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27th July 2004 - Agility, Potions and Parties!

Brimhaven Agility Arena
The enterprising Cap'n Izzy No-Beard invites you to the Brimhaven Agility Arena, entry is only 200 gp! The entrance is the bamboo hut in the north-east part of Brimhaven.

The Agility Arena is a huge cavern of platforms connected by traps and obstacles. There are many different routes to get around the agility arena, you are much more likely to fail the obstacles on some routes than on others, some ways can not even be taken until you reach a certain agility level.

One platform is marked by a flashing arrow, try and make your way to it. Every minute a different platform will become the one with the flashing arrow instead. If you tag more than one pillar in a row then you will receive a ticket. You won't get a ticket at the first pillar but you will for every pillar you tag after that. If you miss a pillar then you will miss out on the next ticket so try and get as many as you can! You can save up these tickets and trade them in for more agility experience or for some items which you can't get anywhere else.

There is no agility requirement but players with low agility will find it difficult to get any tickets. As your agility level increases and you can take more routes through the arena and you start to fail the traps and obstacles less you will begin to get significantly more tickets.

There be booty to be got, ye landlocked landlubbers!

New Potions

2 of the things you can get from your agilty arena tickets are new herbs - Toadflax and Snapdragon. These are the potions associated with those herbs.

Herblore level 34: Toadflax + Toads' Legs = Agility Potion
Effect: Raises agility level by 3

Herblore level 63: Snapdragon + Red Spiders' Eggs = Super Restore Potion
Effect: Restores stats including some prayer

Party Room changes

Party pete will now periodically clear worthless junk from the drop chest. He will leave anything which he thinks has some value.
If there are lots of items in the chest, you now get a greater chance of getting something in a balloon.
It is also now cheaper to pull the lever or get the knights to dance.

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