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Field Original Correction
Name Thessalia's Fine Clothes -NV-
Shopkeeper's Name Thessalia -New Varrock-
Members Yes
Unlocked by Quest Yes
Currency Zemomarks
City New Varrock
Location This shop is located south-west of the fountain in New Varrock.
Stock Corrections for Thessalia's Fine Clothes -NV-
  Name Base stock Shop sells for Shop buys for Link
Original Ball of wool 5 5 1 items/view/3084
Original Black hood 1 20 6 items/view/15929
Original Black robe -bottom- 1 30 9 items/view/15931
Original Black robe -top- 1 40 12 items/view/15930
Original Needle 10 1 1 items/view/1502
Original Thread 1000 4 1 items/view/2067
Original Zombie boots -New Varrock- 1 50 15 items/view/15963
Original Zombie gloves -New Varrock- 1 50 15 items/view/15964
Original Zombie mask -New Varrock- 1 50 15 items/view/15967
Original Zombie shirt -New Varrock- 1 200 60 items/view/15965
Original Zombie trousers -New Varrock- 1 150 45 items/view/15966
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