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The Shop Database is a collection of all the shops and people in RuneScape that you can buy goods or services from. It provides detailed information about the shop's stock, and general information. You can narrow the shop list down by performing a search within the shop's name, or by searching for a particular item.
If you need any help using the Shops database, please refer to our How to Use the Shops database guide.

438 shops returned.

Runescape Shops
Name City Members Quest
Larry's Wilderness Cape Shop Gamers' Grotto No No
Laughing Miner Pub Keldagrim -East- Yes No
Leatherworker Ranged Guild Yes No
Legends Guild General Store Ardougne Yes Yes
Legends Guild Shop of Useful Items Ardougne Yes Yes
Leon Yanille Yes No
Leprechaun Larry's Farming Supplies Troll Stronghold Yes No
Lletya Archery Shop Lletya Yes Yes
Lletya Food Store Lletya Yes Yes
Lletya General Store Lletya Yes Yes
Lletya Seamstress Lletya Yes Yes
Lord Marshal Brogan's reward shop Mobilising Armies Yes No
Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar Al Kharid No No
Lovecraft's Tackle Witchaven Yes No
Lowe's Archery Emporium Varrock No No
Lowe's Archery Emporium -NV- New Varrock Yes Yes
Lumbridge Fishing Supplies Lumbridge No No
Lumbridge General Store Lumbridge No No
Lundail's Arena-side Rune Shop Mage Arena Yes No
Lyra -Farmer- Canifis Yes Yes
Mage Arena Staffs Mage Arena Yes No
Mage Training Arena Shop Duel Arena Yes No
Magic Guild Store -Robes- Yanille Yes No
Magic Guild Store -Runes- Yanille Yes No
Make-over Mage Falador No No
Mami Rimba's Shop Edgeville Yes No
Markog Dorgesh-Kaan Yes No
Martin Thwait's Lost and Found Taverley Yes No
Mazcab Emergency Merchants Kanatah Yes No
Meilyr Clan Store Prifddinas Yes No
Milk Seller -Falador- Falador No No
Milk Seller -Lumbridge- Lumbridge No No
Milk Seller -Sinclair Mansion- Seer's Village Yes No
Miltog's Lamps Dorgesh-Kaan Yes Yes
Miscellanian Clothes Shop Miscellania Yes Yes
Miscellanian Food Shop Miscellania Yes Yes
Miscellanian General Store Miscellania Yes Yes
Mizgog's Amulet of Accuracy Draynor Village No Yes
Monkey Colony Banana Store Desert Monkey Colony Yes Yes
Monkey Colony Gem Store Desert Monkey Colony Yes Yes
Monkey Colony General Store Desert Monkey Colony Yes Yes
Moon Clan Fine Clothes Lunar Isle Yes Yes
Moon Clan General Store Lunar Isle Yes Yes
Mrs. Winkin's World of Seeds Vinesweeper Arena Yes No
Naff's Knockoff Staves Varrock Yes No
Nardah General Store Nardah Yes No
Nardah Hunter Shop Nardah Yes No
Nardok's Bone Weapons Dorgesh-Kaan Yes Yes
Nathifa's Bake Stall Sophanem Yes Yes
Neil's Wilderness Cape Shop Wilderness No No

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