New Year Theme & Hunting Maps! » 

Yes, it's New Year's Eve, and to celebrate the coming of the new year, we've changed our theme. We've taken down the Holiday lights and Santa hat, and replaced them with streamers and a New Year Party Hat! And if you look closely, you'll see that the snowflakes background has given way to something more suitable for the occasion. We hope you enjoy our new look (well, for a few days, anyway...)!

And what better way to mark New Year's with some new maps? The Tip.It Crew is proud to present a brand new section in our Atlas, Hunting Locations. Here you'll find a number of maps to help you make the most of your time hunting. Maps currently available include the Jungle Region, Snow Region, Temple Region and Wilderness Region. Other maps are still being worked on, and will be added soon!

That's all for now, enjoy the maps, and see you in 2007!

Tip.It Times & Updates! » 

The Tip.It Staff would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy and healthy 2007! In this week's Tip.It Times, our Editor has taken a few moments to reflect on the year just passed, and offers his insights into what makes RuneScape such a great game to play. Please take a moment to give it a read.

In other news, we have a couple of updates to mention...we've upated our Cooking Guide and Cooking Levels Table to include the various food items obtained via the Hunter skill (rabbit, bird, beast and rainbow fish). We've also changed the Cooking Levels Table to show all food items in their cooked state. And did you know....that chicken can be used in the place of meat in many recipes, like meat pie, stew and meat pizza? Thanks to Tip.It Community member Soothsayer for sharing this interesting piece of information with us! Still with the "food" theme, we've also added rainbowfish to our Fishing Calculator and Planner, making planning your fishing expeditions that much easier.

Finally, our Holiday and Rare Items guide has been updated to include the Christmas 2006 event and items. So if you haven't completed the Holiday event and you'd like a reindeer hat and wintumber tree of your very own, you'd better get a move on before you miss your chance!

And lastly, please remember that all of you are cordially invited to our Freaks of Christmas Past event, scheduled to begin later today at Varrock Palace on world 7. This event is F2P, so come one, come all! Be sure to visit the Event Details Page for more information, such as start times and attire.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays! » 

The Tip.It Staff would like to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday season, and all the best for 2007! May your randoms be few, and your monster drops be many! In the spirit of the Holiday Season, the Tip.It Times is proud to present a special Holiday Edition of the Times today, just in time for Christmas Eve.

Sit back, relax, put on a Holiday tune or two, and take a moment out of your busy day to enjoy A Random RuneScape Christmas.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Happy Holidays!

Tip.It Times - Special Edition! » 

A special treat for you today. To mark the release of the new Items Database, we have prepared a special edition of the Tip.It Times, sort of a "press release" type of piece. We've also published it one day early, to coincide with the Items Database being made available, and to recognise those who worked so hard on getting the database up and running. So when you have a moment, why not give Presenting...The Items Database! a read?

There will be no Tip.It Times published on Friday this week. However, I invite you to check back on Sunday, 24th December, for a special Holiday edition of the Times, just in time for Christmas Eve!

One final word about a guide update...our Farming Guide has just been updated, so for all you farmers out there, we hope our updated guide serves you well!

It's heeeeere! » 

Yes, it's finally here! Tip.It is extremely proud to present the Items Database! We have been working on the database for a very long time indeed, and while we could have released it before now, we preferred to wait and make sure that we could provide you with a quality product. While our Items Database is not fully complete yet, it does contain some 4,000 items, and more are being added daily. On behalf of the entire Tip.It staff, I'd like to thank the Tip.It Crew and our tireless team of Item Researchers for the excellent work they've done to get this wonderful new feature to you before Christmas! Excellent job, everyone!

The link to the new database is under the DATABASES heading along the left-hand side of this main page. And if you have any information to submit for the new Items Database, please submit it here.

In other news, I'd like to invite everyone to take part in a special two-part, two-day Holiday event being hosted by the TET. This is a F2P event, so everyone can participate. For more information, including event start times and location, be sure to visit the Event Details page.

Lastly, I'd like to remind all former Tip.It staff that time is running out to submit your information for a special 5-year Anniversary & Holiday gift from Tip.It. So if you're a ex-Moderator, Administrator or Crewbie with 6 months or more of service, be sure to contact any Administrator before 26th December 2006!

New Poll & Treasure Trails! » 

Our weekly poll is up and waiting for your vote. This week, we'd like to know how you choose a RuneScape world to play on. Do you let the game choose it for you? Do you close your eyes and click? Or do you have some other way of picking a world? Please take a moment to let us know.

I'd also like to announce that our Treasure Trails Guide has been updated to include all the new clues from the recent game update. Want to know exactly what to do and what to wear when you get a clue scroll that tells you to start blowing kisses? Our Treasure Trails Guide will tell you. We've also added a brand new Treasure Trails Rewards page, that has pictures and descriptions of all the "special" rewards you can get from completing Treasure Trails. Thanks to everyone in the Tip.It Community who contributed information for this update.

Speaking of Treasure Trails Rewards, we've also updated our Other Capes Guide to inlcude the new God Cloaks available as a reward from Treasure Trails. And while we were at it, we also added information on the new Attractor and Accumulator obtained when you complete the new Animal Magnetism quest.

Enjoy the updates!

Breaking News! » 

We have live breaking news from the TET Newsdesk. We go live on the scene to John Eventsreporter. John, take it away.

"Yeah Kat, we're here live at the TET Headquarters with this breaking news report. The TET has just announced that they've formed a new branch of their elusive team. The Tip.It Events Team - Australia. The TET could not be reached for comment at this time, however, I caught up with the TETAU leader earlier, Arcticrunite, and here's what he had to say:"

"Ayup, just us new fangled TET yanno, just me and a few kind folk named Sheynara, Nabbagad, Shazarabbit, Twiley, Hypnotic_Monky, and Guydabest. Ayup, we're just doing what were told to do. We're the same as the TET, only we hold our events during Australian based times. Ayup."

"And that was Arcticrunite ealier, on what the TETAU is all about. Kat, back to you."

That's right folks, the TET team now has a branch to plan events just for the Australia time zone. From what I've been told, you can get more information about the events the TETAU is planning by visiting the TET - Tip.It Events Team forum. TETAU events are easy to spot. So if you're in Australia and would like to see what the TETAU is planning, pay them a visit!

Tip.It Times & A Reminder » 

Hi everyone. This week’s Tip.It Times has just been released for your reading pleasure. You may view the article here.

And please, don’t forget about tomorrow’s TET event, Castle Wars: TET vs RV. For more information on the event, including start times for all time zones, visit the Event Details page.

Holiday Theme » 

It's Thursday and we have nothing to announce today, so I thought we'd liven the place up a little bit and put up our Holiday decorations. Ahhhhh...nothing like the warm feeling of a Santa hat and the glow of multi-coloured holiday lights to add some sparkle to the season. Hope you like it!

Happy holidays to one and all from the entire Tip.It Staff!

New Quest Guide! » 

Yes, your Tip.It Crew has done it again! Our guide for the new Animal Magnetism quest is up and ready to help you complete the quest. So if you need some help sorting out Ava's house, the Animal Magnetism quest guide is the place to go!

As usual, feedback is welcome - please submit any comments or corrections for the new guide here. Enjoy!

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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