RS2 Update and Bank notes added! » 

10th February 2004 - More RS2 Quests + Fixes

Today we have made many more changes and additions to Runescape 2.
We have added the following quests
Scorpion Catcher
Sheep Herder

We have added the rest of the wilderness including the mage arena and the wilderness agility course.

You can now craft cosmic runes, nature runes and chaos runes. If you can find the rare talismans to do so.

We added some fun new features to the Seers Village party hall.

We have sped up the following aspects of game play
Eating food
Drinking potions
Death animations

We shrunk the chat font so you can see more text at once.

Made 'attack' a left-click option for weaker npcs and a right-click option for stronger npcs

Made the chat messages above the players heads automatically try to avoid overlapping each other

Added bank notes (see today's other news post)

We have fixed the following bugs:

Fixed: If you dropped your fishing equipment your fishing animation would continue anyway
Fixed: When putting dwarf weed into a vial you were told you were adding Tarromin
Fixed: You could walk on the water near the observatory
Fixed: You couldn't open the chests in Ardougne castle
Fixed: The circle of stone in monks friend didn't show up in low detail mode
Fixed: The crafting xp quest reward for murder mystery was too high
Fixed: There were some none stackable coins in Varrock bank vault
Fixed: Once players had completed the grand tree quest they couldn't access the area under the tree
Fixed: You could get a negative weight bonus from boots of lightness without wearing them
Fixed: Various quest items were tradeable when they weren't meant to be
Fixed: Finishing the watch tower quest didn't work properly
Fixed: You could only fish when you were right next to the fishing spot
Fixed: The roof of the north Ardougne bank didn't line up correctly
FIxed: The unholy symbol of Zamorak didn't have any stats bonuses
Fixed: The Ardougne teleport used up 3 water runes instead of 2
Fixed: You could walk in mid air by going up a ladder from the wrong side in Ardougne windmill
Fixed: The doors under the waterfall were called waterfall_ledge_door_right and waterfall_ledge_door_left
Fixed: The climbing shortcut out of Yanille didn't work properly
Fixed: Cannons and cannonballs were untradable
Fixed: The agility areas were not giving enough xp
Fixed: The make over mage caused you to lose your beard when changing your skin colour
Fixed: There was a copy of brother Cedric wandering the Khazard battlefield
Fixed: It was possible to attack fishing spots with magic
Fixed: Your character would only attempt to get rune essence once, but would continue the mining animation anyway
Fixed: If you put a cat on a table it would appear as just a head
Fixed: Teleporting to the rune essence from the magic guild took you back to the wizards tower
Fixed: You could not get out the southwest entrance of Ardougne Zoo
Fixed: Fishing/mining animation clipping problems
Fixed: Routefinding around end of bridges
Fixed: Bug with bank screen contents overflowing over the edge of the interface
Fixed: Bug with players sometimes going invisible after a reconnect
Fixed: Several bugs which stopped some scenary animations working properly
Fixed: Tower guards dropped big bones
Fixed: Monks friend quest did not go green when completed
Fixed: You could get 200 worms at once when pickpocketing gnomes
Fixed: With many agility pipes, you were told were already being used whenever you tried to go through them.
Fixed: Your character would only attempt to get shark or lobster once, but would continue the fishing animation anyway

10th February 2004 - Bank Notes!

As you know we originally planned to add bank-to-bank trading to RS2, but we decided to change it because we didn't want to cause a huge bank overcrowding problem. Just imagine all the players from world-1 varrock market, all crammed into one little bank, so they can bank-trade and you'll see the problem!
Today we launched a new improved 'bank note' system instead. Which still takes all the tediousness out of using certs and doesn't cause horrible crowding problems.

In RuneScape 2 when you withdraw items you can specify if you want them as an item or as a note, and it's a simple as that. So for example you can convert all the coal in your bank into 'coal notes' in one go, as you withdraw it! And when you put them back in your bank or sell them to a shop they automatically become items again. It's really very quick and easy to use

We've called them 'notes' instead of 'certs' because they aren't quite the same. The main difference is 1 note = 1 item (not 5). So for example: 1 coal note = 1 coal. This is so you aren't restricted to only trading in multiples of 5.

Also it is now possible to get notes for ALL tradeable non-stacking items, so for example you can get 'potion notes' and 'log notes' also.

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Also, to the people on Runevillage who keep telling me, that im not really me.. please stop lol. We're all amigo's arn't we?

Lol, take it easy,

Random events! » 

Since the most recent Rs2 update, there have been strange reports of mysterious things happening in the Rs2 world. Things such as a Mysterious Man popping up and giving you and item before teleporting away. Other things include lvl 170 Water Trolls attacking you whilst fishing, Rock Golems attacking you, lvl 200 Watchmen attacking, Swarms attacking, Rocks exploding and much more!

Jagex obviously didn't tell anybody about this update. Some people like it, some don't.

For more information,
Visit this post on our forums, which includes alot of information and pictures!!!
Random Events discussion

Rs2 Bugfixes 6 » 

February 2004 - RS2 bugfixes - part 6

Today we fixed the following bugs:
Fixed: asking how you are doing in the archery competition when you are on zero points crashed this game
Fixed: If players shot archery targets from the wrong spot they could shoot the target indefinitely
Fixed: Protect from missiles didn't work on some ranged NPCs
Fixed: Equipped throwing axes appeared to float next to characters when they were walking
Fixed: Shrimps and Sardines caught on the trawler - were already cooked
Fixed: Sometimes the loading progress bar went backwards
Fixed: Trading was a left click option on players
Fixed: The level requirements on the monkey bars were wrong
Fixed: The legends guild guards misinformed you about quests you needed to complete
Fixed: You could swim around on land when teleporting from the sunk trawler to Lumbirdge
Fixed: Zamorak robe bottoms are examinable as Zamorak robe bottoms
Fixed: Some fences to the south of Ardougne had a climb option which did nothing
Fixed: The fishing competition became uncompletable on some servers
Fixed: You could sometimes walk through walls to get into the hero's guild
Fixed: NPCs would leave combat to tell another player to stop stealing from a stall
Fixed: The necromancer's summoned zombies weren't attacking players
Fixed: Trading with a player when your inventory was too full caused objects to fall on the ground

Huge RS2 Update » 

2nd February 2004 - Huge Runescape 2 update

Today we have done a huge update for Runescape 2
Many newly converted areas including:

Tree gnome stronghold
Ogre country
The Khazard Battlefield
More jungle areas
The rest of the desert
The barbarian outpost (now moved to north of the waterfall)
The northeast of the wilderness
The Fishing guild
Yanille Dungeon
Gnome Ball

Many newly converted quests.

Clock tower
Dwarf cannon
Fight arena
Grand Tree
Hazeel Cult
Holy Grail
Jungle potion
Monks friend
Plague city
Temple of Ikov
Tourist trap
Waterfall quest

Many animations, no longer cause unnecessary additional delays in game play. In 1 or 2 cases we have even removed an animation entirely. Things which we have speeded up with this update include.

Picking objects up
Dropping object
Using spinning wheels
Cooking on fires and ranges
Grain picking
Potato Picking
Glass making
Bone Burying
Opening cupboards and chests
Chest thieving
Ladder and stairs climbing

None of the above no longer take any more time than in Runescape 1.
We will be continue to be making adjustments on various aspects of the game such as the above. Our intention is certainly not to make the game slower.
We are continuing to add sounds to many aspects of the game.
We have fixed a number of bugs which we shall detail shortly in another news item.

Rs2 progress report » 

31st January 2004 - RS2 progress report

We appreciate how patient everyone has been in the wait for RS2. The Beta has gone well and we have been fixing bugs at a rapid rate.
We want to let you know that:

There will be a very large update to RS2 early next week where we hope to get most (but not quite all) the remaining quests and map online.

We have also been working hard to tweak RS2 on the basis of your feedback. For instance we've been working to make sure the nice graphics and animations don't get in the way of the actual game. This means reducing the delay/lag on lots of animations, and removing a few annoying animations entirely - so things like cooking, taking items, dropping items, and other skills, are much faster to do (no longer slower to do than rs1). You will see some of these changes in next weeks update, and they really help the game flow a lot better.

We are still on target for the full launch of RS2. We are hoping to be ready at the start of March. This is not yet written in stone however we wanted to let you know what sort of time frame we are working to here.

It is now 100% certain that we WILL keep RS1 running past the RS2 launch. We understand that some people don't like us changing things, so RS1 will be kept for those people, and we'll try to resist updating/changing it! RS2 will meanwhile continue to be updated on a regular basis for the people who do like updates.

Here's the current plan for how running the 2 games together will work This may be revised slightly depending on the feedback we get:

1) When we do the full RS2 launch in March, the beta accounts will be discarded. And there will be a once only copy of all RS1 save-games to both RS1 and RS2. So at this point you will have the same stats and items in both games. After that you can continue to play on whichever you prefer.

2) You will use the same username+password to play either RS1 or RS2. Also the friends list will be linked between the 2 games, so it will even be possible to continue talking to friends who are playing on the other game. Players who have members subscriptions will receive member benefits in BOTH games for their payment. Creating a new free account will also automatically create a profile in both games.

3) Items/levels gained in one version of the game will not affect the other one. We are currently planning on having seperate hiscore tables for the two games.

The Jagex Development Team

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Thanks to Pyderz.

Important Changes » 

29th January 2004 - Important Changes

We are happy to report that the maintenance operations and enhancements we have been carrying out to the website are now complete. We have made some important changes to the way that you manage your RuneScape account and password, and also how we communicate with you.

No More Email
As of now, Jagex will NEVER send you email - all replies to queries that you send to us in will placed in your message centre, which you access as before by logging in to the secure area of our website. We don't even send email reminders anymore.

Therefore if you do receive ANY email that appears to be from us, then you should assume it is a fake and ignore it.

Password Support

Password Support used to be provided using email, with us giving you a new password and emailing it to you. Since we no longer send email, the Password Support process has changed.

Now, when you fill in the password support form, we ask you to choose a new password in advance, and give you a unique 'tracker id'. Using this tracker id allows you to view the status of your password support request directly from the Customer Support area of our website.

Since we don't contact you when we have processed your request, it is up to you to check the status of your password support request from our website using the tracker id. When Customer Support has finished processing your request, you will be able to see the final decision (request accepted or declined).

Changing your Password and Recovery Details

We have moved changing your password and changing your recovery details from within the game into the secure area of our website.

When you log-in to the secure area of the website, you will see that the secure menu will show you when you last updated your password, recovery details and contact details and provides links for you to update this information.

You will also notice that the secure menu gives you other useful infomation, such as the number of unread messages you have in your inbox and (if you are a member) what is new on the forums since your last visit and how much membership credit you have.

Rules Updated

Lastly, we have changed our rules slightly to make them clearer. There are no 'new' rules, we are simply making sure that everyone fully understands our current rules. You can see our rules by clicking through 'Rules and Security' on our front page.

Website Maintenance Continues » 

28th January 2004 - Essential Maintenance

Today we will be carrying out some essential maintenance and enhancements to the RuneScape Website.
This will mean that you will not be able to log-in to the secure area of our website for a short time.

This maintenance should only take a couple of hours, and we appreciate your patience during this time.

The Jagex Web Team

28th January 2004 - Maintenance Continues

We regret that the maintenance and enhancements that we are making to our website are taking longer than expected.
We estimate that the secure area of the website and forums will be re-available from 13:00 GMT on Thursday.

Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience that this causes - we are working hard to bring our systems back online as soon as we can.

Both the RS1 and RS2 games themselves, are still available.

Information taken from the Website
Thanks to cameron1987 for information.

More RS2 updates! » 

21st January 2004 - More RS2 Updates

Today we have uploaded a number of updates for Runescape 2.
These include:
Map areas
We have uploaded more of Kandarin, including the east side of East Ardougne, Hemenster and Port Khazard.

New Runescape 2 area - Rangers' Guild
New to Runscape 2 - just east of Hemenster comes the Rangers' Guild, complete with new shops, a training area and an archery target mini game.

3 quests and a mini game
We have now uploaded the Hero's quest, Tribal totem , the fishing competition and the trawler mini game.

Sound effects
We have started to add various sound effects to the game, expect more to be added over time as well as some adjustments to the ones we have already added.

Make over mage
For those who want their skin colour and gender changing - the make over mage has now been added to the game.

Market stalls
The Ardougne thieving market stalls are uploaded

Bug fixes include:

Fixed: The runecrafting symbol on the skills menu looked wrong
Fixed: The nature rune island in the wilderness only had 1 nature rune per stack
Fixed: One stack of nature runes couldn't be telegrabbed
Fixed: The dramen staff seemed to be a warhammer
Fixed: If a player was holding one stackable weapon and they poisoned it they would get 5 poisoned weapons
Fixed: Putting items on tables could sometimes cause them to become stuck
Fixed: Players could walk though scenary and get stuck in the Lumberyard area

Woah! Sounds good to me!
Check back soon for my Update Review.

Update review » 

RS2 has been updated with some bug fixes, but also some new emotion buttons and a running feature.

Firstly, I'll discuss the Running. It was known by Just about everyone that has played RS2, that a running feature was needed. It just takes to long to walk your character from one side of the map to the other. You can now make your character run by pressing ctrl and clicking or choosing between run/walk in a new menu, which also shows how much energy you have remaining. The menu is the easiest way to toggle your speed, In my opinion. The ctrl seems a little buggy to me, because sometimes I was doing it and my character wouldn't run... just walk. Now, Jagex didn't want players running constantly, so they have added energy, which is similar to fatigue. You start with 100% energy and work your way down and when your out of energy then you can no longer run. To recharge energy, simply stand there for a while or walk and it was rise again (note: the higher your agility lvl, the faster you regain energy). Having said this, it make me wonder whether or not F2P will be getting agility. One more thing, the more you are wearing, also affects the speed. If you are wearing just your normal clothes, you will be faster than if you are wearing full armour.

Adding the emotions was a great thing. They are fun to watch and can save you the time of typing in yes/no or anything else you could be thinking if you are in a hurry. A few of the emotions are yes/no, laughing, cheering, bowing, dancing and waving. Once you click on the desired emotion, simply sit back and watch your character perform them. A personal favourite of mine is the dancing, hehe.

In my opinion, this is a great update although I think running could be tweaked just a little. Great stuff to Jagex for making such useful features!

☺☺☺ 3/5


The Rating system:

☺☺☺☺☺ 5/5 - Excellent

☺☺☺☺ 4/5 - Great

☺☺☺ 3/5 - Good

☺☺ 2/5 - Poor

☺ 1/5 - Shocking

Sorry for the lack of updates, i've been really busy lately. As for the newspage, ive put that on a little hold for now. This review was written by me and was going to be in the Newspage, so thats why it's probably just a little outdated lol. Anyways, im going to review all Runescape updates and post them here when they're released.

Take it easy,

New RS2 stuff! » 

7th January 2004 - RS2 new features & bug fixes

Today we have introduced a number of new features to Runescape 2.
Hair and clothing makeovers

You can now change the base appearance of your character. Speak to Thessalia in the Varrock clothes shop, or the hairdresser in Falador, pay some money and choose your new style. Expect more characters who can provide more makeover options in future updates.


Your character can now run which makes you move twice as fast. To run choose the option in the new 'player options' menu. Alternatively just hold down 'control' on your keyboard when you click to walk. You can't run constantly, and will need to take occasional breaks. How long you can run for depends on how much you are carrying, and how fast your energy restores depends on your agility.

Auto retaliate on/off

Before your character would always turn to attack a monster who was attacking. Now however you can turn the auto retaliate option off. This means you can continue mining and ignore the insignificant spider that is under the delusion that it can eat you. Also useful if you are a mage and don't want your character to chase after someone with melee combat.

Emote animations

The new 'player options' menu contains several buttons to make your character perform all sorts of actions: clapping, waving, bowing and many more.

Bug fixes
We have fixed the following bugs.

Ice gloves were tradeable
Many pieces of wall were examinable as crumblywall2
Water strike had an incorrect rune requirement
When players switched fishing style their animation wouldn't change
The plain staff had the wrong stats
Sometimes casting combat spells wouldn't work
The Ernest the chicken quest didn't light up yellow when it was started
Players could walk inside a wall in the the ice dungeon
Perfect gold and perfect gold ore were tradeable
Some Mithril rocks were missing in Edgeville dungeon
The recast spell option didn't work on players who were eating
Imps could still teleport during the time they were dying
Melzar the mad sometimes hit stupidly hard
Demons died very easily

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Sounds great!
Finally, a reason for me to get my agility past 50! :)

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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