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16th February 2004 - Official Forums Launched!

Today we are officially launching the RuneScape Forums, that have been running in beta mode for a few months.
The forums are very lively and there are regular contributions by several members of Jagex staff, even Andrew himself!

This launch will affect players in two ways:

Firstly existing forum users will notice that a number of the forums have been moved, others renamed, and some combined.

Secondly, the forums are now viewable by free players. For free users the forums are read-only. We value our players input, and forum feedback about our RS2 beta has been very useful to us. However, we have decided not to allow free players to make posts on the forums for the time being.

We have made this decision for two main reasons:

-The sheer scale of the RuneScape community (there are over 660,000 active accounts!) would make it very hard to ensure the quality of posts, and to keep the forums well moderated.

-Since free accounts are readily available, we don't want the anonymity that they provide to be an excuse for inappropriate forum posting.

There are currently about 40 active player moderators on the forums whose efforts to maintain a fun and safe community are very much appreciated.

We hope that everyone will enjoy using our forums and feel more a part of the RuneScape community.

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