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Field Original Correction
Name The Assassin
Race Human
Members Yes
Examine A precise and deadly assassin.
Location Ground floor of the bar in the Player-Owned Ports area when this adventurer is in port
Notes The Assassin, named Ling, requires level 90 Slayer to be able to receive Special Voyages from.

Below are spoilers for The Assassin's storyline.

In "A Jade Frog in the Throat," The Assassin brings information from a her friend and informant Kirau that the khan of Thalassia was the mastermind behind the Skulls and used them to enslave and sell his own people for profit. She requests passage to Thalassia to kill the khan, heedless of the chaos it would plunge the island into. The portmaster compromises with Ling, allowing the khan to be killed only after a replacement is found. After successfully completing the mission, The Assassin reports that one of the khan's bodyguards escaped after seeing her face. She identifies the escapee as a member of the Death Lotus order of assassins and states that she needs to lie low for a time.

In "The Death Lotus," The Assassin reveals that she knew the escapee from "A Jade Frog in the Throat" as Bak, a vile member of the Death Lotus order. Bak intends to alert the Death Lotus that Ling is alive and to prevent it, she must stop him from reaching them. Armed with information of Bak's location from her informant Kirau, she requests a ship from the portmaster in exchange for her promise that she won't kill Bak. After successfully completing the mission, The Assassin has captured Bak and discovered he already sent word of Ling's survival to the Death Lotus days before . Ling concludes that killing the leader of the Death Lotus order is the only way to stop attempts on her life. She also informs the portmaster that she was the assassin assigned to kill the tyrant seasinger known as Quin and failed. She was forced to hide for weeks in the jungle on Paradise, Quin's home. Promising to explain further later, she leaves to extract information from a captured Bak.

In "Woe for Wu," Ling continues her tale of the botched assassination of Quin. She returned to the Death Lotus barely alive to the fury of Baby Tooth, her leader and mentor. Baby Tooth expelled Ling from the order as a result of her failure, but not before ordering her to bare her wrists. Before she realized what was happening, the leader's son Wu cut her hand off. She fled before her second hand could be taken by leaping into the sea. A passing merchant named Kirau had saved her, who later became her close friend. She tells the portmaster that she learned Wu is the assassin assigned to kill her, passing along his location that she learned from Kirau. After successfully completing the mission, The Assassin reports that Wu was killed successfully and waits for more information from Kirau on the final target, the leader Baby Tooth's, location.

In "Baby Tooth," Kirau has finally passed information of the Death Lotus leader's location to The Assassin. The window of opportunity is short and Ling urgently requests a ship to kill Baby Tooth while he is at the training camp. After successfully completing the mission, Ling returns to notify the portmaster of betrayal. The information passed to her was false, a trap she concludes was set by the informant Kirau. She vows to suspend her mission against Baby Tooth to exact vengeance against Kirau.
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