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9th March 2004 - RS2 Beta update

Today we have uploaded the following features to the Runescape Beta.

The legends guild quest is online
We have temporarily added a character for the duration of the beta called Erasmus who is northeast of Lumbridge castle. Speak to him and he will allow you to restart the Legends quest as well as the dragon slayer and Shilo village quests, so that you can test them.
We have made it so you can combine your half drunk potions into 1 vial.
We have greatly improved the timing of the sound effects.
We have greatly improved the following option, so your friend who is following doesn't get stuck behind fences and also doesn't tend to spend so much time walking sideways.
Route finding to npcs has also been futher improved.
Lighting different kinds of logs gives different amounts of firemaking xp.
We have also made the following bug fixes:

Fixed: Some connection lost issues people were suffering in the jungle.
Fixed: The weaken spell was telling players their foes already had weakened attack rather than strength.
Fixed: The curse spell was telling players their foes already had weakened strength rather than attack.
Fixed: Making opal bolt tips gave the wrong message.
Fixed: The combat icons for the pickaxe were wrong.
Fixed: Gaining a level restored your stats.
Fixed: A problem with players sometimes being drawn with the wrong appearance after a load/lost-connection.
Fixed: Fishing spots sometimes got stuck on each other out at sea.
Fixed: Players could get stuck in Melzars maze if they had coloured keys in their banks.
Fixed: Talking to Npcs next to a diagonal wall didn't work.
Fixed: The strike spells weren't working properly against Salarin the Twisted.
Fixed: You could skip the part of the observatory quest where you received the quest reward.
Fixed: Players could ask to join the Monastery even though they had already joined.
Fixed: You could not get through the West Ardougne doors after completing Biohazard.

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