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Let's see... Sunday means a new Times article, does it not? With a handful of new writers on our group, and a lot of discussion content, our Editor got a nice load of letters to sort through. This week, we have a few of them. Letters to the editor #11 After you read them, join us in the discussion on the forums.

Hot Topic » 

Everyone has their scapegoat for what causes the overall maturity level of Runescape to be lower than it use to. Even the people who have been around for only a month, and have little to base upon. One of these explanations is the addition of a Runescape link to Miniclip. Is this the reason? Why do you think the community has changed? Come to this week's hot topic "Rs2: Blaming Miniclip For All The Evils Of Runescape" and discuss.

On a more serious note than most of these newsposts have... Recently, $3,000 dollars was donated by members of our forum in a sort of "charity drive". While this possibly helped out thousands of people, there is more that can be done. For a little information about a few noteworthy foundations, come over here.

Happy Holidays and a Poll » 

It's Monday, so it's time for a new poll. This week, we would like to know how long you are planning on waiting to train summoning after it's released. Once your vote is submitted, wander over to the discussion topic and join in with everyone else.

Also, everyone on the Tip.It staff would like to wish you a very safe and happy holidays. With the magical powers of Tip.it, we give you our holiday theme, and we also wish you the best of luck in all your Runescape endeavors.

Happy holidays and merry scaping!

Updates to Sink Your Teeth Into » 

Today we have a large handful of updates for you!

First off, we have a guest article by Adamfostas, discussing the Avatar as Art. I really enjoyed this article, and I'm sure you will too. After you're done, don't forget to go to the discussion topic.

Next up, the new holiday item has been added to the Holiday and Rare Items Guide. The items for the event have also been added to the item database.

Jagex appears to be preparing for the release of summoning by leaking out a couple of extra items for you to collect. raven's egg and vulture egg appear to be related to the summoning skill, so maybe they will be worth gathering...

Have you ever wanted to have a collection of every monkey gree-gree in the game, but were unsure as to which ones there were? Our new Greegree guide should be able to help you with that. This guide will be added to the General guides section within the day.

Last of all the pest control planner is finally ready for you to use it again! It's been lonely.

Happy scaping!

Hot Topic » 

The new year looms just around the corner now, and the update on everyone's mind is the release of the summoning skill. A few people have done a bit of work, and gathered all the information they could about summoning into one thread. Check out Summoning - Pictures. Don't just read the first page. There is information all throughout it!

Fame in the Times » 

Many people in Runescape try to achieve fame by being the highest level, first to do something, or be the richest around. But is fame really worth it? Check out this week's Times, "Fame", and join in the forum discussion.

Summoning Spoilers » 

This week's Hot topic might be considered a little outdated. It was actually created before gravestones were released, but what the heck! Come over to the topic "Examine Gravestone", and post what you wish yours would say.

Monday Poll and Two Surprise Times » 

After completely revamping the wilderness, giving f2p their first game content update in a good while, giving both f2p and p2p players more bankspace, and announcing planned changes to the trade system, there are many people that are very unhappy, and some that aren't. In light of this, check out this week's poll, and join in the discussion after you vote.

Times of great change also mean that we have a surprise Times article for you. This one is by the second of our Panel of writers. Check out the Emergency Times article What the heck was THAT? After you read it, come and join the discussion on the forum, and follow the link to Qeltar's article, posted on his own site.

Times and Congrats! » 

First off, I would like to say congrats to everyone who participated in the Multisite Steel war. With your help, a sea of green capes flooded the battlefield and conquered it all!

Next, we have a "small" update to the way the Times is going to work. Letters to the Editor are coming in slower than ever before, and if we were to rely on them for the days that we don't have an article by the Editor, we would be in trouble. So, we are trying to develop a panel of writers, such as the old one on Runehead that write on the weeks that the Editor is unable to.

At the moment, we have only two new writers, and they will be introduced with first articles. Today, we introduce the first of the two. Qeltar, of Truthscape, writes about the reasons people raise skills that really don't bring a net profit. So, check it out at Maybe It’s Not About the Money?.

After that, come to the discussion and talk about the upcoming change, or the article itself.
Happy scaping!


Are you a loyal Tip.It user willing to lose 2k worth of items in the name of the site? If you are, then I would invite you to participate in the Multi Site Steel War. In this war, many of the major Runescape fan sites battle each other to be #1, while wielding nothing but steel armour. If your in, come over to the discussion topic for more details rules and explanations!

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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