1 Weapon Poison (1 dose)

Only found in Legends Guild. The shadow warriors are a good choice monster for drops, although from my personal experience, they are crowded ~ Swifty.

Chaos Talisman info: It seems that a popular choice for Chaos Talisman drops is... The Chaos Druid! Yup, this lower lvled NPC has been reported to be dropping the talisman quite alot.

Cosmic Talisman info: Hmmm.. well it seems that alot of people are getting their Cosmic Talismans from caskets. For those who don't know, Caskets are obtained when fishing with big nets and are a members only object. Mysterious Old man has also been reported to hand these out (random event).

Nature Talisman info: It is now being reported that Ice Giants are dropping these, as well as Moss Giants! Skeletons and HobGoblins are also being reported to drop them.

Ill try and get some more info soon!

talisman drop info, and more! » 

since it's a little hard for me to get this info into pages atm, ill update the news regulary with any info I can get my hands onto, hehe.

Earth Warrior droplist
Written by vmser

Earth rune (12 or 60)
Law rune (2)
Nature rune (3)
Blood rune (2)
Chaos rune (3)
Death rune (2)
Staff of earth
Key half
Chaos talisman
Steel spear

Vmser also noted that he got 3 Chaos Talisman drops in over 6000 Earth Warrior kills.

I can confirm that Fire Giants drop chaos talismans, and friends of mine confirm that lvl 45 Skeletons drop them too.

Chaos Druid droplist
Written by vmser

Bones (allways)

Law rune (2)
Air rune (36)
Earth rune (9)
Vial of water
Snape grass
Unholy mould
Half Key
Bronze Long

Some people have mentioned that the druids have dropped cosmic talismans, but I have NO confirmed drops of that so far. Mysterious Man, however, is known to give cosmic runes to some lucky people ~ confirmed by vmser. Chaos Druids drop chaos talismans ~ confirmed by kornflakes.

Nature Talismans are dropped by Moss Giants most commonly. This has been confirmed by several people.

Click Here To visit a topic on our forums, which people are posting which NPCs dropped their Talismans.

Ill try add some more info on RS2 droplists, etc soon.

Updated: Chaos druid drops long sword, NOT spear, and we have confirmed that Chaos druids DO drop chaos talismans. Added Nature talisman drop info.

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