Sliske and the Chocolate Factory - Easter 2016

Getting Started

To begin the Easter event, teleport to Burthorpe lodestone and talk to the Easter Bunny just northwest, marked by an icon on the world map as seen below.

Easter 2016 Start Location

He'll ask for your help in tracking down Sliske and his potentially nefarious plan to ruin Easter! To begin, catch the chocolate butterfly floating around to obtain a golden ticket. It can be a bit hard to spot and is not marked by a yellow dot on the minimap, so look carefully! Then click on the ticket and select teleport to go to Sliske's factory.

Easter 2016 Chocolate Butterfy
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The Tour

Talk to Sliske to proceed. Despite your character's abject surprise to see him in person, the Easter Bunny will insist that you are only there to investigate, and a song will begin.

Easter 2016 Singing Tour

After the song, head West and talk to one of the NPCs to begin the tour.

Room 1 - Dairy Room

After the cutscene, the Easter Bunny will express his concern that the dubious "titanium white" used to recolour the chocolate is actually poison! He has a cunning plan, which entails sneaking the members off to safety in such a way that Sliske appears responsible. In this room, you'll need to get one of the members onto the conveyor belt. Talk to Wendy about the view through the hole in the middle of the room, and she will proceed to gaze into it, conveniently right on top of the conveyor belt. Pull both levers in the south-east corner of the room and talk to Ahrim, nearby on the south wall, to send a churn down the belt and knock her off-balance. She will scream and fall in - but don't worry, it's for her own good!

Easter 2016 Room 1

Room 2 - Chocolate Room

Run north to begin the second room. Sliske will explain that the mysterious device in the centere of the room known as "T.A.R.A" can make a full-sized, chocolate copy of an individual! He also warns not to touch anything. This is your opportunity to teleport off another one of the party off to safety. Talk to Farquie the Cleaner and he will agree to be scanned, since he is shorter and reasons that a full chocolate copy of himself should take less time. In the south-east corner, you can operate T.A.R.A. However, the ever narcissistic Sliske has encrypted the controls, requiring you to solve a slider puzzle of himself.

Easter 2016 Room 2

The puzzle itself is identical to a clue puzzle box and can be solved in the same way. First solve the top row, then second, third, and then the remainder of it by rows, either from left to right or right to left. Hover over the hint button (or see below) for the completed image.

Easter 2016 Room 2 Puzzle

Room 3 - Folding Room

Move along north-west and talk to Karil to enter the folding room. After a cutscene, you will need to help Gilly Willikers obtain chocolate that has been folded over three times. According to the Easter Bunny, it should knock him out of the tour. Note that there are a series of portals and levers in different rooms. Standing over a portal will transport you to the destination highlighted by the pointing arrow, and the lever will change the destination. These are instanced by player, but one must first obtain a chocolate bar from the table in one of the corners, then fold it three times. This can be done by entering the portals, flipping levers, and passing back through. Some trial and error may be required. When you are finished, it should be a chocolate bar (uif) and you can talk to Gilly again.

Easter 2016 Room 3

Room 4 - Decanting Room

Head southwest and talk to Torag to arrive in the decanting room. Take some bottles from the shelves in the north-east corner to obtain a small and large container. You need to fill the three levitating containers with .5, 1, and 3.5 litres of liquid, with only a Small container (holding at most 1.5 litres) and a Large container (4 litres). To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Fill the small container. Use it on the large container.
  2. Repeat this step. You now have 3 litres in the large container.
  3. Fill the small container a third time, and use it on the large one. You now have .5L in the small container and can fill the first terminal.
  4. Use the large container on the small one, and empty the small container. The large container now has 2.5L in it.
  5. Repeat this step. You are now left with a small container with 1.5L and a large with the requisite 1L of liquid. Fill the second terminal.
  6. Empty the small container and fill the large one.
  7. Use the large container on the small one and empty it. Repeat this step to be left with 1L in the large container.
  8. Transfer the 1L from the large to small container.
  9. Fill the large container.
  10. Use the large container on the small container transferring .5 of liquid. Use the 3.5L large container on the third terminal to complete the puzzle.
Easter 2016 Room 4

Room 5 - Wight Maze

Head to the south part of the room and jump off the drop to proceed to the next room. Sliske has discovered what you are up to and turned all of the other Golden Ticket winners into wights! After conferring with the Easter Bunny, you decide the only remedy is to navigate through the labyrinth of the storage area ahead and fling chocolate at them, to make them so sick that they return to their original form. To navigate through the maze and restore everyone:

  1. Make sure Farmer Jimbo is not in the way, then run to the shelves in the south-west corner and grab a wight chocolate. Throw it at Farmer Jimbo.
  2. Run north, search the next shelf, and throw the chocolate at Wendy.
  3. Run east, search another shelf, and throw this one at Farquie.
  4. Run to the north-east corner and search the shelf there, then throw this last chocolate at Gilly.

Easter 2016 Room 5

Note - if at any time you are caught by one of the wights, by entering their field of vision, you will be thrown outside of the room but your previous progress in freeing them will be kept.

Finishing up

Confront Sliske, who is seated on his throne at the end of the maze. He will tell you that it was an interesting experiment and then teleport away before you can face him. You will return to the Easter Bunny and be given your reward.

Easter 2016 Reward Interface

Disassembling the Machines

Subsequent to completion of the quest, you can track down the three machines and disassemble them for bags of components, which grant Invention components when opened*. Disassembling the T.A.R.A. requires you to solve a liquid puzzle slider. Each liquid must lead through a path of pipes smoothly and meet in the middle, which will be where the empty spot is upon completion. This puzzle should not be solved in the traditional puzzle box way, but instead by blocks. Use the diagram below and solve the blocks in order, taking care that the pieces have the right colors running through them and begin at the edges.

Easter 2016 Liquid Solution

*If you have not yet unlocked Invention, the components from the machines can still be salvaged and will be held for future use. There are three bags of components, which contain:

  • 75 x simple parts, 50 x base parts & 10 x strong components
  • 150 x simple parts, 100 x base parts, 20 x enhancing components & 20 x powerful components
  • 75 x simple parts, 50 x base parts & 10 x strong parts
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