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17th February 2004 - RS2 Beta updated again

Today we have added the following updates to Runescape 2.
Player routefinding has been greatly improved.
If you click to attack a monster your player will get to it much more easily instead of walking into fences and furniture.
A little flag will apear on the minimap when you click to go somewhere so that you can tell your character is moving to where you clicked.

Most of the npcs in the game no longer block movement.

We have added the shilo village quest.

We have made some changes and improvements to the trawler game.
Working as team now works better on the Runescape trawler game, fixing the nets, bailing and plugging leaks all now help everyone on the trawler.

We have changed around which areas in the wilderness are now multicombat - multicombat now mostly affects areas in the east of the wilderness rather than the west.

The pickaxes are now wieldable and can be used as weapons.

You can now use a tinderbox on logs in your inventory and you will automatically drop them and light a fire.

Spears have now been improved to be a good all around melee weapon which is useful for those wishing to train using the controlled combat style.

Maces now have a small prayer bonus, making them more useful for people who want to specialize as a cleric.

We have also fixed the following bugs;

Fixed: The temple of Ikov quest wouldn't work if you bought Winelda limpwurt roots before she had asked for them
Fixed: You couldn't enter the chaos, cosmic and nature rune temples
Fixed: Experience rewards were wrong on various quests
Fixed: Players could get stuck in the sewers when using the hazeel cult raft
Fixed: If you were typing a message to a friend and the friend logged out before you finished, the message would be sent to the next person on your list
Fixed: Salarin the twisted only had 20 hitpoints
Fixed: It was impossible for 1 in 16 players to be able to find a Daconia rock in the grand tree quest
Fixed: The gnome agility course and wilderness agility courses were not giving the correct bonuses
Fixed: You could sell runes to the magic guild shop for more than you bought them
Fixed: The Flames of Zamorak couldn't be cast outside the arena unless Claws of Guthix was learned first
Fixed: You could not get to Sir Galahads house round the north side of McGrubors wood
Fixed: Willow and Oak woodcutting both gave the same xp
Fixed: The 'poison chalice' drink did nothing
Fixed: Tower guards didn't fight back
Fixed: If you lost the distilator in the biohazard quest you couldn't get a new one
Fixed: There were lava eel fishing spots in the wilderness
Fixed: The dwarf cannon blocked players movements

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