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Name The Whaler
Race Human
Members Yes
Examine For hate's sake he spits out his breath at whales.
Location First floor of the bar in the Player-Owned Ports area when this adventurer is in port.
Notes The Whaler, named Hubbub, is an NPC you can take a Special Voyage for if you have 90 Fishing or greater.

Below are spoilers for The Whaler's storyline.

In "Meet the Whaler," the portmaster meets the man rescued during the voyage, The Whaler. The reasons why he was stranded was an embarassing one for Hubbub: as a whaler, he let a whale get the better of him and strand him on an island. The knowledge of it leaves him prickly but he still leaves on good terms with the portmaster.

In "The Misguide," Hubbub gleefully tells the portmaster of ships being destroyed in the Bay of Echoes deciding that it can only be the work of Shuma, the whale that stranded him. He confides that he has a vendetta against the whale that took his leg and requests a ship to track her. The portmaster diverts him from blind vengeance and instead to defend the Bay of Echoes. After successfully completing the mission, the portmaster berates Hubbub for confusing the activity in the Bay of Echoes for signs of Shuma when in fact it was pirate attacks. The Whaler reveals that he was once a Khan for his very talent of detecting sea monsters and is distraught that he was wrong. He knew of Shuma as the whale who raided his village's fishing farms until one day it was reported Shuma was trapped. Seizing an opportunity The Whaler lead a mission to destroy it; yet during the attack as Shuma thrashed, the cave it was trapped in fell down around them. Hubbub's leg was crushed by debris and he was forced to amputate it in order to escape to his home. Unfortunately, he found it destroyed by sea monsters and cursed Shuma as the cause of the destruction.

In "The Evacuation," The Whaler reports attacks on the island of Honazo, relying on reports from survivors as well as his unique sea monster-detecting senses. The Whaler wants to kill Shuma, but is forced to evacuate the townsfolk instead. After successfully completing the mission, Hubbub returns disheartened. In a recent encounter, he felt something different about Shuma, as if it was seeking revenge. In continuing his tale he explains that his village was rumored an attack orchestrated by a sea singer. The rumors are proven after Hubbub encounters Discord, a bodyguard of the sea singer behind the attack on his village. Discord revealed that Quin used an ancient horn to control all the sea monsters at once. Armed with this knowledge, Quin became the target for Hubbub's revenge. Since Quin never took to the sea, The Whaler instead hired the Death Lotus to assassinate Quin. The attempt failed and attacking Quin again became impossible, so Hubbub turned his hatred to Shuma instead.

In "Ramraid," The Navigator and Hubbub present the portmaster with their findings after plotting the course Shuma has taken. They discovered that Shuma is heading to New Heritage supposedly to take revenge on the largest settlement of humanity in the East. Hubbub leads a mission to cut Shuma off at the Jade Straights. After successfully completing the mission, Hubbub reports that he slowed Shuma's progress but could not stop her entirely. He leaves to plan the next step in stopping Shuma's attack.
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