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To start things off, the final missing Achievement Diary map has been added to the website: Karamja Diary Locations Map! We hope this will come in handy when heading out to complete the Karamja Achievement Diary.

The Crew has been hard at work these past few weeks mainly with small updates to various guides and maps around the site. Here are just a couple of the many changes made recently:

  • The Lunar Magic Guide has been adapted to the latest change made to the Contact spell. Check it out for more information!
  • A new section has been added to the Ancient Cavern Dungeon Map: Kuradal\'s Dungeon, home to the newest slayer master in RuneScape.

Lastly, this week\'s poll asks: How much of an interest do you have in the RuneScape economy? After voting, a discussion topic on the subject is available here. Here are last week\'s results:

How often do you read Jagex's Twitter Messages?
5% (580 votes)
4% (390 votes)
5% (521 votes)
30% (3366 votes)
I wasn't aware Jagex had a Twitter Account
56% (6206 votes)
Total Votes: 11063 Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available. After taking a read through your favorite articles, be sure to discuss them on the discussion topic!

Senntisten Quest  » 

We have released our guide to the latest quest, The Temple at Senntisten! Roll up your shirtsleeves, and dig deeper into the world of the Mahjarrat...

Completing this quest unlocks a new set of Curses that just might give you the upper hand in combat...

Tip.It Times » 

The newest issue of the Tip.It Times is now available! After taking a read through the articles, I invite you to discuss them here.

Weekly Poll » 

This week, the poll asks: How often do you read Jagex\'s Twitter Messages? Once you have voted, I invite you to share your response with the forum community here.

As the two week temporary relaunch of RuneScape Classic comes to a close, here are the results of last week\'s \"classic\" poll:

Will you return to RuneScape Classic?
10% (1021 votes)
Yes, but I don't intend to play regularly
34% (3374 votes)
I would, but I am a non-member
13% (1316 votes)
33% (3220 votes)
I didn't lose my original access
9% (895 votes)
Total Votes: 9826

Finally, I hope all who celebrated this Thursday had a fantastic Thanksgiving day!


Achievement Diary Maps » 

We are happy to announce the release of two more Achievement Diary Maps to assist you while working on any Achievement Diaries. Should you need assistance with the Ardougne or Varrock achievement diaries, check out these maps! For a complete list of currently available diary maps, scroll to the bottom of this page. Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available. After taking a read through your favorite articles, be sure to discuss them on the discussion topic!

Gods of RuneScape » 

Tip.It is pleased today to announce the release of our newest guide, our very own Gods Guide. Take the opportunity to read up on your RuneScape lore!

New Forum Skin » 

A brand new Tip.It Themed forum skin has been added to our forums! If you have any questions or desire more information, please visit this topic.

RuneScape Classic » 

For those of you trying out RuneScape Classic during this brief \'trial\' period, we invite you to check out Rune Tips Classic. For those just starting out, we especially recommend:

While on the topic of RSC, the weekly poll asks: Will you return to RuneScape Classic? Don\'t forget to share your choice with the community on this discussion topic!

Lastly, the crew is constantly hard at work on the main branch of the website! Here are a couple things we\'ve been working on the past few days:

  • A new map has been created for the city of Dorgesh-Kaan, meaning it is now completely up to date. Hopefully this will help with both quests in the area and chest looting.
  • Our Fletching Calculator and Planner now support the use of Stealing Creation tools.

If you have corrections for our maps or calculators, please post them in this forum.

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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