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The Shop Database is a collection of all the shops and people in RuneScape that you can buy goods or services from. It provides detailed information about the shop's stock, and general information. You can narrow the shop list down by performing a search within the shop's name, or by searching for a particular item.
If you need any help using the Shops database, please refer to our How to Use the Shops database guide.

438 shops returned.

Runescape Shops
Name City Members Quest
Draynor Seed Market Draynor Village Yes No
Dreven -Farmer- Varrock Yes No
Drogo's Mining Emporium Dwarven Mines No No
Durgok Dorgesh-Kaan Yes No
Dwarven Shopping Store Dwarven Mines No No
Edgeville General Store Edgeville No No
Edmond's Wilderness Cape Shop Wilderness No No
Edward's Wilderness Cape Shop Wilderness No No
Ellena -Farmer- Catherby Yes No
Elnock's Backup Supply Puro-Puro Yes Yes
Elstan -Farmer- Falador Yes No
Enchant Battlestaves Seer's Village Yes Yes
Eniola's Banking Shop Ardougne Yes No
Estate agent -Ardougne- Ardougne Yes No
Etceteria Fish Etceteria Yes Yes
Fairy Nuff Zanaris Yes Yes
Falador General Store Falador No No
Fancy Clothes Store Varrock Yes No
Fancy dress shop(hunter) Varrock Yes No
Faruq's Tools for Games Al Kharid No No
Fayeth -Farmer- Lumbridge Yes No
Fernahei's Fishing Hut Shilo Village Yes Yes
Festive Foods Lumbridge No No
Fishing Guild Shop Fishing Guild Yes No
Fist of Guthix Reward Shop Gamers' Grotto No No
Flosi's Fishmongers Jatizso Yes Yes
Flower Girl Miscellania Yes Yes
Flying Horse Inn Ardougne Yes No
Flynn's Mace Shop Falador No No
Fortunato's Fine Wine Draynor Village No No
Francis -Farmer- Entrana Yes No
Freda's Boots Burthorpe Yes Yes
Fremennik Fishmonger Rellekka Yes Yes
Fremennik Fur Trader Rellekka Yes Yes
Frenita's Cookery Shop Yanille Yes No
Fresh Meat Oo'glog Yes Yes
Frincos' Fabulous Herb Store Entrana Yes No
Frizzy Skernip -Farmer- Port Sarim Yes No
Fun Item Shop Lumbridge No No
Funch's Fine Groceries Grand Tree Yes No
Gabooty's Tai Bwo Wannai Co-op Tai Bwo Wannai Yes No
Gabooty's Tai Bwo Wannai Drink Shop Tai Bwo Wannai Yes Yes
Gaius's Two handed shop Burthorpe No No
Garden Centre Falador Yes No
Gardener Gunnhild Miscellania Yes Yes
Garth -Farmer- Brimhaven Yes No
Gem Trader Al Kharid No No
General Store -Canifis- Canifis Yes Yes
Gerrant's Fishy Business Port Sarim No No
Gertrude's food New Varrock Yes No

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