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Hey all

This is just a little warning to everyone who is planning on sending us guides, information or pictures. We at will not tolerate copiers who send us information from other sites, lately our quest team has been getting a lot of copies from other sites, and you might as well save yourself the trouble, because we are not going to use these guides.

At we have a policy to protect the copyrights both on our own site, and on other sites, which means that we will always check other sites to see if the information our users has submitted us is copyright protected. Furthermore, re-writing other sites' guides is also not tolerated, it is very easy to see when something has been re-written, and these guides will not be put online either.

Please only send us work that is 100% your own, or it will just be time wasted for you.

Thank you, staff

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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