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Field Original Correction
Name Legends Guild Shop of Useful Items
Shopkeeper's Name Siegfried Erkle
Members Yes
Unlocked by Quest Yes
Currency GP(gold)
City Ardougne
Notes You must have completed the Legends quest to buy from this shop.

Prices confirmed 04-Sep-2009
Location Third floor of the Legends Guild.
Links Legend's Quest , Legends Guild
Stock Corrections for Legends Guild Shop of Useful Items
  Name Base stock Shop sells for Shop buys for Link
Original Cape of legends 10 450 Can't sell index.php?rs2item_id=1583
Original Dusty key 10 1 Can't sell index.php?rs2item_id=2624
Original Maze key 10 1 Can't sell index.php?rs2item_id=672
Original Mithril seeds 500 300 150 index.php?rs2item_id=413
Original Shield right half 10 750000 250000 index.php?rs2item_id=1215
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